May 15, 2012

CfP: International Conference "Ageing in the light of crises: Economic crisis, demographic change, and the search for meaning Conference at Umeå University, Sweden, October 3-5, 2012

Ageing is often discussed in the context of crises, both at individual and at societal level. People might, for example, experience age-related physical decline or change in social role as crises. Public and academic discourses frame as ‘crises’ issues in volunteering, pension sustainability, or health care demand and supply in the context of aging societies. Discussion of economic crises and demographic change often portrays ageing as a struggle with dwindling

Even highlighting what are intend-ed to be positive approaches, such as active or successful aging, has been criticized as a potential source of individual crises, namely for those who, for a variety of reasons, are not easily classified as “productive” or “active”. But are these various linkages between aging and crises justified? Do they foster solutions or do they cause new crises? This conference brings together scholars from across Europe to discuss
developments in ageing and old age. Such developments could, for example, relate to:
- Older workers, retirement, and pensions
- Formal and informal care arrangements
- Active and productive aging
- Social inequalities and poverty in old age
- Effect of population ageing on generational solidarity and welfare states
- Effects of the economic crisis and of globalization on life-courses
- Images, attitudes, coping-strategies and ageing.

You can submit your abstract of max. 200 words until June 15, 2012 via the conference homepage

The conference fee is 500 SEK (60 Euros). Keynote speakers are Stefan Svallfors (Umea University, Sweden), Sara Arber (Surrey University, UK), Harald Kuenemund (University of Vechta, Germany), and Ricca Edmondson (National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland). For more
information, visit the conference homepage or email Kathrin Komp: kathrin.komp@ Mid-term conference of the Research Network on Ageing in Europe - Organized in cooperation with the Department of Sociology at Umea University, Sweden, and the Swedish Gerontological Society

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