Jan 30, 2017

JOB: Data Scientist (Research Fellow) Positions at Institute of Data

Data Scientist (Research Fellow) Positions at Institute of Data Science, National University of Singapore (NUS)

The new Institute of Data Science (IDS) at National University of Singapore is currently building a team of hands-on data scientists to push the boundary of data science through transdisciplinary and translational research. The Institute works closely with industry partners and public agencies to innovate data-driven solutions for challenging real-world problems. We are seeking applicants who are both hands-on and scientifically-skilled, aspiring to become real data scientists who not only push the boundary of data science, but also create solutions for challenging real-world problems through their research. More information on the IDS can be found at http://ids.nus.edu.sg .

The data scientists will be hired as research fellows (RFs) at IDS and should have a PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or equivalent, with specialization in data mining, machine learning, or databases.

As an IDS data scientist, you will have ample opportunities to work closely with internal and external collaborators to develop data science solutions for real-world problems, and to conduct unique and impactful use-inspired data science research that can be published in top academic journals and conferences. We are therefore seeking highly motivated candidates who are able to conduct independent research and have strong programming and communication skills. Most importantly, you should have the ambition to become a truly illustrious data scientist who is unafraid to dive into new
domains to wrangle and mine messy real-world data in different shapes and sizes for a wide range of applications.

If interested, please send your resume and a cover letter to ids@nus.edu.sg.