Mar 7, 2011

Ile-de-France Master’s Degree Scholarships

As part of its international mobility action, the Ile-de-France region is offering an individual financial aid entitled “Ile-de-France Master’s Scholarship”, aimed at enabling higher education institutions from the region to host foreign students during the 1st or the 2nd year of their Master’s programme. The number of scholarships is fixed according to quotas and specified each year during the regional budget vote.

Eligible candidates
The Ile-de-France Master’s Scholarship is open to students who are nationals of European Union
nations and those of the following 16 nationalities:
- South African, Argentine, Brazilian, Canadian, Chilean, Hungarian, Indian, Lebanese, Malagasy, Malian, Moroccan, Mauritanian, Polish, Russian, Senegalese and Vietnamese. Candidates holding dual citizenship, including French nationality, will not be priority.
This programme only concerns students arriving in France for the first time. Persons already in
France at the time of application are not eligible.
There is no age limit for applying for the Ile-de-France Master’s Scholarship.
For information, students pursuing a first degree, above 28 years of age, will not be entitled to specific “student” social security coverage.
Type and level of initial degree required:
At the time of submitting their applications, students should be enrolled:
- in their first degree course at the L3 or higher level.
- being pursued in a higher education institution in their country of origin (European Union, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, Mali, Mauritania, Russia) or the decentralised cooperation zone of the Ile-de-France region (Montreal, Canada; Budapest, Hungary; Beirut, Libya, Antananarivo, Madagascar, Greater Casablanca, Morocco, Warsaw, Masovia Region, Poland; Dakar Region, Senegal, Hanoi, Vietnam).

The Regional grant for the entire period of stay is a lump sum of 10,500 Euros per student.
This includes:
- the rent for the CIUP room;
- student grant.
The payments will be made on a monthly basis, calculated with reference to the declared study period in France (For information, 368 Euros per month for those below 30 years and 476 Euros for those above 30 years during the academic year 2011-2012.

The Master’s scholarship is awarded for one year of Master’s degree (M1 or M2). It may be extended, with the same conditions, for another year in order to help the student complete his/her entire Master programme in Ile-de-France.

Application Procedure
The application form is to be obtained in the country of origin from the various regional partners of the grant: Embassies of France, representatives of the decentralised cooperation zones, etc.
Applications forms will not be sent directly by the offices of the Region.
This procedure does not apply to the candidatures of students who are European Union nationals, except for those hailing from a decentralised cooperation zone of the Region in Europe (Masovia region, Poland; Budapest, Hungary).
The application must be completed carefully, include all the attestations required and be signed
by the candidate, failing which it will not be accepted. Only applications formalised by the offices of the Region can be used for submitting a candidature.

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