Jan 3, 2011

Conference: Social Power in South Eastern Europe -- Perspectives of Social and Cultural Studies

*Social Power in South Eastern Europe -- Perspectives of Social and Cultural Studies *
A Conference at the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (University of Erfurt), sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG) February

Most of the authoritative historical and sociological works dealing with questions of authority or social power (Herrschaft) in Europe usually focus on western European developments. This conference aims to broaden this perspective by bringing together scholars from various disciplines and fields, discussing the specific forms of social power in the southeastern part of Europe. Presenters will be coming from universities in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Romania and panels will include papers on charisma, patrimonialism, gender, violence, constitutional procedures and architecture, both historically and in the present.

The conference will feature a keynote lecture by Ulf Brunnbauer (Südost-Institut Regensburg) and comments from discussants who are specialists in the field of Southeast European Studies. It opens with papers on the relationship between traditional and modern forms of authority and then goes on to analyze forms of representation and legitimization of power in various historical contexts as well as fascist violence. The conference closes with papers considering various
instances of discoursive power in Southeastern Europe. The conference language is German. For information on registration, please contact: soe.netzwerk@ googlemail. com.

Organizers: Radu Harald Dinu, Mihai-D. Grigore, Marc Zivojinovic (Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt)

Radu Harald Dinu
Universität Erfurt
Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftl iche Studien
Am Hügel 1
99084 Erfurt
Email: soe.netzwerk@ googlemail.com
Visit the website at

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