May 3, 2012

CfP: 5th Conf. "Encounters with Cultural Heritage," Warsaw, DL 11.06.2012

Wroclaw, Poland, November 19 - 20, 2012
Deadline: Jun 11, 2012

Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer, Technical University of Wroclaw and Institute of the History of Art and Institute of History of University of Wroclaw are announcing call for papers for the Fifth Scientific Conference "Encounters with Cultural Heritage": "Digital Representation of the Artefact – methods, reliability, sustainability".

Digital technologies and in particular high-resolution digital imaging raise issues around the nature and place of the digital image in art analysis as a supplement, surrogate or alternative to the original artefact under investigation. There are still many unanswered questions
concerning various methods for communicating the original through an image (in the broadest sense of the term).

The conference organisers invite 20-minute papers that engage with the following topics:
- ICT developments in the area of image communication
- Legal aspects of the virtual documentation of museum objects
- Digital techniques for recording and documenting art and architecture
- Image metadata and paradata (as defined in the London Charter) 3
- Image retrieval systems for picture libraries, including query by image
- Copies and fakes in the age of digital reproduction and computer modelling in 2/3D
- The concept of the original in the age of digital reproduction Reliability of the digital image and virtual models Digital imaging and visualisation in restoration and reconstruction
of artefacts
- Internet browsers for 3D graphics
- Issues in digitisation of art documentation in traditional formats
- Long-term preservation of digital images

The importance of tools enabling on the one hand, the verification of both the content and reliability of visualisations, and on the other the sustainability of this kind of documentation, have lead to the recognition of the need for 'a set of proper principles. In response to this need the London Charter has sought to provide standards that ensure the continuing success and viability of digital visualization in cultural heritage. The advocacy of the principles set out in the London Charter is a key aim of this conference.

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