Apr 25, 2012

JOURNAL/CFP- Beyond Brezhnevism - Cahiers du Monde russe Call for Papers for an upcoming special issue

Topic: Beyond Brezhnevism- -Growing Autonomy for Social Groups and Assimilation of Socialist Values

The image of "real Socialism" as an age of "stagnation" is gradually disappearing from studies of the Soviet Union. Indeed the clear cultural and social changes of the Brezhnev era are now part of a revised historiography. Despite the immobility of a political leadership unable to bring any serious reform to a drifting economic and social system, as political repression and ideological control slackened, Soviet citizens created, revived and occupied areas of autonomy.

At the same time, the socio-cultural processes that flourished in 1964-1982 had their own timing that preceded or extended beyond the precise dates of Brezhnev's rule: this concerns urban planning, the development of tourism, communications and media, and greater access to higher education. The study of these already reported phenomena deserves to be reviewed on the basis of the written and oral sources to which the researcher now has access. Similarly, the recent emphasis on the spread of cross-border patterns of consumption and thought and the increase in international exchanges places the geographical bounds of the Soviet Union in a wider context.

Cahiers du Monde Russe wishes to challenge "Brezhnevism" in two ways, as the incarnation of "stagnation" and as a strictly delineated temporal and spatial framework, unsuited to the study of the profound social, cultural and economic changes that prepared the way for the upheavals of the late 1980s and the collapse of the USSR.

Titles and proposals submission deadline: June 1, 2012

Short project abstracts (500 words maximum) in French, English, Russian or German should be submitted to bb.cmr@ehess. fr. Please, indicate your name, affiliation institution, and email address. The editorial committee will make a short list.

Manuscripts submission deadline: April 1, 2013

The relevant issue is due to be published in the first half of 2014. Under CMR's academic publishing rules, the articles received (60,000 signs maximum, space characters and notes included) will be submitted anonymously to two reviewers for assessment.

Editors: Marc Elie, Isabelle Ohayon

For additional information, please contact: Marc Elie, Isabelle Ohayon: bb.cmr@ehess. fr or Valérie Mélikian, editorial secretary, Cahiers du Monde russe

Isabelle Ohayon
Research Fellow, CNRS
Centre d'étude du monde russe, caucasien et est-européen (CERCEC), CNRS-EHESS
44, rue de l'Amiral Mouchez
75014 Paris
+33 1 43 13 56 78

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