Mar 9, 2011

2 PhD positions in US electronics at MI Lab

In the coming years breakthroughs in ultrasound technology will cause major improvements of ultrasound image quality, and MI Lab wants to be in the international research front in this research area. The MI Lab activity includes research on transducer arrays, ultrasound probe electronics, miniaturization/ pocket-sized ultrasound, software beamforming, parallel imaging & compressed sensing, minimum diffractive wave imaging, model powered acquisition and new technology for flow imaging/quantificat ion, and will also include a transducer workshop. In 2011 we want to strengthen this group with 2 PhD students.

The first PhD project will to some extent depend on the master background and special interest and competence of the best applicant. However, our main priorities are within the areas of transducer hard-ware, soft-ware beamforming and pocket-sized ultrasound.

The second PhD project will have a main focus on design of integrated circuits to help us solve the problem of how to move the main bulk of the signal processing from the console computer to the ultrasound transducer assembly.

The application is to be sent via an online portal where there is additional information on the 2 positions available: "DMF 29-11" "DMF 30-11"

Application deadline: March 10, 2011.
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Contact: Professor Olav Haraldseth: e-mail:, Phone: +47 98 46 89 40

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