Nov 28, 2008

Research Fellow in Computer Science & Engineering NTU, Singapore

*Research Fellow positions *for project "Visual and Haptic Rendering in Co-Space"*
*(computer graphics and mathematics) http://www3. home/assourin/ job.htm

*Job Description
The job is in the area of computer graphics, mathematics, geometry. This is a part of the NRF funded project entitled "Visual and Haptic Rendering in Co-Space" which commences on 15 December 2008. The work will be carried out at the Centre for Advance Media Technologies (CAMTech) of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The goal of the project is to propose an efficient interoperable mathematical model defining geometry, visual appearance and tangible physical properties of virtual objects in shared Co-Space - 3D virtual shared space on the web. The object definitions must be small in size and invariant to the rendering platform used in Co-Space. The particular goals of the project include development of the fast interactive definitions by implicit and explicit functions, description of complex geometry using parametric
partial differential equations, introduction of function-defined physical properties to objects in Co-Space, and development of several exemplar applications illustrating the usefulness of the proposed approach, including an ability to establish physical contact with other party in Co-Space through haptic devices.

*The project includes but not limited to the following tasks*:
- Definition of complex shapes with implicit, parametric and explicit functions
- Parameterization and implicitization
- Definition of interactive shapes using partial differential equations
- Accelerating rendering of the shapes defined by mathematical functions
- Interactive free-form shape modeling and rendering
- Definition of physical properties for the virtual objects
- Definition of deformable objects by mathematical functions
- Collaborative shape modeling and haptic interaction using Sensable Phantom, Noving Falcon and potentially other devices
- Grid-based interactive visualization
- GPU-based interactive shape modeling and visualization
- Haptic communication with the participants of the Co-Space

*A *PhD degree *in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mathematics or related-fields. Advance knowledge of mathematics, geometry and good programming skills. Evidence of the experience will be required. Knowledge of one or more of the following areas will be an advantage: 3D
computer graphics, interactive computer graphics, web visualization, web programming, parallel computing.
Good written and oral communication skills.

*Remuneration & Benefits
*Successful candidates will be offered a competitive salary and benefits based on their qualifications. The salary fund for this position is up to S$ 90,000 per year which includes the basic salary, 13th salary, yearly performance bonus (1-2 basic salaries), and medical insurance. Given good performance the salary will increase by 8-10% each year. Hence for an expatriate PhD with several years of experience the starting basic salary can be in the range S$ 4,500 - 6,300 (+ 13 salary at the end of each year + 1 salary of the yearly performance bonus - annual income tax which can be calculated here http://www.iras. page03.aspx? id=282). For
Singaporean and SPR applicants the salary will also include CPF contribution
(within the same funds).

*Term of Appointment
*The initial appointment will be for two years followed the extension for the third year.
*Application process
*To be considered for the job, please send your complete CV, full list of publications (indicate 3 most significant publications authored by you), citation indices and expected salary via email to:

Assoc Prof Alexei SOURIN
School of Computer Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Blk N4, #02a-10
Singapore 639798
phone: +65 6790-4292

Please also write which of the above listed research tasks you are most comfortable with as well as, with as much details as possible, about the knowledge, skills and experience you have with reference to it.

*Closing Date*
The position will be available soon and will be open until a suitable candidate is found.

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