Dec 29, 2006

Comenius Partnership


I am Ahmet AYGUN from Konya, Turkey. I teach English in Private Abdullah Aymaz Primary School. We are working on a Comenius project. The project's draft is ready and attached in the attachment.

We are looking for partners from EU countries.

We await for your reply.

Best Wishes from Konya, Turkey

English Teacher
Private Abdullah Aymaz Primary School
Konya, Turkey

PS: If you already have a project and looking for some partners, we can join your project.

Third Millennium International Fellowship in Human Rights

Kategori: Non Degree Scholarship

Deadline: 15 January 2007

The goal of this Third Millennium Foundation (TMF) initiative is to develop a cadre of young activists from different countries whose understanding of, commitment to and effectiveness in human rights work have been enhanced through a year long , in-depth exposure to and reflection on a broad range of perspectives, situations and
experiences related to human rights issues. Through these practical training fellowships, the Program aims to provide the fellows with the skills necessary to start or advance a career in the field of human rights.

The fellowship involves two different placements, one in the home country of the fellow and one abroad. Fellowships are awarded for practitioners as well as for students (graduate and undergraduate students of any faculty). One of the two placements is in the developing world or, in the country where the fellow intends to start her/his professional career.

Applicants must have two sponsoring organizations engaged in human rights work, broadly defined (or organizations related through a single project). One in the developing world, and one in the country where the fellow intends to pursue her/his professional career. These nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) will, in most cases, be involved in human rights education, monitoring, reporting, litigation,
grassroots mobilization, providing direct services or advocacy. Most of these organizations would identify themselves as part of the broader, universal human rights movement, relying on the norms found in United Nations and regional treaties and declarations.


To deepen the fellows' understanding of the diversity of situations and contexts facing human rights work and human rights activists in different countries as well as their practical and theoretical knowledge of and skills in human rights work and advocacy;
To deepen their understanding of the values underlying human rights work and the moral, emotional and psychological dimensions of that work;
To provide assistance to human rights groups in different countries (including the fellows' own countries) through the year-long work of the fellows;
To facilitate the development of friendships and collaborative partnerships with young human rights activists from other countries;
To enhance the willingness and ability of young activists from different countries to call on the strengths and experiences of activists in other countries, and lend their own strength and experiences to these same activists;
To enhance the exchange of experiences among human rights groups in different countries through the shared experiences of these young activists.

More Information:

[sursa beasiswa]

2007/2008 Switzer Environmental Fellowships

Subject: 2007/2008 Switzer Environmental Fellowships

Greetings from the Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation:

This e-mail is going out to all of our faculty contacts and academic colleagues in New England and California to inform you that the nomination period is now open for the Switzer Environmental Fellowships. Nomination forms and materials are available online at: http://www.switzern fellowship- forms.html. Attached is a summary Memorandum describing the Fellowship program and its requirements. For more
information, please contact Don Brackett, Administrative Coordinator here at the Foundation. He can be reached at (207) 338-5654, or by e-mail at don@switzernetwork. org. We would also appreciate your spreading the word about the Fellowships to your colleagues who work with environmental graduate students (in California and New England only).

Please be aware that this year's nomination deadline is Thursday, January 11, 2007. For most of you, this means the deadline will occur during winter break. We want to be sure everyone is aware of this early on.

If nominating a master's degree student, we are aware that the deadline is early enough in the student's program that you may not know your candidate very well. Please be sure to review the Fellowship qualifications. Competition for these Fellowships is intense - there are typically over 100 applicants for the ten Fellowships awarded each year in each region. Ensuring that your candidate meets the criteria before going through the nomination process will save you (and your student) a lot of time and energy. Please also note that the amount of the Fellowhip has increased to $15,000 for the coming year.

The Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation identifies and nurtures environmental leaders who have the ability and determination to make a significant impact, and supports initiatives that will have direct and measurable results to improve environmental quality. The Foundation accomplishes this by awarding academic fellowships and project grants, sponsoring professional development activities, and fostering a growing network of Switzer Fellows, environmental practitioners and organizations. More details about the Switzer Foundation Fellowship and related programs can be found on our website, www.switzernetwork. org.

If you have any questions or concerns about the nominating process, or the Fellowship in general, please do not hesitate to contact Switzer Foundation staff. Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your nominations.

Erin Lloyd
Program Coordinator
Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation
P. O. Box 293
Belfast, ME 04915
Phone: (207) 338-5654
E-mail: erin@switzernetwork .org
www.switzernetwork. org

Umy aWaNa
Research Center for Marine Technology
The Research Agency for Marine affairs and Fisheries
Dept. of Marine Affairs and Fisheries .INDONESIA
Jln MT Haryono 52-53 Jakarta Selatan 12770. Fax 62 21 79180188

[sursa beasiswa]

NOAA-Sea Grant Grad Fellowship inMarine Res. Econ, Knauss

Subject: [iifet] Funding Opportunities: NOAA-Sea Grant Grad Fellowship inMarine Res. Econ, Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

The information below is from NOAA's Fishnews Digest. Further information on the programs can be found at:
http://www.seagrant funding/rfp. html

NOAA Fisheries and Sea Grant Offer Joint Graduate Fellowship Program in Marine Resource Economics; Deadline Feb 16

The Graduate Fellowship Program generally awards two new PhD fellowships each year to students who are interested in careers related to the development and implementation of quantitative methods for assessing the economics of the conservation and management of living marine resources. Fellows will work on thesis problems of public interest under the guidance of mentors from participating NOAA Fisheries Science Centers and Laboratories. Applications are due February 16, 2007. More information is available online.

Sea Grant Offers Knauss Marine Policy Fellowships
NOAA's National Sea Grant Office offers graduate fellowships that provide educational experience in the policies and processes of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal Government in marine and aquatic-related fields. More information is available online.

Umy aWaNa
Research Center for Marine Technology
The Research Agency for Marine affairs and Fisheries
Dept. of Marine Affairs and Fisheries .INDONESIA
Jln MT Haryono 52-53 Jakarta Selatan 12770. Fax 62 21 79180188

[sursa beasiswa]




SCOPE: The Environmental Protection Agency seeks applications for research to improve the data and methods available to determine the economic value of improved pollution control and other aspects of environmental economics.


FUNDING: $1.2 million for six awards.

ELIGIBILITY: Public and private universities and colleges.

PRIORITIES: Areas are:

--the use of panel-based Internet surveys for determining willingness- to-pay

--data gathering for dissertations on the pollution control aspects of environmental economics

--assessing and characterizing uncertainty in economic analyses


http://yosemite. epa/eed.nsf/ Webpages/ GrantSolicitatio ns.html


Clay Ogg
Tel: (202) 566-2315


Charlene Dunn
Research Office

Umy aWaNa
Research Center for Marine Technology
The Research Agency for Marine affairs and Fisheries
Dept. of Marine Affairs and Fisheries .INDONESIA
Jln MT Haryono 52-53 Jakarta Selatan 12770. Fax 62 21 79180188

[sursa beasiswa]

USEPA invites for proposal

The USEPA, National Center for Environmental Economics has posted a solicitation on the website inviting applicants to submit Initial Proposals for grant funding in several different areas of environmental economic research.

The website link to the posting can be found at:
http://www.grants. gov/search/ oppId=11189& mode=VIEW

The deadline for applications is November 24, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

A brief abstract of the solicitation is provided below. More details and information on how to submit applications can be found at the website and the links to EPA's website contained in the announcement.

Agency: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Announcement Title: Research on the Use of Panel-Based Internet Surveys, Research Support for Data Gathering for Dissertations on the Pollution Control Aspects of Environmental Economics, and Research for Assessing and Characterizing Uncertainty in Economic Analysis

Action: Request for Initial Proposals (RFIP)

Announcement Number: EPA-OPEI-NCEE- 06-01

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA): 66.611 Environmental Policy and Innovation Grants

Due Date: The closing date and time for receipt of applications is November 24, 2006, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Applications submitted in hard copy (paper) and electronic mail (e-mail) must be received in the Program Office by the closing date and time to receive consideration. Applications submitted through http://www.Grants. gov must be received by no later than November 24, 2006, 5:00 p.m. EST.


The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) is soliciting Initial Proposals for Federal assistance for conducting research on (1) the "Use of Panel-based Internet Surveys for Determining Willingness- to-pay," (2) for research support for "Data Gathering for Dissertations on the Pollution Control Aspects of Environmental Economics," and (3) for "Assessing and Characterizing Uncertainty in Economic Analyses." Initial Proposals must be received by EPA or by by November 24, 2006, 5:00 p.m. EST. Initial
Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.

Eligible applicants include States, territories, the District of Columbia, Indian Tribes, intrastate and interstate organizations, and possessions of the U.S. It is also available to public and private universities and colleges, hospitals, laboratories, and other public or private nonprofit institutions. Nonprofit organizations described in Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code that engage in lobbying activities as defined in Section 3 of the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 are not eligible to apply. For profit organizations are generally not eligible for funding. Some of EPA's statutes may limit assistance to specific types of interested applications.

The total award amount is anticipated to be $1,200,000. Proposals must be for less than $1,000,000 (total for all three areas) to be considered; proposals for area (2) must also be less than $100,000 for any one graduate student involved. Assistance agreements may be awarded for project periods of up to 5 years where appropriate. Individual proposals must not involve more than one of the above three areas. Institutions and principal investigators may submit multiple but not duplicate proposals. Individual assistance agreements may be fully or incrementally funded. Cost sharing is not required. EPA anticipates awarding 2 to 6 assistance agreements under this announcement as cooperative agreements.

A complete copy of this announcement, including discussion of application materials and requirements, is posted at:
http://yosemite. epa/eed.nsf/ Webpages/ GrantSolicitatio ns.html

Umy aWaNa
Research Center for Marine Technology
The Research Agency for Marine affairs and Fisheries
Dept. of Marine Affairs and Fisheries .INDONESIA
Jln MT Haryono 52-53 Jakarta Selatan 12770. Fax 62 21 79180188

[sursa beasiswa]

Comenius project partnership

Liebe Freunde,

Ich bin die Ayþe von Konya aus der Türkei.

Ich unterrichte die 4. Klasse in einer Grundschule. Meine Schule heißt ‘
IHSANIYE ILKOGRETIM OKULU’ und ist eine kleine aber schöne Schule. Liegt im Centrum von Konya.

Dies Jahr haben wir an Comenius Projekt gearbeitet und haben einen Projekt Entwurf vorgelegt. In diesem Projekt geht es um ‘ Feierfesten von verschidenen Laendern und Kulturen. Wenn Sie mit uns Ihre offizielle Feste feiern und die von anderen Kulture kennen lernen wollen, suchen Sie Kontakt mit uns. Wir würden uns freuen Menschen mit anderen Kulturen und Sprachen kennen zu lernen.

Das projekt Entwurf können Sie in der Beilage finden.

Wenn Sie auch ein Projekt haben können wir uns vielleicht euch anschliesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen ,

Dear Friends,

I m Ayse from Konya, Turkey. I m a teacher in primary school and teaching 4th grade. My school name is My school name is ihsaniye primary School. Its a small but nice one and located in the city center. This year we have been working on a comenius project. The draft of the project is attached to the mail. The contenmt of the project is Let’s get together in fests.If you ,want to know different culture and fests please contact us.

We ll be pleased to meet who different cultures and from different countries.

If you also have a project we can also participate in yours.
Best Regards

CfA: Rezidenta internationala dramaturgie, Royal Court Theatre


Esti un tanar dramaturg? Atunci aplica pentru programul de rezidenta internationala al Royal Court care va avea loc intre 15 iulie si 11 august 2007. Rezidenta se
adreseaza dramaturgilor aflati la inceputul carierei, programul intensiv de patru saptamani oferindu-le oportunitatea de a lucra la propriile proiecte si de a dezvolta altele noi.

http://www.royalcou rttheatre. com/internationa ldetail.asp? ArticleID= 28

[sursa buletinul InBrief al British Council]

Cursuri de limba engleza de la British Council

Trimestrul de iarna se va desfasura intre 11 ianuarie si 7 aprilie
2007. Inscrierile pentru cursantii noi vor avea loc intre 4 si 10 ianuarie. Pentru copiii intre 9 si 12 ani organizam teste de plasare si inscrieri numai pe 5 si 9 ianuarie.

http://www.britishc ro/romania- english-cursuri- de-engleza- bucuresti- enrol-2.htm

[sursa buletinul InBrief al British Council]

Programme for the EU Trade Policy Focus Session

Please find in the text below, the program of EU trade session in Istanbul prepared in cooperation with College of Europe, its Turkish representative Turkey Europe Foundation and Kadir Has University. Detailed information will be announced by mail.

Programme for the EU Trade Policy Focus Session

It is becoming more important for public and private sector economic actors in Turkey to be well informed about the principles guiding EU Trade Policy as the negotiation process continues.

College of Europe, most prestigious European studies institute, represented by
Turkey Europe Foundation, in partenariat with Kadir Has University will organize its first activity in Turkey at the end of January entitled "Programme for the EU Trade Policy Focus Session" on 25-27 January.

The objective of this programme will be to provide an opportunity of training interested groups regarding the main issues and influences shaping EU Trade Policy, including issues of specific relevance for Turkey and the region.

The programme will give insights into the legal basis of EU Trade Policy, the significance of EU in the world trade, and EU participation in trade negotiations in a multilateral context.

It is aimed at giving participants a significantly deeper understanding of policy process and the major issues involved in EU Trade Policy. The negotiations processes of EU Trade Policy and principle challenges currently confronting the EU in international trade, with special reference to Turkey will be discussed along some 20 hours of training foreseen in the program.The EU Focus Session will be relevant to
-officials from Turkey and neighbouring countries
- Diplomats dealing with EU
- Managers from large companies and SMEs
- Representatives from NGOs and trade associations
- International Business Consultants
- Journalists specialised in coverage of EU affairs
- Scholars and academics

The provisionary list of speakers are as follows:
Ø Mr. Jacques Bourgeois, Professor at the College of Europe and Trade Counsellor at Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer&Feld of Brussels, a distinguished international trade law and policy specialist and advisor to the European Commission
Ø Ms. Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, (course director) Professor at the College of Europe and international trade consultant
Ø Mr. Denis Audet, International Trade Advisor and former member of OECD Trade Directorate, Paris
Ø Ms. Pascale Hecker-Monsonego, Associate Legal Counsellor, Sidley Austin LLP, Brussels
Ø Mr. Jose Garson, Professor at the College of Europe and Advisor to the International Chamber of Commerce
Ø Mr. Eivind Hoff, Trade Officer, World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Brussel Policy Office
Ø Mr. Leopoldo Rubinacci, Desk Officer for Turkey European Commission DG Trade, Brussels

List of Turkish speakers and other details will be declared with the final program when the acceptations will start.

http://www.turkiyea vrupavakfi. org/haber_ detay20.asp? hid=597

[sursa e-nass]

CfA: Central European Intensive Course - Gyor, Hungary

C E N T R A L - E U R O P E A N I N T E N S I V E C O U R S E
for students & young researchers

26. Febr. - 02. Mar. 2007 in Gyõr, Hungary

Website: http://www.sze. hu/blszk/ wsopen_en. html

The deadline for applications is: 10. January 2007.

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfA: DMI Scholars Summer Institute (training), NYC

Our Summer Institute for DMI Scholars will be in New York City from July 29 - August 12, 2007. You will learn to approach problems through a policy lens and meet professionals doing this work for government, think tanks, campaigns and advocacy organizations.

DMI Scholars are college sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated commitment to
advocating for fairness and equity, strong communication skills, and an interest in exploring public policy as a vehicle for their activism. You do not need a background in public policy. We strongly encourage students of color, immigrants, members of the LGBT community, and students from low-income and working class backgrounds to apply.

DL: 17.01.2007.

Website: http://www.drummajo rinstitute. com/dmischolars/

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfA: Master of Peace and Security Studies, Germany

The DSF grants a total of 7 scholarships of E 1000,- each per month. The Admissions Committee decides about who will receive a scholarship. There will be no distinctions between German and foreign applicants. Interest in a scholarship should be mentioned in the letter of application.

Additionally, applicants already holding a scholarship (e. g. a GAES scholarship, see ) may apply.

General information on MPS: http://www.ifsh. de/IFSH_english/ studium/mps. htm
Call for Applications: http://www.ifsh. de/pdf/studium/ Ausschreibung_ engl.pdf
FAQs (engl.): http://www.ifsh. de/pdf/studium/ FAQ-MPSengl. pdf

[sursa e-nass]

CfP: Journal of International Relations, Turkish/English

Journal of "Uluslararasi Iliskiler" (International Relations) is a refereed journal that publishes articles in Turkish and English. It is published quarterly and indexed and abstracted in 14 international indices. We would like to encourage you to submit your original articles (6000-10.000 words) and book reviews (1500-2000 words) to our journal.

For your contributions: uidergisi@gmail. com

Birgul Demirtas-Coskun
Managing Editor

[sursa e-nass]

Dec 27, 2006

Europe for you - Free encyclopedia of international programmes

Europe for you - Free encyclopedia of international programmes 5.000 pagines of information on culture, training, work, rights, participation and citizenship.
Bancadatigiovani presents "Europe for you": a free web-site and a free Cd-Rom frutto of the co-operation between different italian and international organizations and institutions.

The project, a sort of "encyclopedia" of programmes for youth, for youth workers,
trainers and different bodies dealing with youth is produced in Italian and
English and contains some 5.000 pages of information; it has been produced during a 6 months work by Italian and Finnish volunteers and it has been supported by the European Parliament - DG for Information, by the Administration of the Province of Palermo and by the Secretariat for volunteer organizations of Palermo.

Both the Cd-Rom and the web-site contain a detailed guide to programmes and initiatives of the European and international Institutions in the fields of
culture, training, work, participation and active citizenship, plus a guide to
traineeships in more than 100 international organizations.

Among the different initiatives reported, you can find not only the well-know Leonardo, Erasmus, Europass, European Social Fund and Youth, but also the newly
established "Progress"and "Europe for citizens".

Thanks to the availability of the material provided by the Council of Europe, also a specific section on human rights and human rights education is included in the guide, together with a description of the European Community initiatives in the field.

All the information, updated till the end of November 2006, can be read using a
simple web-browser as the common software used for the Internet.

The Cd-Rom is under distribution for free in 3.500 copies while the website will
offer constant updates. The Cd-Rom can be ordered for free on http://www.bancadat igiovani. info/joomla/ index.php? option=com_ facileforms &Itemid=35

Connected to the Cd-Rom and the web-site, we also have a free information service
on calls and tenders from European institutions in the fields of culture, training, education, work, social work, participation and citizenship.

The whole initiative is addressed to a wide range of potential beneficiaires:
university student and teachers, school, education institutions, public officers,
social services and workers, youth information centres, training institutions,
non governmental organizations and many others.

For more information

[sursa moldova_doc]

CfP: The Practice and Impact of Marketing Science 2007

The INFORMS Society on Marketing Science Announces:
"The Practice and Impact of Marketing Science 2007"
14-15-16 October 2007

The objective of the conference is to bring together and align emerging marketing science approaches to real marketing problems with marketing actions in fast-changing competitive landscapes. Venue: The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA

Note: Deadline for competitive papers/sessions: 15 June 2007.

http://www.bus. ualberta. ca/informs/ conferences/ practice% 20conference% 202007.html

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfA: 5th SICS-Summer Institute in Competitive Strategy, Berkeley

All interested researchers are invited to participate in the 5th SICS-Summer Institute in Competitive Strategy, which is scheduled to take place in July 16-20, 2007, at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a setting which enables researchers interested in competitive strategy in marketing to meet and discuss research in this area for an
extended period, exchange ideas, and engage in collaborative work.

Doctoral students: Doctoral students interested in competitive strategy are welcome, should apply to register by June 15, 2007, and if accepted do not have to pay the registration fees. Limited financial support for Doctoral students interested in attending SICS may be available upon request. Requests for financial support, with
resumé and recommendation from adviser, can be submitted to sics@haas.berkeley. edu. Researchers interested in submitting a paper to be presented at SICS should submit the paper or abstract by January 31, 2007.

http://groups. haas.berkeley. edu/marketing/ sics/announcemen t2007.htm

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: ESA Research Network on Ageing in Europe

Papers on aging can be submitted to the European Sociological Conference in Glasgow,
8th Annual Conference of the European Sociological Association

Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society, Glasgow, 3rd - 6th September, 2007

Email: ageing-in-europe@

Website: http://www.ageing- in-europe. de/

Deadline for abstracts: 28.02.2007.

[sursa romstudyabroad]

Summer course (CEU): Teaching Law, Human Rights and Ethics

Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) in cooperation with Columbia Law School within the framework of the SUN program of CEU is organizing a summer course titled Teaching Law, Human Rights and Ethics in July 9-13, 2007 in Budapest, Hungary.

Please find the course description with all the relevant information concerning the application at: http://www.pili. org/2005r/ content/view/ 445/95/

The deadline for application is February 14, 2007.
Website: http://www.hrea. org/lists/ hr-education/ markup/msg02303. html

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: Conference on Advances in Qualitative Computing, U. of London

Place: Royal Holloway, University of London
Dates: 187-20.04.2007.

CAQDAS 07 conference will be broad in scope to reflect these changes; focusing on advances in qualitative computing which support the whole process of conducting various forms of qualitative research.

Registration is open and will remain open until the 16th March 2007.

Website: http://caqdas. soc.surrey. /conference07. htm

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfA: CESifo Venice Summer Institute 2007

The CESifo Venice Summer Institute, held every year in July, focuses on themes of current interest in European economic policy. The Institute brings together international economists working on economic policy topics for workshops, panel meetings and discussion. The conference venue is Venice International University on San Servolo, a tiny island across the water from San Marco in the bay of Venice.

CESifo's eighth Venice Summer Institute will be held from 16 to 21 July 2007.

Website: http://www.cesifo. de/venice

For each topic advertised, click on "calls for papers" under the workshop name to
find out more details.

Deadlines: 31.03.2007.

Also, click on "calls for papers" on the left menu to see a series of calls for papers for forthcoming CESifo Group conferences.

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: Extended deadline: The Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Submission Deadline Extended:
The Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

The Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take place at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, from May 2-5, 2007. The theme of the Congress, building on Jan Morse, is "Qualitative Inquiry and the Politics of Evidence." Participants will explore the politics of evidence and truth and what these terms mean for qualitative inquiry in this new century.

Website: http://www.qi2007. org/

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: International Cultural Studies Symposium, Ege University, TK

May 9-11, 2007 Ege University, Faculty of Letters, Izmir, TURKEY
C A L L F O R P A P E R S "Memory and Nostalgia"

The deadline for submission of proposals: January 05, 2007.

The notification for acceptance of proposals: January 22-26, 2007.

Website: http://css.ege.

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: Everyday multiculturalism for edited book

Call for Papers - Edited Book
Amanda Wise & Selvaraj Velayutham (editors)

Perspectives from any discipline are welcome, especially sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and human geography. Please send a proposed title, a 500 word abstract and a short bio by 16 February 2007.

For more information, see
http://www.jiscmail bin/webadmin? A2=ind0612& L=european- sociologist& T=0&F=&S= &P=1537

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: Fragile States - Fragile Groups, UNU-WIDER, Helsinki

WIDER Conference Fragile States - Fragile Groups
Tackling Economic and Social Vulnerability
Helsinki, Finland, 15-16 June 2007

The deadline for submissions is 16 March 2007. Final copies of accepted papers are required by 18 May 2007.

Website: http://www.wider.

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: Re-place 2007 conference on the histories of media, art, science

A dedicated website and online paper submission system is now ready for submissions. Abstracts of proposals, panel presentations and posters will have to be submitted in either Text, RTF, Word or PDF formats. (At this stage, only an abstract is required; the reviews will be done by March 07, full papers are due in the late summer.)

Please, access the online submission form at: http://www.mediaart

The DEADLINE for submissions is 15 January 2007.

Website with more information: http://tamtam.

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: Exchanging Ideas on Europe 2007

Dear colleagues,

I would like to organise a panel on the concept of and literature on Europeanisation in UACES 37th Annual Conference in Portsmouth. I will submit a paper about Europeanisation/ modernisation relationship and how it is dealt with in the Europeanisation literature. I will try to indicate the limitations of the literature in analysing social change and modernisation by looking at the Turkish political modernisation and Europeanisation.

I am looking for two other papers critically engaged with the Europeanisation literature and problematising the current usages of the term. If you think that you have a relevant paper to submit to this panel, please contact me. Further details are accesible at: http://www.uaces. org/Portsmouth. htm

[The general call for papers is here: http://www.uaces. org/D410701PreCa ll.htm]

[sursa romstudyabroad]

PUBL- European Integration and Hegemony in the South Caucasus

PUBLICATION: European Integration and Hegemonie in the South Caucasus
Posted by: "Anna Jenderedjian" annajend@yahoo. com
Mon Dec 25, 2006 2:33 pm (PST)
Europäische Integration
und Hegemonie im Südkaukasus
Armenien, Aserbaidschan und Georgien
auf dem Weg nach Europa
Von Vahram Soghomonyan
2007, 204 S.,
ISBN 978-3-8329-2403- 4
(Nomos Universitätsschrifte n – Politik, Bd. 140)

In the course of a comprehensive value change in the South Caucasus, Armenia and Georgia are trying to uphold their European identity. At the same time, oil interests challenge the democratisation of Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, the political landscape of the South Caucasus is strongly distinguished by the '88 Karabakh movement and the Rose revolution. The growing consensus for integration is fostering a regional cooperation model within the European framework.

Which social forces and capital interests, such as the capital of Diaspora and oil companies are pushing forward the Europeanization of the region?
These and other issues discussed in the study describe the current reconfiguration process, which raises the question of Europe’s borders and emphasises the role of the South Caucasus as a geopolitical bridgehead.

Im Zuge eines umfassenden Wertewandels im Südkaukasus versuchen Armenien und Georgien ihre europäische Identität zu behaupten. Zugleich wird die Demokratisierung Aserbaidschans durch Erdölinteressen herausgefordert. Dabei sind für den Südkaukasus die 88er Karabach-Bewegung und die Rosenrevolution prägend. Der heranwachsende Konsens zur Integration stellt ein regionales Kooperationsprojekt in Anbindung an Europa in Aussicht.

Welche sozialen Kräfte und Kapitalinteressen, z.B. von Diasporakapital und Energiekonzernen, treiben die Europäisierung der Region voran? Diese Rekonfi guration wirft die Frage nach den Grenzen Europas auf und hebt die Rolle der Region
als geopolitischer Brückenkopf hervor.

[sursa Azerbaijani_Studies]

EU Projects

Dear Friends,

My name is Mevlut AYDOGMUS and I work as EU programmes coordinator in the directorate of National Education of Konya Province in Turkey.

We are providing guidance for the teachers who works in different educational institutions under directorate of ours and we have some our own projects.

Our projects are under the frame of Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo and Youth. We are looking for some partner or coordinators interested in these areas.

We would like to cooperate with different organisations from EU countries.

If you are interested please let us know.

Best Regards

Konya Ýl Milli Egitim Mudurlugu
Konya Province National Education Directorate
Adres : Abdülaziz Mah. Atatürk Caddesi No:48 42040
Meram / Konya
Tel : 0 332 353 30 50
Fax : 0 332 353 30 57

Dec 24, 2006

CfA: College of Europe/College d'Europe [deadline 15/01]

*College of Europe* is accepting applications for academic year 2007-2008. Deadline for applications is 15 January 2007. Turkey Europe Foundation provides necessary Turkish information on its web site for Turkish candidates.

Please follow the link:
* *
http://www.turkiyea vrupavakfi. org/ab_egtm_ 2.asp

*Last updates:*
Turkey's confusing Cyprus proposal
http://turkiyeavrup haber_detay20. asp?hid=593
Wallstrom: Turkey will strengthen political role of EU
http://turkiyeavrup haber_detay20. asp?hid=592
Internship opportunities in Europe
http://www.turkiyea vrupavakfi. org/ab_egtm_ 4.asp
Turkey Europe Foundation

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CfP: Dynamics of National Identity and Transnational Identities in the Process of European Integration

Sofia, Bulgaria
7 – 10 June, 2007

Conference organised in frames of the Jean Monnet Action – Support for Study and Research Centres 2006, Program of the European Commission by The Balkan Ethnology Department of Ethnographic Institute and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Call for Papers

Academic papers are invited for the international conference on "Dynamics of National Identity and Transnational Identities in the Process of European
Integration. "

The conference will include following topics:
- Theoretical and methodological framework for the research of euro-integration, globalization and nationalism;
- The development of national and trans-national identities and the challenges of EU integration;
- EU integration, globalization and national identification;
- EU integration and creation of new multiethnic states;
- EU integration and migrations.

Papers in frames of wide range of social sciences and humanities are welcome.

Conference language: English.

A limited possibility for fellowships (travel costs and accommodation) is available.

Deadline for receiving of abstracts and registration form: 15 March 2007.

All abstracts will be reviewed by members of a Scientific Committee and the authors of the approved papers will be notified by 31 of March.

Registration form and Abstracts of no more than 400 words should be sent at:
balkan_ethnobg@ uk

Registration form and further details are available from the web-site of the Balkan Ethnology Department:
http://212.72. 210.65/sr- www/JMC.html

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Call for Book Reviews (Dead-line: January 20, 2007)

Call for Book Reviews
CEU Political Science Journal. The Graduate Student Review
Vol. 2, No. 1, February 2007
www.personal. rnal

CEU Political Science Journal is a publication emerged in the academic community of Central European University, Budapest. It is primarily targeted at graduate students from CEU, but valuable contributions from outside are also welcome.
Starting with this number to be issued in February, we initiate a section of book reviews that approaches the relevant books in Political Science and related fields. We encourage the authors to come up with a list of books to be reviewed and to discuss their appropriateness for being published in the Journal with the editors (ceu_polsci@yahoo. com). The dead-line for submissions is January 20, 2007.
Standard requirements for Book Reviews:
- 500–1,200 words;
- Times New Roman 12;
- Double spaced;
- Chicago Manual Style for references (see “paper requirements” on the website).
For additional information, please check the website of the Journal and address any questions to ceu_polsci@yahoo. com.

CEU Political Science Journal. The Graduate Student Review,
www.personal. rnal

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MSc Studentships in High Performance Computing - University of Edinburgh

MSc Studentships High Performance Computing
EPCC Technology Transfer Centre
Funded UK/EU studentships available

http://www.epcc. msc/

EPCC, a technology transfer centre within the University of Edinburgh, offers a one-year Masters course in High Performance Computing (HPC). A number of EPSRC studentships are available, which cover the full fees for EU residents. UK residents also qualify for a maintenance grant.

The MSc runs yearly, starting in September. The taught part comprises a series of modules, with associated tutorials, course work and examinations. Students also submit a dissertation based on 16-weeks' independent research work. It is possible to study part-time.

*Taught courses include:
*- Fundamental Concepts of HPC
- Practical Software Development
- Shared Memory Programming
- Message Passing Programming
- Parallel Decomposition
- Advanced Topics in HPC and e-Science
- Applied Numerical Algorithms
- Hardware, Compilers and Performance Optimisation
- Object Oriented Programming for HPC
- Scientific Visualisation
- Performance scaling on Modern HPC Architectures
- HPC Techniques in Computational Chemistry
- HPC Techniques in Computational Engineering
- HPC Project Preparation

EPCC has an international reputation in the application of novel computing solutions to real-life problems. This postgraduate qualification, awarded by the University of Edinburgh, has a strong practical focus. It covers topics relevant to a wide spectrum of careers including computational science research and commercial software development.

MSc students will have access to an impressive range of leading-edge parallel platforms and HPC technologies. Graduates of this course will hold one of the few university-accredit ed postgraduate HPC qualifications in Europe.

The University of Edinburgh holds a £53M six-year contract from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to provide the flagship UK national parallel supercomputer facility. The HPCx service is run by a consortium comprising EPCC, Daresbury Laboratory and IBM UK, and allows researchers to address some of the most challenging problems in science.

The HPCx system is one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe, comprising 1600 IBM Power4+ processors and sustaining 6.2 Tflops on the Linpack benchmark. EPCC also hosts a wide range of other supercomputers including QCDOC, a novel multi-Tflop architecture for particle physics simulations with 14000 CPUs, and the first IBM Blue Gene system in Europe which was installed in December 2004 and contains 2048 processors.

Students on the MSc will learn all the fundamental techniques required to program machines of this size, and how to develop parallel programs that scale to many hundreds and even thousands of processors. EPSRC is keen for students to have access to the HPCx facility, and we expect that many of our MSc students will use HPCx for their dissertation work.

Applications are encouraged from graduates of all areas of science, engineering, computer science and mathematics, and from those currently working in a relevant field. The entrance requirement is a good honours degree or equivalent work experience. No prior HPC knowledge is assumed, but candidates must be competent programmers in Java, C, C++ or Fortran.

For entry in September 2007, the closing date for receipt of applications is:
*28 February 2007* for UK/EU nationals and *31 January 2007* for students who do not have UK or EU nationality.

For more information and application details see
http://www.epcc. msc/ or email msc@epcc.ed.

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PhD Studentship in Tyre Design Process - Loughborough University

PhD studentship

*Dynamics, Systems and Control, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering,
Loughborough University*

*(36 months)*

Improvement of the design process of customised tyres for the achievement of optimum performance of the vehicle-tyre system link to uk/departments/ tt/

*£13,000-£14,000 per annum (no tax)
A research student is required to work on a project co-sponsored by the EPSRC and Bentley Cars. The project aims to develop an explicit tyre design process, in order to achieve a better match between custom designed tyres and the target vehicle. This process will be based on the simulation of the vehicle's behaviour in conjunction with multi-parameter constrained optimisation. Results will be verified experimentally.

The successful applicant will be involved in all aspects of the development of the tyre design process, including simulation, optimisation and experimental verification of the results. He/she will also spend 3 months at Bentley's headquarters in UK and will travel frequently to Europe, to meet with tyre manufacturers. The successful completion of the work will lead to the award of a PhD degree.

Applicants should have a good honours degree in Mechanical/Automoti ve engineering. A postgraduate degree, knowledge of vehicle dynamics and ADAMS - MATLAB software packages would be most desirable.

Closing date for receipt of applications: *Friday 16 Feb 2007*.

Applications should be made using the official application form available from the university web-site: http://www.lboro. /pg/apply . CV's will be accepted only if accompanied by an official application form.

Possible starting dates: April, July or October 2007.

Informal enquiries may be directed to Dr George Mavros: E-mail:
g.mavros@lboro. , or tel: +44(0)1509 227273.

For further details please contact: Mrs Jackie Green, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Department, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU, UK : E-mail: J.A.Green@lboro. , or tel: +44 (0)1509 227226.

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DPhil Studentships in Life Sciences - University of Oxford

UP TO TWENTYSIX (26) 4-YEAR D.PHIL STUDENTSHIPS Life Sciences Interface and Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centres

Stipend *£12,600* per annum Start Date: October 2007

Applications are invited for up to 13 studentships within both the Life Sciences Interface (LSI), and the Systems Biology (Sysbio) Doctoral Training Centres. The modern biomedical sciences present many exciting and stimulating challenges for researchers from life, physical and mathematical sciences backgrounds, and there is a substantial and growing demand in the public and private sector for doctoral graduates in these areas. The DTC programmes are a new initiative to provide research training at the interface between the physical and life sciences.

The 4-year training programmes consist of up to four terms of taught courses plus extended projects and laboratory rotations that will provide students with the necessary biological, experimental, and theoretical background before they choose to specialise by undertaking a substantive research project.

*LIFE SCIENCES INTERFACE* students will undertake their research in one of four internationally renowned research programmes in Oxford, covering medical imaging, biological physics, bioinformatics, and mathematical biology.

*SYSTEMS BIOLOGY* students will complete their research projects within this exciting new research centre focussing on a wide spectrum of theoretical and experimental research problems in the dynamic new field of Systems Biology.

A key feature of the programme is that students only have to choose their research topic after the first year.

Full details of the Programmes and how to apply can be found at:
http://www.lsidtc. and http://www.sysbiodt

Full scholarships are available to all home and EU students. Overseas students are eligible for University scholarships - please refer to the following website for details:
http://www.admin. postgraduate/ finance/int. shtml

Applicants should hold a good first degree in either a life or physical sciences subject, depending on the programme of study.

Further information on both programmes can be obtained by email -
dtcenquries@ stats.ox.

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PhD Research Studentship in Computing - Open University UK

PhD Research Studentship Department of Computing

*£12,300 p.a. Student stipend for 3 years*

*Based in Milton Keynes*

We are seeking an outstanding graduate to join our PhD programme. The full-time studentship includes a stipend of £12,300 per annum and all fees. The Department will support travel to conferences to present published research papers.

We are particularly seeking students to work in the area of empirical studies of software development, especially the human and social aspects of the software development process. A list of other PhD topics is at: http://computing. Research/ List_PhD_ Proposals. cfm. Applicants are encouraged to contact potential supervisors to discuss their research proposals before applying. The studentships are available to all applicants, including those from outside the EU.

Applicants should have a BSc honours degree (2:I or higher) or MSc (or equivalent) in Computing or a cognate discipline. In exceptional circumstances, candidates who do not meet the stipulated entry requirements may also be eligible.

For detailed information and how to apply the postgraduate admissions tutor, Dr Neil Smith (n.smith@open. or email the Research School ( school/).

Closing date: *15 January 2007*.

Disabled applicants who meet the essential job requirements will be interviewed. Further particulars are available in large print, disk or audiotape (minicom 01908 654901).

*We promote diversity in employment and welcome applications from all sections of the community.*

*Further Details*

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PhD Studentship in Atomic and Laser Physics - University of Oxford

Studentship in Atomic and Laser Physics

Two studentships in the theory of ultra-cold gases,

*Professor Keith Burnett and Dr Thorsten Köhler*

We invite applications to join our research effort in the area of many- and few-particle physics of ultra-cold atomic gases. Our research interests include: the preparation of macroscopic superposition quantum states, molecule production in Bose-Einstein condensates via photo-association and Feshbach resonances, pairing phenomena in ultra-cold atomic Fermi gases and exotic three-body molecular bound states formed in ultra-cold Bose gases.

The first student project involves development and numerical implementation of time dependent descriptions of pairing and molecule formation in ultra-cold Bose and Fermi gases exposed to rapidly time varying magnetic fields. Such simulations aim to provide a microscopic understanding of the mechanism of atomic pairing in such systems and its widespread applications throughout many-particle physics, e.g. in the theory of superconductivity.

The second project refers to the theory of inter-particle collisions in ultra-cold gases involving three or four atoms. This research aims to elucidate the structure of exotic molecular quantum states whose wave functions can reach macroscopic sizes. Both projects will be performed in close collaboration with experimental groups.

Both studentships are available to start from February 2007.

The closing date for applications is *Friday, 19th January 2007*.

Applications should be made on the usual University application form - available from http://www.ox. / . Completed forms with all supporting material should be sent to Atomic and Laser Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PU, UK.

Please quote reference no: *alp/002* and clearly state the project you wish

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MSc by research studentship - University of Cranfield

MSc by Research Studentship Cross-cultural analysis of consumer attitudes to water conservation measures
Sustainable Systems Department

*Bursary of up to £17,000 plus fees available*. Conditions apply*

*Academic Supervisor*: Dr Paul Jeffrey, Centre for Water Science, Sustainable Systems Department

An opportunity has arisen for a high calibre graduate to undertake an MSc by Research in consumer attitudes to water conservation measures.

Awareness of water conservation issues continues to grow with increasing demands placed on water resources. Attitudes to water conservation measures are important influences on individual willingness to take action. Many of these attitudes are culturally based. With progressively heterogeneous societies, an understanding of the relationships between attitudes to water as a resource and commodity and possible responses to conservation initiatives is becoming increasingly important.

This research activity will entail a review of theory and existing empirical studies on these issues, application of statistical analysis techniques to data from questionnaire based surveys conducted in four countries in the Middle East. Preparation of reports and papers to support the project will also be required.

The successful applicant will be based within the Centre for Water Science at Cranfield University, which undertakes internationally leading research, education and training in technology and associated scientific, engineering and policy issues for the treatment, use and management of water. The Centre has been awarded an EPSRC 'Technology Platform' in recognition of our international standing and are the first university department outside of the USA to be awarded American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AwwaRF) funding. Unique facilities include a pilot-plant hall at Cranfield's own sewage treatment works and state-of-the- art laboratories.

*Entry Requirements* :
Applicants should have a First or Upper Second Class Honours degree, or equivalent, in the Social or Human Sciences, environmental or behavioural psychology, and experience of analysing both quantitative and qualitative data. Good written English as well as some knowledge or experience of the water sector would also be desirable.

**Value of Award*:
This studentship will cover tuition fees at the UK/EU rate only and provide a bursary of up to £17,000 plus fees. Conditions apply. Details on application.

*How to Apply
*If you are eligible to apply for this research studentship, please complete the application form at: www.cranfield. /app/pgappform. pdf

Alternatively, for more information and an application form please contact:

Enquiries, Cranfield University, School of Applied Sciences, Cranfield,
Bedfordshire, MK43 0AL, UK
Tel +44 (0)1234 754086
Fax +44 (0)1234 754109
Email: appliedsciences@ cranfield.

Other research studentships are also available, for details please visit:
www.cranfield. studentships

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PhD Projects in Microphotonics - Macquarie University Australia

PhD Projects in Microphotonics: Direct writing of 2- and 3-D photonic circuits in glass

*Sydney, Australia*

Ultrafast laser direct-writing of embedded lightwave devices in glass has emerged as a significant enabling technology creating new opportunities in microphotonics. At the Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS), Macquarie University, Australia we have projects both investigating the mechanisms leading to the internal modification of glass substrates and utilising these to write waveguides, and discrete components such as amplifiers and filters. Integrated photonic circuitry enabled by this fabrication platform promise to overcome future bottlenecks in optical fibre networks.

PhD opportunities exist to play a primary role in developing next generation optical technology whilst enjoying the benefits of a young, dynamic team on a green campus in Sydney. Attractive PhD scholarships and cotutelle arrangements are available for suitably qualified candidates. For further information please contact Kali Madden (mailto: and A/Prof Mick Withford (mailto: withford@ics., and visit

http://www.ics. cudos/.

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MSC Microsystem Engineering Uni Freiburg, Germany

Master of Science in Microsystems Engineering

The English-language MSc program in Microsystems Engineering will begin in the Fall of 2007.

Features of the MSc program:

* 2 year English-language curriculum
* 120 ECTS
* One year Master's Thesis
* Specialization offered in the following areas:
o Circuits and systems
o Design and simulation
o Life sciences: Biomedical engineering
o Life sciences: Lab-on-a-chip
o Materials
o Process engineering
o Sensors and actuators

Applications must be submitted by June 1 for admission the
following Fall semester; please see the admissions guidelines

Provisional information concerning the MSc program in Microsystems

* Application procedure (available Jan 2007)
* Academic regulations (not yet available)
* Curriculum

For further information, please contact
admissions@imtek. uni-freiburg. de

http://www.imtek. uni-freiburg. de/index_ en.php

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Master Environmental Governance- Freiburg University Germany

Dear MEG and FEM students,

the MEG programme has only recently been recognized
by DAAD as postgraduate program with relevance to developing countries. The big
advantage of belonging to the cercle of those MSc programmes is that DAAD
provides a limited number of scholarships for candidates. Unfortunately the
scholarships are not applicable for you, the students who already started the
program, but only for future students.

However, I would like to ask you a favor. The
deadline for application (winter semester 2007) is very soon, on 15 January. If
you know someone from a developing country with two years of professional
experience (this is an undispendsable prerequisite) and interest in
doing the MEG programme please inform him/her about this opportunity. For more
information please have a look at http://www.msc- environmental- governance. uni-freiburg. de/news/index_ en.php#dev.

Thank you very much for your support,


Esther Muschelknautz
Programm-Koordinato rin

Fakultät für Forst- und Umweltwissenschafte n
Albert-Ludwigs- Universitä t
D-79085 Freiburg
Tel +49 (0)761 203 3607
Fax +49 (0)761
203 3600
e-mail: esther.muschelknaut z@ffu.uni- freiburg. de
www.ffu.uni- freiburg. de

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May 9-11, 2007

Ege University , Faculty of Letters, Izmir , TURKEY


Memory and Nostalgia

The dialectic between ‘Memory’ and ‘Nostalgia’ has always been a significant issue for various disciplines like history, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, gender studies, media studies, literature, etc. Especially nostalgia, as Sean Scanlan states, has an uncanny ability to exceed any constraining definition (1). As a Greek term, comprising the two parts nostos (to return home) and algos (pain), nostalgia, Linda Hutcheon explains, was coined in 1688 by a Swiss medical student as a sophisticated … way to talk about a literally lethal kind of severe homesickness (1). In Nicholas Dames’ terms, nostalgia is a form of retrospect that remembers only what is pleasant and only what the self can employ in the present; … [it is] an absence; what it lacks is what… has come to be regarded as memory in its purest form (4). Nostalgia, then, is a memory that is always only the necessary prehistory of the present [which] consists of the stories about one’s past
that explain and consolidate memory rather than dispersing it into a series of vivid, relinquished moments and … [which] can only survive by eradicating the ‘pure memory’ (Dames 4).

Nostalgia has always been a useful compensatory tool to construct an alternative historical reality created by the images of the golden past, especially when there is discontent with the present socio-economic situation in any culture. Just like governing bodies, modern global corporations also use nostalgia to advertise their commodities by relating either their products or companies to a more desirable time in the past. By implanting modified images in the prospective clients’ minds, such advertising strategies rewrite history through forged memories about the good old days when prices were more reasonable, goods more durable, and services were more satisfactory.

As Dylan Trigg, the author of The Aesthetics of Decay: Nothingness, Nostalgia, and the Absence of Reason (2006) claims, nostalgia demands … the fixation of the past … Thus, both static images – memories – and lived experience – place – serve as homogenous platforms for the nostalgic conscious to impose and identify itself (1). Both memory and nostalgia, then, have always had some spatial and territorial connotations, whether real or ideal, either in some negative or positive sense.

This symposium, then, aims to explore how memory and nostalgia collaborate to construct a meaningful space in a given culture, both individually and collectively, either through the willing suspension of disbelief or as a state apparatus, with reference to such issues as globalism, consumerism, nation-states, neo-conservatism, etc. During the symposium we hope such questions as Linda Hutcheon raises about the relationship between postmodernism and nostalgia will also be discussed: Was [the] postmodern recalling of the past an example of a conservative – and therefore nostalgic – escape to an idealized, simpler era of ‘real’ (1). Or, if nostalgia is given surplus meaning and value at certain moments – millennial moments, like our own, has nostalgia become an obsession of both mass culture and high art or is it only the media’s obsession (Hutcheon 1).

Proposals might include, but are not limited to:

· Nostalgia and Collective Memory

· Cultural Memory as Cultural Repression

· Cultural Memory = Nostalgia

· Culture as Nostalgic Object and Commodity

· Nostalgia, Consumerism, and the Heritage Industry

· Nostalgia and Ideology

· Diaspora and Nostalgia

· Diaspora as Temporal Displacement

· Nostalgia and Ideology

· Homologies of Religious Faith and Cultural Memory or Nostalgia

· Nostalgia as a Social Disease

· The Violence of Cultural Memory

· Nostalgia as the Abdication of Memory

· Community without Nostalgia

· Trauma, Collective Memory, and Nostalgia

· Pain and Authenticity

· Nostalgic Structures of Feeling in Cultural Studies

· Mourning and Melancholia in Cultural Memory

· Reflective and Restorative Nostalgia

· Nation, Narration, and Nostalgia

· Counter Nostalgia

· Literature and Art as Cultural Memory

· Media of Memory (Historical Monuments, Public Archives, Oral Histories, etc.)

· Popular Culture, Amnesia, and Nostalgia

· Personal Memory, Collective Identity, and Nostalgia

· Historiography, Autobiography, and Nostalgia

· Memory as a Means of Cultural Regeneration

· Nostalgia, Memorabilia, and Subcutaneous Advertising

· Values and Nostalgia

· Nationalist Interests and Nostalgia

The deadline for submission of proposals: January 05, 2007.

The notification for acceptance of proposals: January 22-26, 2007.

We welcome proposals for individual papers, entire sessions, presentations, performances, films, roundtables, workshops, conversations, or alternative formats both in English and Turkish. However, there will be no simultaneous translations during the conference. The time allowance for any presentation is 20 minutes. Abstracts for papers should be 250-300 words in length and should include a title. Please e-mail your proposals and short bios to: css2007@mail. and egeucss@gmail. com or mail/fax them to:

Atilla Silku

Ege Universitesi, Edebiyat Fakultesi,

Amerikan Kulturu ve Edebiyatı Bolumu,

35100-Bornova, İzmir, Turkey

Fax: +90 (232) 388 11 02

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CALL FOR PANEL: UACES 37th Annual Conference

Dear colleagues,

I would like to organise a panel on the concept of and literature on Europeanisation in UACES 37th Annual Conference in Portsmouth. I will submit a paper about Europeanisation/ modernisation relationship and how it is dealt with in the Europeanisation literature.

I will try to indicate the limitations of the literature in analysing social change and modernisation by looking at the Turkish political modernisation and Europeanisation. I am looking for two other papers critically engaged with the Europeanisation literature and problematising the current usages of the term. If you think that you have a relevant paper to submit to this panel, please contact me. Further details are accesible at:

http://www.uaces. org/Portsmouth. htm

All the best and happy Christmas
Dr. Alper Kaliber
Political Science & International
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TT
United Kingdom
+44 121 4158636

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CfA: Cafebabel - Sarbatori Fericite si Active!

Cafebabel Romania va ureaza Sarbatori Fericite si va provoaca la editarea unor articole care vor fi publicate in ziarul nostrul electronic pe 1 ianuarie 2007.

Care sunt temele?

Povesti de success in Europa (interviuri sau articole despre romani/companii romanesti/instituti i care au ajuns faimoase peste hotare sau care au avut o contributie deosebita)

Succese europene in Romania

Proiecte culturale sau cu finantare europeana

Ca parte a asociatiei Babel International, scopul nostru este de a stimula dezvoltarea opiniei publice prin incurajarea jurnalismului participativ, singurul mijloc care ofera libertatea de expresie pentru toti cetatenii.

Articolele scrise de voi pot aparea in cel mai popular ziar electronic european,, „vocea euro-generatiei” editata in 7 limbi, avand in medie 10.000 de vizitatori saptamanal, din toata lumea.

Pentru mai multe informatii: cafebabel.romania@
bucuresti@cafebabel .com

Camelia Paraschiv

Communication Officer
Cafebabel Romania
bucuresti@cafebabel .com

[sursa euroconferinte]

CfP: Journal of Civil Society

CALL FOR PAPER Journal of Civil Society 17th Issue

Journal of Civil Society is a peer reviewed and quarterly published academic journal. It is the first and only journal in Turkish on civil society. It not only accepts national, but also looks for international contributions. The articles are published in Turkish with English abstracts.

Journal of Civil Society wants to review the theoretical perspectives and practices together and produce original ideas, techniques and critics for a progress in the field. The Journal gives priority to original research papers. The journal is issue-based. Nowadays, we are preparing 17th volume of the Journal which is on "City". We want to publish articles about "city, urbanization, history of urbanization, modern city, the city as a manifestation of civilization, governance, localization, anomy, crime in the city, emigration, city planning". The articles contain between 4000-5000 word are welcome. Those who want to contribute should send their articles by e-mail (editor@siviltoplum. until January 30th 2007.

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfA: Master of Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance

The Master of Public Policy programme starting in September 2007 is now open for application.

Website: http://www.hertie- en/3_mpp/ index.html

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfA: Third Millennium International Fellowship in Human Rights

The goal of this Third Millennium Foundation (TMF) initiative is to develop a cadre of young activists from different countries whose understanding of, commitment to and effectiveness in human rights work have been enhanced through a year long , in-depth exposure to and reflection on a broad range of perspectives, situations and
experiences related to human rights issues. Through these practical training fellowships, the Program aims to provide the fellows with the skills necessary to start or advance a career in the field of human rights.

More info: http://www.seedsoft olerance. org/initiative_ intl_fellowship. html

[sursa romstudyabroad]

Reminder: CfA, Roma Access Program, CEU Budapest (new deadline: 7 January)

RE: New Application Deadline: 7 January 2007

Dear all,

Please, find below the call for applications for the full scholarship opportunity for Roma students, Roma Access Program 2007. The call for applications and the application form are also attached. The new application deadline is 7 January 2007.

The eligible countries are: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia (including Kosovo), Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Please, disseminate widely.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Happy holidays!


Gergana Simeonova
Special Projects Office
Central European University
Nador u. 9., H-1051 Budapest, Hungary

Tel: (+36-1) 327 3000/2585
Fax: (+36-1) 327 3190


New Deadline: 7 January 2007

Central European University (CEU), with the financial support of the Roma Education Fund, is offering a 9 month Preparatory Course for international post-graduate studies in Budapest for promising young Roma. Full scholarships will be awarded, covering travel, tuition, housing and living stipend.


The goal is to prepare Roma to access international post-graduate education (at master’s level) through open competition at CEU, North American or Western European universities. The program will:
* involve Roma students in the core degree programs of CEU (auditing CEU classes)
* prepare them for their chosen field of study through intensive training
* accustom them to advanced academic life
* raise their English to a level adequate for post-graduate study
* train them in post-graduate level academic skills


The full-time course will start in April 2007 and last until December 2007. It is a combination of:
1. Discipline specific tutoring (in the fields of Law/Human Rights or Sociology or Gender Studies or Political Science or International Relations and European Studies; additional disciplines may be offered)
2. General Social Science Tutoring
3. Academic courses
4. Academic writing
5. English language training

Who can apply?

Young Roma from Central and Eastern Europe (Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia (including Kosovo), Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine) who have:
* A university/college degree in any field (preferably in the Social Sciences or Humanities)
* Strong interest in post-graduate university education
* At least pre-intermediate English language skills
* Desire to study in a multicultural environment


Your application must include:
1. Completed Application Form (in English)
2. CV, including academic background, work experience if any, and involvement in Roma related issues in your country if any (in English)
3. Letter of Intention, stating why you would like to participate in this program (in English)
4. One Reference Letter from a recognized Roma organization - translation into English should be attached if the recommendation is written in local language
5. One Reference Letter from a university professor or your employer - translation into English should be attached if the recommendation is
written in local language
6. Official copies (bearing an ink stamp and a signature of a notary public or an authorized university official) and official English translation of all University Documents (diploma and documents showing your grades)

Please send your application package to:
Nador u. 9
H-1051 Budapest Hungary

Or you can also send all required papers by e-mail to or by fax (to +36 1 327 3190) - please note that ALL ORIGINAL documents must be provided upon arrival in Budapest (if accepted).

Application Deadline

* Application form, CV, Letter of Intention, Reference Letters and University Documents should be received by 7 January 2007*.

* All documents sent via e-mail, fax or mail should be received by 7 January 2007.

Important additional information

* Incomplete or late application packages will not be considered

* Applicants who do not have their diploma by April 2007 cannot be considered

* As a general rule, we cannot provide assistance in accommodating family members

* If you are currently employed, you will not be able to continue your duties, since this is a full-time program

For further information please check

Tel.: +36 1 327 3000/2585
Fax: +36 1 327 3190

3rd training course on youth participation

From 23 March - 1 April 2007 the 3rd training course on youth participation and the revised European Charter on the participation of young people in local and regional life will be held at the EYCS. The target group are experienced and active youth workers/leaders and governmental representatives dealing with youth.

Please find the course description enclosed. Applications have to be submitted on-line between 21 December and 8 January on http://act-hre. ation/.
In case of interest you are very much welcome to apply or to forward this call to your colleagues or networks.

I wish you nice holidays and a good start in the year 2007
Best regards
Iris Bawidamann
Educational Advisor
Council of Europe
Directorate of Youth and Sport
F - 67075 Strasbourg Cedex
Tel: 0033 (0) 3 88 41 22 95
Fax: 0033 (0) 3 88 41 27 77

Sylvie Fritsch
Council of Europe - DGIV - Directorate of Youth and Sport
European Youth Centre
30, rue Pierre de Coubertin, F - 67000 Strasbourg
Tél. +33 (0)3 88 41 32 24 Fax +33 (0)3 88 41 24 29
Email: sylvie.fritsch@
http://www.coe. int/youth

Campaign with us for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation
http://alldifferent -allequal. info/

[sursa cntm]

Applications invited for 2007 UNESCO-VOCATIONS PATRIMOINE

UNESCO has launched the selection process for five new Fellowships for World Heritage Site Managers offered through the UNESCO-VOCATIONS PATRIMOINE Programme. Professionals involved in the management, safeguarding and development of World Heritage sites as well as young people intending to pursue a career in these areas are invited to submit applications to UNESCO before 31 March 2007.

The UNESCO-VOCATIONS PATRIMOINE World Heritage Site Managers Programme aims to enhance the capacity of professionals presently working or intending to work in the management, conservation and promotion of World Heritage sites*. It was launched in January 2006 as a result of a partnership between UNESCO and the French non-governmental organization Association VOCATIONS PATRIMOINE, supported by the multinational groups AXA and MAZARS as well as the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The two-year Fellowships aim to train a new generation of professional World Heritage site managers, a career crucial for the safeguarding of global heritage. The fellowships cover the costs for a university degree course and a year of field work in an innovative project on site.

Full information, please visit: http://portal. en/ev.php- URL_ID=36251& URL_DO=DO_ TOPIC&URL_ SECTION=201. html

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Dec 22, 2006

Invitation for Tender for the Postgraduate Master´s Course “Peace and Security Studies”

We offer you

The possibility to obtain a “Master of Peace and Security Studies” in just one year. The postgraduate course “Master of Peace and Security Policy Studies” (M.P.S.) is conducted by the University of Hamburg in cooperation with the Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik (IFSH) and other scientific institutions and partners of the network “Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik” (KoFrieS).
A trans- and interdisciplinary orientated course. The M. P. S.-course is meant as a combination of “hands on” and classroom-based learning. The course aims at introducing highly qualified humanities and sciences graduates from German or foreign universities as well as academically qualified, experienced practitioners to problems of peace- and security-policy and to fundamental issues relating their practical application.

A profound preparation in order to work in peace-studies research and teaching or in practical work for national and international organisations, administrations, associations, and businesses (e. g. in the fields of peace-keeping, monitoring, verification, development aid, mediation, arbitration, conversion, administration).
The chance to get one of seven scholarships from the Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung (DSF) for this course.

We expect from you

Interest in the fields of peace studies or peace- and security-policy.
240 points ECTS (usually a four-year course in no matter what discipline) and you must have achieved an honours degree at a German or foreign university.
Preferred professional interest and scientific or practical experience in fields related to problems of peace and international security.

Sufficient knowledge of English and German. Students may choose whether to complete coursework and examinations, including their master´s thesis, in English or German. Concerning German language skills, the German Language Examination for Foreign Students´ Admission to University (Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studierender) (DSH), the examination German as a Foreign Language, or any examination of equal value are accepted.Concerning English language skills, the TOEFL (230 points/ 570 paper-based) (, the IELTS (5.5), the Advanced C, or any examination of equal value are accepted. Only applicants who are German or English native speakers are not required to prove their skills in their native language.

More information about the studies

The DSF grants a total of 7 scholarships of € 1000,- each per month. The Admissions Committee decides about who will receive a scholarship. There will be no distinctions between German and foreign applicants. Interest in a scholarship should be mentioned in the letter of application. Additionally, applicants already holding a scholarship (e. g. a GAES scholarship, see ) may apply.
Detailed information about the course are found at: (see also our FAQs)

Required documents

application form (available online for download) with photo curriculum vitae
school-leaver´s certificate qualifying for university (German “Abitur” or equivalent)
certifications of academic degrees and, if at hand, references from previous employers
certificates of language skills
written acknowledgement of willingness to pay on time, assuming one´s application is successful, the one-time fee of € 500,- in accordance with paragraph 27 of the Postgraduate Course Statutes
if wanted, statement of interest in applying for a scholarship (informally in covering letter)

Certificates and other documentary evidence must be provided in German or English. Translations must be officialy certified. Only complete documents received on time will be accepted. The covering letter should be handed in with the complete post address, e-mail address, home number and cell phone number.

Applications for the academic year 2007/08 must be received between December 15th, 2006 and March 15th, 2007.

Written applications to:

Kooperationsverband Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik
Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans J. Giessmann
z. Hd. Frau Heinke Peters
Falkenstein 1 D-22587 Hamburg

Please direct any inquiries to:

Dr. Patricia Schneider from the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (IFSH)
Falkenstein 1, D-22587 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40-866077-20, Telefax: +49 (0)40-866 36 15, E-mail:
General information on MPS:
Call for Applications:
FAQs (engl.):

Allgemeine Informationen über MPS:
FAQs (Hinweise auf Deutsch):

Center for the Study of Law and Culture Scholarship

Deadline: 15 February 2007

The Center for the Study of Law and Culture at Columbia University invites applications for residential fellowships for the 2007-2008 academic year to undertake research, writing and discussion in ways that span traditional academic disciplines. The CSLC welcomes scholars from any field who are interested in spending the academic year in residence at Columbia Law School working on scholarly projects relating to the CSLC's 2007-2008 theme: Executive Power.

We aim to appoint fellows whose scholarship addresses the critical and legal implications of expanding executive power not merely from the perspective of the state—such as the Bush administration' s celebrated attempt to expand executive privilege vis-à-vis the other branches of US government—but from the perspective of power more generally. Since the post-structural assault on theories of power that posited it as emanating from a concentrated source, critical theory has conceptualized power as dispersed, capillary, and simultaneously productive and repressive. What might be the ramifications on legal and critical thought and practice at the intersection of new attempts to concentrate institutionally various forms and careers of power? We invite in particular scholarship whose focus is outside the US and lies at the critical conjuncture of law and culture. Fellows will be required to present an original paper from their research and to participate in a year long colloquium on the same topic.

The Law & Culture Fellowship is available to senior graduate students and post-doctoral candidates, including untenured faculty.

Founded in the fall of 2000, the Center for the Study of Law and Culture is an initiative at Columbia Law School designed to facilitate interdisciplinary study, research and scholarship on the intersections of law and culture. Our goal is to make the CSLC an institutional site for coordinating and coalescing the important, yet dispersed, interrogations of the relationship between law and culture that are already being undertaken across disciplines at Columbia University. By promoting and providing a home for cross-disciplinary engagement and collaboration, the CSLC will enrich each of our individual projects in law and culture studies.

Fellows will receive a stipend of $30,000, an office, computer, eligibility for university housing, and full access to university libraries, computer systems and recreational facilities. Fellows will be expected to participate in CSLC activities including presentation of a paper at the Center's Colloquium Series, and assistance in organizing Center events.

Applicants should submit:
1- a curriculum vitae
2- a writing sample (in the English language, about 25 pages in length)
3- a research statement (of approximately 1,000 words) that:
- describes the proposed work during the fellowship period
- explains the project's significance to the topic of Executive Power
- sets forth its interdisciplinary nature
4- TWO letters of recommendation (if sent with application, letter should be sealed in letterhead envelope and signed over the flap by referee). If more than two are sent, it is not guaranteed that all letters will be read.

Applications must be received at our office no later than February 15, 2007. E-mail applications will be accepted. Letters of recommendation may be sent under separate cover. Incomplete applications will be immediately disqualified.

Direct questions and application materials to:
Center for the Study of Law and Culture
Columbia University
435 W. 116th Street
New York, N.Y. 10027

Women, people of color, non-US and independent scholars are particularly invited to apply.

Last Updated (Thursday, 21 December 2006)

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French & French Linguistics: PhD Student, Indiana University, USA

Institution/ Organization: Indiana University
Department: French & Italian
Level: PhD
Specialty Areas: General Linguistics
French & French Linguistics
Required Language(s): French (fra)


Fellowships and Associate Instructorships are available for new students pursuing the MA/PhD degree in French Linguistics at Indiana University, Bloomington. Our five faculty members, housed within the 17-member French section of the Department of French & Italian, teach courses and supervise research in a large number of areas, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, second language acquisition, teaching methodology, sociolinguistics & dialectology, pidgins & creoles, lexicography & lexicology, history of French, language contact, and endangered languages.

Associate Instructors teach 20 hours or less per week in our Basic French Language Program while undertaking coursework and research toward the MA or PhD degree. Contracts are for one academic year (nine months), renewable for up to five years. Fellowship recipients are typically free of teaching obligations for one or two years and then are awarded Associate Instructor or Research Assistant positions for a total of up to five years of support.

AIs and fellowship recipients receive full tuition (valued at approximately $21,000 per year for an out-of-state student) and health insurance. Living stipends for 2007-2008 will be at least $12, 500 for an AIship and at least $15,000 for a fellowship. Miscellaneous additional fees run approximately $400-500 per semester for the first 3-4 years (and less thereafter).

For more information, please visit our website at
http://www.indiana. edu/~frithome/ grads/grads. shtml or contact Professor Barbara
Vance, Director of Graduate Studies, at bvance@indiana. edu.

Deadline for applications: January 15, 2007.
International students should contact us immediately to ensure adequate time for
additional paperwork.

Web Address for Applications: http://www.gradapp.

Mailing Address for Applications:
Attn: Prof. Barbara Vance
Dept of French & Italian, Indiana University
1020 E. Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington IN 47405

Applications are due by: 15-Jan-2007

Contact Information:
Prof Barbara Vance
bvance@indiana. edu
Phone:(812) 855-1088

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Linguapax Award 2007

We are pleased to inform you that the call for candidates to the Linguapax awards 2007 is open. Kindly send your nominees to the secretariat of the Linguapax Institute (info@linguapax. org) before December 31st 2006 along with their short biographical note if possible.

As in previous occasions, the name of the prize-winner will be made public on February 21, coinciding with the International Mother Language Day. The Linguapax Awardee will be granted the amount of 3,000 ?.

The prizes are awarded to linguists, researchers, professors and members of the civil society in acknowledgement of their outstanding work in the field linguistic diversity and/or multilingual education. Nominations of people having contributed to improve the linguistic situation of a community or country will be specially appreciated.

For more information about the awards, please visit:

Català http://www.linguapa premisLPX. html
Español http://www.linguapa premisLPXcas. html
English http://www.linguapa premisLPXang. html
Français http://www.linguapa premisLPXfr. html

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EMNantes Elite European Engineering Education : Scholarship

However we have several possible scholarships available for 2007 and 2008 I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to diffuse this information to your friends and collegues in Indonesia who might have the (good) profile for such programmes.

Here under you will find several alternatives (http://www.optimedu em_nantes. html) :

*ME3 : European joint Masters Erasmus Mundus in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy - Tuition : 15.000 Euros - intake September 2007*

*- with Eramus Mundus scholarship* : visit our website to find the necessary documents, very limited time remaining to prepare all the required documents.

Deadline 25 January 2007. Immediate attention needed.

*- with corporate scholarship* : we are developping collaborations with large energy corporations based in Indonesia and interested to recruit local talents.

This January we have 2 graduates from ITB financed with full scholarship (with binding agreements of course) offered by a large oil & gas indonesian group.

We intend to enlarge these possibilities with few other scholarships offered by other companies for our 9/2007 and 1/2008 intakes.

Deadline for application : as fast as possible and not after the end of April 2007.
*- on your own* : this solution offers you to remain free with your career
plans and move to the company of your choice once you graduate.

*PM3E : MSc in Project Management for Environmental & Energy Engineering -
Tuition : 9.800 Euros - intake January 2008*

*- with corporate scholarship *: we are developping collaborations with large energy corporations based in Indonesia and interested to recruit local talents.

Deadline for application : as fast as possible and not after the end of May 2007.

*- on your own* : this solution offers you to remain free with your career plans and move to the company of your choice once you graduate.

*MLPS : MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management of Logistic & Productions Systems - Tuition : 9.800 Euros - intake January 2008*

*- with corporate scholarship* : we are developping collaborations with large corporations based in Indonesia and interested to recruit local talents.

Deadline for application : as fast as possible and not after the end of May 2007.

*- on your own* : this solution offers you to remain free with your career plans and move to the company of your choice once you graduate.

*Your contact persons :*
My role is to make sure your application is complete and done properly maximising your chances. I am here to limit the workload at the Headoffice and more important that the right candidates are applying. We have no interest in multiplying the applications and prefer to bet on few pre-selected interesting candidates whom we know will have a chance to be pre-accepted and later maybe also awarded a scholarship.

Once all required documents are available we submit the complete file is submitted to EMNantes Admission Department.

*Next step :*
- documents can be downloaded from our website.
- we will be waiting for confirmation of interest as well as updated résumé
together with your Gpa
- application impose a very strict preparation and self motivation. It is not my duty to push potential candidates but only to support the most motivated ones. Therefore if interested candidates should move very fast in order to prepare correctly the applications and do it on time.
- we will support scholarships applications *only for pre-admitted candidates* at least *6/9 months in advance*, with *detailed budget prepared*, *Gpa at least over 3.00*.
- I will come to Bandung and Jakarta before the January 25th Deadline and will meet interested candidates (week of the 15th to the 19th)

A bientôt.
Best regards.
Representative for S.E.A.

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The Joseph Greenberg Award 2007

The Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT) will be continuing its Junior Award for the best piece of typological research embodied in a doctoral dissertation or equivalent. The next round of these awards, to be decided for the Paris meeting of the ALT next year, will be for a thesis accepted between 1 January 2005 and 31 December 2006. The award will consist of payment of travel, per diem expenses and registration fee to attend the ALT VII Conference, to be held in Paris, September 25 to September 28, 2007, and to present a synopsis or element of the prize-winning work as a plenary lecture at that meeting. From 2007 this Award will be known as the Joseph Greenberg Award, in honour of the late Joseph Greenberg's fundamental
contributions to typology and the interest he showed in encouraging young researchers.

To be eligible, those submitting their manuscript must be members of the ALT. They are asked to submit their dissertation by email in pdf format, with all non-standard fonts in Unicode, to the Chair of the Jury, to arrive no later than February 1, 2007. If this proves technically difficult, the candidate is asked to discuss the problem with the chair.

A jury, consisting of 5 ALT members, will be appointed by ALT's President, appropriate to the work submitted. The chair will be

Eva Schultze-Berndt
Karl-Franzens- Universitä t Graz
Merangasse 70
A-8010 Graz

Schultze-Berndt@ ling.uni-

For information on the ALT (and on joining) consult:
http://www.lancs. organisations/ alt/

[sursa beasiswa]

Computational Linguistics: PhD Position, University of Potsdam

University or Organization: University of Potsdam
Department: Department of Linguistics
Job Rank: PhD Position
Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics


The Theoretical Computational Linguistics group at the Linguistics Department of the University of Potsdam, Germany, invites applications for the position of a

Half-time (Doctoral) Researcher
(wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Entgeltgruppe: 13
TV-Länder, Tarifgebiet Ost; formerly BAT-O IIa/2)

in the 'PTOLEMAIOS' research project on Grammar Induction from Parallel Corpora, a research group funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The position is temporary; the initial contract will be for two years and can be extended, subject to the availability of funding. The starting date is January 2007 or as soon as possible. The position is especially suitable for a student wishing to pursue a doctoral degree in Computational Linguistics at the University of Potsdam.

The ideal candidate
* holds a strong Master's degree (or equivalent) in Computational Linguistics or Computer Science,
* has a background in statistical techniques and machine-learning methods in Natural Language Processing,
* is familiar with grammar induction techniques and/or statistical machine translation,
* has good programming skills,
* is self-motivated, goal-oriented and likes working in a team.

For some background on the 'PTOLEMAIOS' project, please refer to:
http://www.ling. uni-potsdam. de/~jonask/ PTOLEMAIOS/

Knowledge of German is not required, but will be a plus.

The salary and social benefits are determined by the German pay scale for state employees (50% of Entgeltgruppe: 13 TV-Länder, Tarifgebiet Ost; formerly BAT-O IIa/2) and amounts to approximately EUR 1500 per month. The exact salary amount varies depending on age and marital status.

The University of Potsdam offers a highly attractive academic environment: the dynamic division of Computational Linguistics is part of a strong Linguistics Department, which has interdisciplinary ties with Psychology and Computer Science. At the same time, Potsdam is a very nice, yet affordable living environment, with world-famous castles and parks, surrounded by lakes and forests. Last but not least, Germany's vibrant capital Berlin is just a 20-minute train ride away.

The University of Potsdam is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications (also via Email) are requested by December 31, 2006. They should include a cover letter, C.V., (a link to) a sample publication or paper, and two or three references.

Address for Applications:
Prof. Dr. Jonas Kuhn
Universität Potsdam
Institut für Linguistik / Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
Karl-Liebknecht- Straße 24/25
Golm 14469

Application Deadline: 31-Dec-2006 (Open until filled)

Contact Information:
Prof. Dr. Jonas Kuhn
Email: kuhn@ling.uni-
Phone: +49 331 977-2444
Fax: +49 331 977-2761

[sursa beasiswa]

The Panini Award 2007

ALT is proud to announce the establishment of a new grammar prize to encourage and honour achievements in the field of documenting the world's linguistic diversity through the writing of reference grammars. To be eligible, a grammar must provide a systematic, accessible, comprehensive, original, insightful and typologically well-informed account of the workings of the language being described, generously exemplified with natural data. Though the normal expectation is that it would deal with a hitherto little-described language, outstanding grammars of better-known
languages or dialects thereof may also be considered if they achieve major breakthroughs in a comprehensive understanding of the language. Grammars may be written in any major language, subject to the availability of a sufficient and geographically balanced set of jury members able to read the language.

Entries will be judged by a committee of half-a-dozen distinguished linguists, including a number of judges who have themselves written major reference grammars but also typologists and other categories of grammar-reader. The chair of the jury will be nominated before the submission date by the President of the ALT, in consultation with the Executive committee, and the chair and the president will then constitute the jury once the full set of submissions is known.

The ALT grammar prize will be awarded every two years, with the winner announced in time for them to present a plenary lecture or language tutorial at the next ALT Conference, setting out the most typologically interesting aspects of the language.

There will be two categories of prize, on alternating four year cycles - one, to be known as the Panini Grammar Award, for grammars written as dissertations, and one, to be known as the Georg von der Gabelentz Grammar Award, for published grammars.

For each category, any grammar (respectively) passed as a dissertation or published in the four year period leading up to December 31st in the year preceding the ALT Conference, will be eligible provided that it meets the conditions above and that the author is a member of the ALT. Grammars which win the Panini award cannot be submitted at a later date for the Gabelentz award. Six copies of the entry must be submitted to the Chair of the Jury by February 1st of the year following the four year period. In the case of the Panini award only, entries may be submitted as a pdf file with embedded fonts, except that submission of bound copies is preferred in the case of countries such as the Netherlands where a form of non-commercial publication is a requirement. Submitted copies remain the property of the members of the jury. It will normally be the responsibility of the applicant to cover the costs of submitting their work, but the Chair will consider applications for assistance in the case of demonstrable financial hardship. It is planned that the initial award would be made in 2007, in the Dissertation category. Marianne Mithun has kindly agreed to chair the first Panini award, and anyone wishing to be considered should send their entries to her address:

Marianne Mithun
Dept of Linguistics
University of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


Prize winners for the Panini award will receive a paid fare to and accommodation and registration at the ALT conference at which they will present their plenary, as well as a collection of reference grammars and other works donated by major publishers in the area. Because of current financial limitations on the ALT Budget, Prizewinners for the Gabelentz award will not receive a paid fare to the ALT conference, but other
conditions will be identical.

For information on the ALT (and on joining) consult:
http://www.lancs. organisations/ alt/

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