Dec 17, 2012

Postdoc, Constituting Wholes, Tension/Spannung, ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry

The ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry announces six post-doctoral fellowships on the topic Constituting Wholes within the core project Tension/Spannung.

Wholes are said to be more than the sum of their parts. This ‘more’ contains both a promise and a threat. When different elements – which might also be individuals, cultures, disciplines or methods – form a whole, they not only join forces, but also generate a surplus from which the parts can also benefit. Being part of a whole is a way to acquire meaning and to extend beyond one’s limited existence; and having a part in the whole is to have an enlarged agency. But wholes are also more powerful than the sum of their parts. Wholes constitute
their parts, they determine what is a part and what is apart, what can become a part and which parts have no part. Even if parts therefore may not be said to pre-exist the whole, there may still be something in them that exceeds being a part – if only the possibility of being part of a different whole.

While a desire for being whole or part of a whole seems all-too natural, organic metaphors – which are often used to think part-whole relationships – have been criticized precisely for naturalizing relations of hierarchy and power. Yet, entirely abandoning the whole in favour of the part(icular) is also problematic. After the
disenchantments of the postmodern, post-cold-war period and in the face of global crises – be they financial, economic, political, or ecological – the critical need of including a holistic perspective is felt with renewed urgency. At the same time, there is a growing concern that the ‘situatedness’ of any such perspective and the
multiple, incommensurable ways of constituting wholes may be forgotten.

How are wholes differently constituted and how do wholes constitute, determine and control their parts? Do ontological, epistemological, aesthetic and affective registers interrelate in different ways in material, symbolic, narrative, and psychological constructions? Can wholes emerge spontaneously from a collection of elements and their relations, from interactions or intra-actions? Does their constitution necessarily involve exclusion – not only of some parts and of other conceivable wholes but also of some aspects of the constituting elements? And, insofar as exclusion involves loss or violence, to what extent does it help to consider the totality of potential
constitutions? But from what position can this totality be postulated if not from a necessarily partial perspective within? What is gained by shifting to notions such as complex systems, assemblages, entanglement, or hybridity?

The ICI Berlin invites scholars from all disciplines to engage in a joint exploration of the critical potential and ambivalent function of wholeness and related notions. We especially welcome applications from
individuals who will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in scholarly research.

The productive exchange between fellows is a central aim of the Institute. Applicants should be interested in a theoretical reflection upon the conceptual and intellectual basis of their projects and in discussing it with fellows from other disciplines. In particular, fellows will be expected to participate in the weekly colloquia,
bi-weekly informal meetings, and other activities of the Institute and to be resident in Berlin for the duration of the fellowship.

The fellowships announced are for the academic year 2013-14 only (16 September – 18 July) and not extendable (as the ICI Berlin expects to begin a new core project in 2014). There is no age limit, but applicants should have obtained their PhD within ten years of the date of appointment or have fulfilled all requirements for receiving their
PhD by 1 July 2013. Stipends range from EUR 1650 to 1850 per month.

Interested applicants should consult the application instructions and send their application by e-mail only to the address indicated there.

Application deadline: 6 January 2013

http://www.ici- fellowships/ announcement/

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