Dec 29, 2012

Doctoral student position in Biostatistics at Karolinska Institutet, MEB

Doctoral student position in Biostatistics

Karolinska Institutet, MEB
The Department of Medical Epidemiology  and Biostatistics  is among the  largest departmen ts of epidemiology  in Europe with special focuson  increasing  our knowledge  of the aetiology  for different diseases. Our department  consists of researchers,  doctoral students , biostatisticians, data collectorsand  database administ rators as well as administrative personnel, in total approximately  some 250 staff. The department  is situated  in campus Solna. Furtherinform ation can be  found at www.

Area of responsibilities/ description  of the work
Applications  are invited  for a PhD research training  position to work on the development  of accelerated  failure time models, with applications  to prostatecancer .

The appointment  will be for 4 years.

Applicants should  have a master’s degree in statistics, biostati stics or related  discipline, and have strong  interest in  medical and  biologicalproble ms. Previous  experience  in computational  methods is a strong advantage. Successfu l candidates  will have ample  opportunities  to work on both methodologica l as well as  applied collabora tive projects.  Fluency in  written and  spoken English is required The  applicant  should be able  to work wellin a team, as well as having  the ability  to work independently.

About the biostatisti cs group at MEB
The biostatistics  group comprises  around 35 members, including  3 professors, 4 senior lecturers  (universitetslek torer), applied  biostatisticians , postdocs  and PhD students. The group is involved in a wide variety  of research projects, including  population- based cohort  and case-control  studies, twin  and familystudies , survival  analyses,  predictive  modeling,  genetic epidemiol ogy and bioinformatics.

For further informati on regarding  these positions,  please contact  Associate  Professor Mark Clements, email  mailto:Mark.Clements@

Entry requirements
To meet the general entry  requirements  for third- cycle studies, an applicant must have
1. taken a second-cycle  qualification
2. completed course  requirements  for at least 240 higher  education  credits, includin g at least 60 second cycle higher  education  credits, or
3. otherwise acquired  essentially  the same knowledge  either in or outside of Sweden.
An applicant who  met the general entry  requirements  for third- cycle studies  before 1 July  2007 is regarded as  having met  the current  requirements,  though no later than the  end of June 2015.
A selection will  be made among  qualified  applicants  on the basis of the ability to  benefit from  third-cycle  studies.

Karolinska Institutet uses  the following  bases of assessment:
- Documented subject  knowledge  of relevance  to the area of research
- Analytical skill  corroborated  by an academic paper  or the like
- Other documented  knowledge  or experience  that may be relevant to third-cycle  studies in the subject.
The qualifications  of the applicants  will be evaluated  on an overall basis.
A decision concerning  the doctoral  student position will  be made after  admission  to third-cycle  studies. For additional  information  about third- cycle studies at Karolinska Institutet, see se/doctoral.

Application process
An application  must contain  the following  documents  in Swedish or English (preferably) :
• A full CV, including  current position,  academic distinct ions and a list of any publications
• A statement of research interest  (one page)
• A copy of a degree certificate  and associated  certificates
• A copy of a degree project  and any previous  publications
The application  is to be submitted on the NetRecruiter  system.

Karolinska Institutet is one of the world´s leading  medical universit ies. Its mission is to contribute  to the improvement  of human health through  research and education. Karolinska Institutet accounts  for over 40 per cent of the medical academic  research conducte d in Sweden and offers the country´s broadest  rangeof education  in medicine and health sciences.  Since 1901 the Nobel Assembly  at Karolinska Institutet has selected the Nobel laureates  in Physiology  or Medicine.

Pursuant to the regulations  of the Swedish National Archives, applicatio ns are kept  on file for  two years after the appointment  has gained  legal force. The regulations  do not apply  to attachments that have been  printed or  otherwise  published.

Karolinska Institutet strives  to provide a workplace that has approximately  the same number of  women and men, is free of discriminat ion and offers equal opportun ity to everyone.

For temp agencies  and recruiters, and to salespersons:  We politely,  yet firmly,  decline direct  contact with temp agencies  and recruiters, as wellas those  selling additiona l job announcement s.

Type of employment  PhD placement
Working hours  Full time
Reference 7593/ 2012-225
Access At the latest 120301
Published 2012- 12-04
Last application  date 2013- 01-04
Union representative  Ann Almqvist, OFR  08-524 861 99
Gunnar Stenberg, SEKO 08-524 880 75
Ulrika Zagai, SACO 08--524 871 84

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