Dec 2, 2011

PhD fellowship humic substances - University of Naples

Dear Colleagues,

A call for a PhD fellowship at the University of Naples Federico II reserved to foreign students is now open.

I recall that the experimental work will focus on the application of Humeomics [Nebbioso and Piccolo. Basis of a Humeomics Science: chemical fractionation and molecular characterization of humic biosuprastructures. /Biomacromolecules/ , 12, 1187-1199 (2011)] to determine humic molecular biomarkers in natural and agricultural soils. Candidates should have a backgound in humus and general chemistry and willingness to apply physical-chemical instrumentation such as NMR, GC-MS and LC-MS.

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Alessandro Piccolo
(alessandro.piccolo@ With best regards, Alessandro Piccolo Prof. Dr.h.c. Alessandro Piccolo
Ordinario di Chimica Agraria
Università di Napoli Federico II
Via Università 100
80055 Portici, Italy
Tel. +39 081 2539160
Fax +39 081 2539186
E-mail: alessandro.piccolo@

And Director of CERMANU
Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Risonanza Magnetica Nucleare
Università di Napoli Federico II
Via Università 100
Tel. +39 081 2539448

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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