Jul 16, 2016

Summer University for Security Studies, Kosovo

Deadline:  17 August 2016Open to: students to apply are all students/candidates that need no visa to enter to the Republic of KosovoVenue: 20-25 August 2016, Pristina, Kosovo



Kosovo Youth Atlantic Treaty Association has the immense pleasure of inviting you to participate in this event: Summer University for Security Studies, which will be held for the 6thanniversary of KYATA.

Jun 3, 2016

Master of Science of Safety Engineering at University of Genoa

The M.Sc. in Safety Engineering for Transport, Logistics, and Production provides a high level of advanced training, to enable graduated students to operate in the areas related to safety in transport systems, logistics, and manufacturing.
The M.Sc course aims at training a professional engineer with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles ofsystems engineering of safety applied to
  • transportation systems
  • logistics
  • industrial production

Master Program in Internet and Multimedia Engineering, University of Genoa

The Master Program deals with advanced education on signal, image, and video processing, networking and telematics, mobile and fixed communications systems, and applied electromagnetics, to build high-level ICT professionals in Internet, Multimedia, and Telecommunication Engineering.

Strong characterization toward Internet Engineering on one side, and toward Signal Processing applied to Multimedia Systems, either networked or stand-alone, on the other side. The subjects taught are aimed at providing vision and knowledge tailored to the current technology evolution, where distributed and integrated communication and processing architectures are most often encountered. Attention is devoted to the development of capabilities suitable for the design, management, and operation of distributed multimedia applications, in mobility and over heterogeneous networks, with diverse levels of smartness and interactivity.

Graduates’ professional opportunities include all companies needing ICT expertise for development, deployment, production, and management. The high-level scientific and technological background offered by the program also allows graduates to be strong candidates in Ph.D. and 2nd-level master applications.

May 28, 2016

34 PhD Scholarships at IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy



Deadline: 13 July 2016

PhD Scholarships at University of Trento, Italy


Deadline: 12 July 2016

156 PhD Positions at University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy



Deadline: 22 June 2016

91 PhD Positions at University of Trieste, Italy


Deadline: 16 June 2016

292 PhD Scholarships at University of Genoa, Italy


Deadline: 10 June 2016

24 PhD Scholarships at University of Bergamo, Italy




Deadline: 9 June 2016

49 PhD Scholarships at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy


Deadline: 8 June 2016

90 Master Scholarships at Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP), Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Deadline: 31 May 2016

62 PhD Positions at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy


Master Scholarships at University of Milan, Italy


Application for admission: http://www.unimi.it/ENG/admission/31192.htm

May 26, 2016

CfP: TAUS Annual Conference - Invitation to Speak & Participate

TAUS Annual Conference - Portland (OR), October 24-25

Who and what are the game changers in localization? What is going to make our work in localization more manageable and controllable? The translation industry is bursting with ideas, solutions, platforms and start-ups. The best place to stay informed and meet the right people is the TAUS Annual Conference.

The TAUS Annual Conference is the highlight event in the global translation industry every year for everyone who is interested in how technology is changing the language business. Check out the preliminary agenda and let us know if you want to speak or participate. Submissions and reservations can best be made before June 15.

May 21, 2016

415 PhD Positions at University of Padua, Italy

Deadline: 17 June 2016 

http://www.unipd.it/en/node/1053 http://www.unipd.it/en/node/1053

Fully funded 3-year PhD position: Irrelevant sound effect in open office space: neural signature with normal and impaired hearing

Fully funded 3-year PhD position
Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, CNRS/Université Lyon 1, Lyon, France

Topic — In open office spaces, workers are submitted to an ambient noise that is demonstrably distracting. This phenomenon is described in the scientific literature as the Irrelevant Sound Effect. The actual causes of this effect are misunderstood, which makes finding adequate solutions particularly difficult. In this project we propose to use electrophysiological markers of sound perception and speech
intelligibility — measured with electroencephalography, EEG — to uncover what properties of the ambient office noise are triggering the distracting effect. We will then use these same markers to understand how hearing impairment affects work in open office spaces.

May 20, 2016

Tabara Internationala ENGLISH IS FUN...TASTIC!!! de la Gura Humorului 2016

Dragi Prieteni,

  Tabara Internationala ENGLISH IS FUN...TASTIC!!! va invita in INIMA BUCOVINEI. Daca aveti intre 7 si 18 ani, va asteptam  impreuna cu profesorii si prietenii vostri intr-o tabara FUN...tastica departe de agitatia si zgomotul oraselor aglomerate, unde va veti distra alaturi de PROFESORI / STUDENTI din MAREA BRITANIE.

  V-am pregatit o noua aventura pe meleagurile bucovinene, care va vor invalui prin traditii, istorie si peisaje mirifice, in localitatea VORONET, la 2 km de orasul GURA HUMORULUI. Tabara se va desfasura in inima Bucovinei, in Complexul format dinPENSIUNILE DE 4 STELE: CASA ELENA, ROUA VORONETULUI si DOR DE VORONET, care dispun de camere care sunt dotate cu 2-4 paturi, baie, caldura si apa calda, TV si  internet wireless. Complexul este dotat cu sala de conferinte (pentru cursurile de limba engleza si alte activitati educationale), foisoare, terase, spatiu verde pentru desfasurarea activitatilor sportive si educative, teren de sport si loc de joaca.

CfP: Conf, "Politics of enmity: Can nation ever be emanicpatory," Belgrade, DL 30.06

5th International Conference
of the Group for Social Engagement Studies
Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University in Belgrade


Belgrade, 26-28 September 2016

Nation and nationalism are in many ways peculiar and elusive concepts that could very easily be interpreted as being both ’banal’ and infinitely complex; primordial and modern; imagined and real. Since belonging to a specific national group can be seen as an important source of collective strength for many, solidarity of these collectives may serve as the basis for action to further strengthen these (imagined) bonds. The process itself, more often than not, assumes the existence of another, equally potent, equally solidary collective – most often irreducibly distinct from ours. This positioning which comes part and parcel with the idea of the nation – more so with nationalism – seems to centre around the idea of enmity: the antipode of solidarity among those who belong to ‘Us’. Enmity, as well as solidarity, is thus one of the cornerstones of the ‘practicing of nation’, something which shapes and perpetuates nation as a political identitary framework.

It is often argued that nationalism can be seen as the modern form of Gemeinschaft which answers ontological needs created by the uncertainties of modernity and its power structures. On the other hand, we witness a growth of a global society with an increasingly integrated system, primarily socio-economic, but also cultural and perhaps political.  Globalisation creates opportunities, but also crises in which we have to remake our lives and identities (Giddens, 2000). At the same time, social relations continue to be governed and institutionalised in accordance with national temporalities and located within the spaces of the nation. The shift from national to post-national regime cannot be established. Rather, what we see is the emergence of trans-border nationalism as a perverted adaptation of the nation-state model (Brubaker, 2015). The powers of the nation-state are increasing in spite of the global challenges of migration, opening the new perspectives on solidarity but also on enmity.

CfP: Conf, "Widowhood from armed conflicts in Europe", Paris

Widowhood from armed conflicts in Europe (19e-20e centuries)
                                                   Call for papers
This workshop is the third and last of cycle of three workshops on the Widows, the widowers and widowhood in Europe in the contemporary period (To have more information on the general project :http://www.labex-ehne.fr/2014/04/22/journees-detude-appel-a-communication-veuves-veufs-et-veuvages-en-europe-a-lepoque-contemporaine-19e-21e-siecles/).
This third workshop aims at wondering about the widowhood caused by situations of armed conflicts (world wars between states, civil wars, independence wars, others forms of conflicts such as terrorism…)
The definition of the widowhood is the same as that the one for the previous workshops : The widowhood is not envisaged in its strictly legal definition : it includes for example surviving spouses, married or not.

Sep 8, 2015

PhD Positions in Advanced Navigation and Operational Autonomy for Aerial Robotics, University of Nevada

The recently established “AgilE RobotIcs & Autonomy Lab” (AERIAL) at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) is opening PhD positions in the field of advanced navigational and operational autonomy for aerial robotics. The
main focus of the envisaged research efforts will be related with leveraging the currently achieved autonomy levels towards enabling what we call autonomous aerial service robotic co-workers, a new class of robots that simultaneously perceive their environment, decide their actions, collaborate with other robots, plan and actuate themselves so that useful work tasks take place for the benefit of our societies.

Sep 7, 2015

International Education and Career Exhibition, IERECE 2016 EXPO

Date: 14-15 April, 2016
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Venue: Novotel Zurich City-West Hotel www.novotel.com

PostDoc and Ph.D. Positions at L3S Research Center, Germany

The L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany, invites applications for

one PostDoc and one Ph.D. research position

in the area of Temporal Retrieval, Exploration and Analytics in Web Archives, in the context of my ERC Advanced Grant ALEXANDRIA, http://www.alexandria-project.eu/.

Within ALEXANDRIA, we will significantly advance semantic and time-based indexing for Web archives using human-compiled knowledge available on the Web, to efficiently index, retrieve and explore information about entities and events from the past. In doing so, we will focus on the concurrent evolution of this knowledge and the Web content to be indexed, and take into account diversity and incompleteness of this knowledge. We will further investigate mixed crowd- and machine-based Web analytics to support long-running and collaborative retrieval and analysis processes on Web archives.

CfA: Researchers, Enterprise software/Datometry, San Francisco CA

Datometry is an early-stage venture-funded startup based in San Francisco, California. The company pioneered the concept of Adaptive Data Virtualization.

We are assembling a high-functioning team, seeking exceptionally talented people who are passionate about innovation and enterprise software and eager to join us in our quest to radically change the database industry.

CfA: Postdoc, Data Science, Department of Computer Science at Boise State University

The Department of Computer Science at Boise State University invites applications for a PostDoc researcher in Data Science. Previous experience in any of the following fields is required: Data Science, machine learning,
information retrieval or extremely large databases.

At a minimum, applicants should have a PhD in computer science or related areas with a proven research track record, relevant experience in big data and data science and excellent oral and written communication skills.
Preference will be given to candidates who have experience with Hadoop, Spark, PIG, HBASE, Mahout and HIVE. Candidates with experience in closely related fields are welcome to apply. For further information please visit http://coen.boisestate.edu/cs/en-0024-15-postdoc-search/

Scientific Programmer position at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

The KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB), Italy is looking for a talented Scientific Programmer to work full-time on

*** SPARQL Query Answering for Ontology Based Data Access and Ontology Based Data Integration ***

The position will be financed by the Large Scale Integrating Project (IP) "Scalable End-user Access to Big Data" (Optique) [2], within the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The position concerns the design and implementation of techniques for optimized SPARQL query answering over virtual RDF graphs, obtained through R2RML mappings over relational databases.

Intern/Post-doc/Scientist/Software Engineer Positions at QCRI Social Computing Group

QCRI is seeking outstanding research assistants and associates for short and long term internships/coops, post-doctoral candidates, scientists, and/or software engineers and senior software engineers to join the Social
Computing group. The positions are available immediately and applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

PhD Scholarships in Data Mining and Data Science Research at the University of Technology Sydney

PhD scholarships for prospective students in data mining and machine learning research areas are available at the Advanced Analytics Institute in the University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

The Advanced Analytics Institute is dedicated to high-quality research and high-impact development in data mining and big data analytics areas. It has been in research partnership with many top-tier international organisations in the sectors of trading, banking, insurance, telecommunication, healthcare, etc. The scholarships provide opportunities for research students to work on real-world high-impact data mining research problems.

CALL FOR PAPERS The Fourth Global Forum of Critical Studies Asking Big Questions Again 23 - 24 October 2015, Lucca, Italy

Deadline for Paper Proposals: 20th of September 2015 

The Fourth Euroacademia Global Forum of Critical Studies aims to bring into an open floor the reflexive and questioning interaction among academics, intellectuals, practitioners and activists profoundly concerned with evaluative understandings of the world we’re living in. The focus of the forum is to initiate an arena where no question is misplaced and irrelevant as long as we acknowledge that evaluation, critical thinking and contestation are accessible trajectories to better understand our past, present and alternative scenarios for the future. 

Feb 5, 2014

2014 Korean Government Scholarship for Graduate Program

Chonnam National University(CNU) is accepting applications for Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Graduate Programs. This program is designed to provide higher education in Korea for
international students in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between the participating countries. If you are interested, download the attached files and send the application by *March 25, 2014 via post mail.*

CfA – Postgraduate Summer Courses - Research Training and Professional Development

Central European University's Summer School has opened the application season for 2014. The program offers opportunities for short, intensive postgraduate study. The general application deadline for this year’s interdisciplinary courses is Feb. 14. 

Feb 4, 2014

CfA: Paid internship, Cervantes Escuela Internacional, Malaga, 11 months

Internship duration: Minimum 3 months and maximum 11 months

Cervantes Escuela Internacional. The company is a Spanish Language School which offers Spanish courses besides other activities like sports or excursions to its students. The student will work in the Administration Department and Marketing Department of the school.

2.) She will have to do translations, documents storing, customer service, mailing, phone, market studies, answering petitions and inscriptions of the students. In general she will have to help in the Administration
Department and Marketing Department.

The student should have a fluent level of the English language as well as a good knowledge of different computer programmes.

As far as the professional development is concerned, the student will be capable to work with different computer programmes in practice, she will improve her Spanish and will know how to put her theoretical skills of Economics into good use for a company.

3.) The working language is Spanish but English is necessary, too.

4.) The working team consists of Spanish language teachers and staff (all native speakers).

5.) The student will have a supervisor named Michele Galotta who is the head of administration

There will be a person in the company who will show her how to carry out her future tasks and to whom she can refer to if she has any questions.
She will be introduced into the process of working in the mentioned departments and gets explanations.

Every once in a while the student and the tutor will have a conversation about how the trainee develops, if there are any problems at the workplace and if the student could improve something.

6.) The student will receive a job reference/certificate upon completion of the placement.

Paid from the school: the accommodation. Please send CV to info@escuelacervant es.org

CfP: European Conference on Politics, Economics and Law

ECPEL 2014 - The European Conference on Politics, Economics and Law
3rd to 6th July 2014
Brighton, United Kingdom
Abstract Submission Deadline: March 1

2014 Conference Theme: "Individual, Community and Society: Conflict, Resolution and Synergy"
Enquiries: ecpel@iafor. org
Web address: http://iafor. org/ecpel

CfRP: 2014 - Netspar Vision Grants (for the social sciences), DL 13.

Call For Proposals
2014 - Netspar Vision Grants

Deadline For Draft Proposals April 13, 2014

Netspar supports innovative academic research on all aspects of the social sciences related to aging and retirement. As part of these efforts, Netspar offers Vision Grants for up to 50% of a project's budget for three years, with a maximum of kEuro 250 (medium) of kEuro 500 (large) per project. This year, Netspar is likely to have a budget of at least kEuro 750 to allocate. The exact size of the budget for 2014 will only be known in June, dependent on re-commitments of the partners. Large and Medium Vision Projects are partially funded by NWO, Social Infrastructure Agenda (see NWO-website: http://www.nwo. nl/over-nwo/ organisatie/ nwo-onderdelen/ magw/sociale+ infrastructuur+ agenda in Dutch).

CfA: 2014 Summer Research Colloquium for Graduate Students in Economics


The 2014 Summer Research Colloquium for Graduate Students in Economics!

July 10-13, 2014, Orange, CA

Once again, the Institute for Humane Studies will be hosting a colloquium-style academic conference for graduate students in economics pursuing liberty-advancing research taking place at Chapman University in Orange, CA on July 10-13.

CfP: Housing Studies Association Annual Conference 2014: The Value of Housing


Housing Studies Association Annual Conference 2014: The Value of Housing
Tuesday 15th- Thursday 17th April, University of York

CfP/J: Methods, Data, Analyses (MDA) - political science


We like to invite paper submissions to the peer reviewed journal "Methods, Data, Analyses (MDA)", a journal for survey methodology and quantitative methods 
(see www.gesis.org/mda ).

Feb 2, 2014

Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE-2014)

April 28-30, 2014, Dublin, Ireland

The IICE is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education. The IICE promotes collaborative excellence between academicians and professionals from Education. The aim of IICE is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy. The IICE 2014 invites research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design
implementation and performance evaluation. All the accepted papers will appear in the proceedings and modified version of selected papers will be published in special issues peer reviewed journals.

Jan 29, 2014

Newton International Fellowships, The British Academy, DL 10.03

Call for applications to Newton International Fellowships

A new round of Newton International Fellowships - an initiative to fund research collaborations and improve links between UK and overseas researchers - has now opened. The Newton International Fellowships are funded by the British Academy and the Royal Society and aim to attract the most promising early-career post-doctoral researchers from overseas in the fields of the humanities, the natural, physical and social sciences.

13 Early Stage Researcher (ESR, PhD) and 3 Experienced Researcher (ER, PostDoc) positions

open in the Marie Curie ITN project "Socio- economic and Political Responses to Regional Polarisation in Central and Eastern Europe" (RegPol²) The project RegPol² coordinated by the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography focusses on new patterns of regional disparities between metropolitan core regions and the remaining parts
of Central and Eastern European countries (CEE). 16 subprojects will be dealing with the socio-economic forms of regional polarisation, their wider impacts on society as well as the responses conveyed by social, economic and political actors.

CfP: Conf. 'The Business of War Photography", Durham, DL 01.03

Durham, UK, July 31 - August 1, 2014
Deadline: Mar 1, 2014

Conference: The Business of War Photography
31 July to 1 August 2014
Durham University, DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery

Proposals are invited for the forthcoming conference The Business of War Photography: Producing and Consuming Images of Conflict, presented in association with the Centre for Arts and Visual Culture at Durham
University, in partnership with DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery and Impressions Gallery.