Jan 11, 2012

Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, University of Kansas

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Kansas invites applications For a MA/PhD level Research Assistant beginning August 2012 for a project on Neurolinguistics and second language acquisition.

The RA will participate in a project funded by the National Science Foundation That investigates the processing of gender and number agreement by English-speaking learners of Spanish using event-related potentials. The project Includes both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies and examines a range of Linguistic and cognitive factors that may impact second language processing
and Development. The RA is expected to fully participate in all aspects of the Project, including literature review, experimental design, data collection and Analyses, and presentation of the results at conferences and in manuscripts.

The RA will also be responsible for supervising undergraduate research assistants. The RA position is contingent upon being admitted to the MA or PhD program in Linguistics at the University of Kansas. The position provides a competitive Monthly stipend including the summer and full waiver of tuition and fees for one Year. There will also be opportunities for other teaching and research Assistantships and fellowships for the remaining years of the successful
Applicant's' graduate studies.

The applicant should have a strong background in either linguistics, psychology, Or cognitive neuroscience. Previous experience with EEG, MEG, or other cognitive Neuroscience methods is highly preferred. Familiarity with statistics is a plus. Interested parties should apply to the MA/PhD program in Linguistics at the University of Kansas. In your cover letter, please describe your interest in and Your qualifications for this specific position.

If you have any questions about this position, please contact Dr. Robert Fiorentino at fiorentino@ku. edu.

Application Deadline: 01-Jan-2012

Mailing Address for Applications:
Attn: Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Linguistics
The University of Kansas
1541 Lilac Lane, Blake Hall Room 427
Lawrence KS 66045-3129

Web Address for Applications: http://www.linguistics.ku.edu/doctoral/admission.shtml

Contact Information:
Robert Fiorentino
Fiorentino@Ku. edu

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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