Mar 7, 2011

CfP: Joint UNDP-IMF Prize for Best Study on Kosovo Remittances

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and International Monetary Award (IMF) are pleased to launch the call for paper for the UNDP-IMF Prize for Best Study on Remittances. UNDP Kosovo in partnership with IMF would like to offer researchers and students from different disciplines free access to the unique 2010 Kosovo Remittance survey dataset in order for them to produce a substantive analysis by using the data. This initiative is an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the size, forms, and effects of remittances as well as to stimulate a debate on the role of remittances and innovative strategies for increasing the impact of remittances on Kosovo’s economy.

Aims and Topics

The call for papers will focus on empirical research that makes use of the survey data to produce an analysis of the main characteristics of remittances in Kosovo, and operationally useful suggestions on how to increase the development impact of remittances in Kosovo. The papers should have the following components:

Statistical analysis
Practical applications on how to improve the development impact of remittances
Concrete policy recommendations

Researchers are encouraged to complement the Kosovo Remittance survey data with other existing quantitative and qualitative data, including possible international comparisons.


The survey data has been collected in December 2009 and it is based on a representative sample of 4,000 households. The survey captured information of 1) household employment, income and expenditure, 2) migrants’ as well as households’ outlook for migration, 3) the channels for transmitting remittances, their uses, as well as households’ outlook for remittances flows, and 4) effects of remittances on income, employment, access to healthcare and to education. The dataset consists of

Remittance Survey data in SPSS and excel format, and
Questionnaire in English and in local languages.

Those who wish to use the data for a research paper are required to give credit to "UNDP/ USAID/IMF Kosovo Remittance Survey Dataset 2010".

How to Participate

We invite researchers and students to submit the application form to ulla- maija.rantapuska@, after which the access to the data set will be provided.

A full paper should be submitted by 31 May, 2011 to

The paper must be in English and should not exceed 25 standard pages including annexes. The paper should include short abstract, keywords and references.

Evaluation of the Papers

The papers will be evaluated by a professional panel composed of representatives from UNDP, IMF, Central Bank of Kosovo, Government of Kosovo and academia.

The papers will be evaluated will be based on the following criteria:

New innovative use of the data
Critical thinking
Applicability to Kosovo situation.

Prize and Presentation of the Awards

Announcement of the winner of the best paper will be given by the end of August 2011.

The best papers will be awarded with certificates and prizes totalling EUR 3,000 in 2011 at an event, the modalities or date of which have not been decided yet.

For more information, please visit,152,1002

or contact:

Ms. Ulla-Maija Rantapuska, Programme Analyst
United Nations Development Programme
Address: Payton Place 14, 10 000 Pristina

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