Jan 26, 2017

CfA: Visiting research fellows, Birkbeck Institute for Social Research

Visiting Research Fellows

The Birkbeck Institute for Social Research (BISR) welcomes applications to join the Institute as Visiting Research Fellows from established academics from outside the UK whose research is relevant to BISR.

*Our Approach to Social Research*

Bringing together researchers from across disciplines, our distinctively critical and socially engaged approach to social research can broadly be organised into five themes:

- social, psychosocial and feminist theory and methods
- social movements, citizenship, policy and participation
- subjectivity, intimacy, life-course and home
- place, nation and environment
- media, culture, communication and learning

Part of BISR’s remit is to foster interdisciplinary social research and we work within and across the disciplines of sociology, geography, politics, history, law, applied linguistics, communication and media studies, anthropology, education and social policy, and we have particularly strong commitments to the transdisciplinary fields of psychosocial studies, gender, sexuality and queer studies, development and post-colonial studies.

BISR also hosts Birkbeck: Gender and Sexuality (BiGS) and a number of Working Groups that bring together social researchers from across disciplines to explore a particular issue, question or perspective with a
view to developing a relevant programme of research. We currently host six groups:

- Food
- Gender, Equality, Policy and Practice
- Guilt

- Home and Exile
- Population Environment and Resources
- Psychoanalysis

We particularly welcome applications from social researchers who are conducting research in these areas and can connect directly with one or more of the working groups.

*What we offer Visiting Research Fellows*

BISR Visiting Research Fellowships last from a minimum of ten weeks up to a maximum of one year. We offer the opportunity to connect with leading academics in social research at Birkbeck, University of London and to
disseminate your research to BISR’s academic community through a seminar at Birkbeck and a blog post on our pages. In addition we provide office space shared with another Visiting Fellow, and library access.

We are able to host two Visiting Fellows at any one time.
*How to Apply*

We have an annual call for applications. The call for applications for the 2017/18 academic year is currently open.

Applicants should complete the *Visiting Research Fellowship Application form*

electronically and send it *along with a one page CV *to m.brown@bbk.ac.uk by *17 February 2017. *

It is important that the members of staff you are proposing to work with will be available during your proposed fellowship. Accordingly please contact them to check they can support your proposed fellowship prior to
submitting your application.

If you have any questions about BISR’s Visiting Fellowships, please contact Madisson
Brown on m.brown@bbk.ac.uk