Aug 23, 2010

CfP: Between Documentary and Fiction in Artists’ Film and Video

Between Documentary and Fiction in Artists’ Film and Video

One-day session at:
Association of Art Historians (AAH) Annual Conference 2011
University of Warwick, 31st March – 2nd April 2011


The tendency to fold fact into fiction and vice versa has been, and still is, a pervasive strategy within art of the moving image. Ever since the birth of cinema, artists working with moving images have, in different ways and to varying degrees, capitalised on the mobile camera’s supposed indexicality for subversive, aesthetic and political ends. Yet, despite the ubiquity of such artistic practices, there have
been few attempts to think across the interpretive frameworks that account for these strategies’ ideological origins, mediations and effects. This panel seeks to make connections between works in film, video, projected image and multi-screen installation that make use of, or purposefully expose, the permeability between the documentary and the fictional, and so enabling dialogues between diverse theoretical
frameworks. The result of such a conversation, we hope, is the development of a more comparative, informed and sensitive approach to the issue at hand.

Such artistic strategies under investigation may include: the distortion and/or reinterpretation of found footage/archival material; the recording of performative actions; the questioning of collective memory/history; or the evocation of estrangement and the inscription of the uncanny. Further questions could include, but are not limited to: To what extent does a documentary- informed practice imply and/or
critique objectivity? How does the camera’s mobility complicate or undermine preconceived narratives? What do the diverse political projects associated with the intermingling of fact and fiction suggest about the current adoption of this strategy by contemporary artists?

We welcome a range of papers from a variety of geographies, historical periods, institutional contexts and disciplines, not restricted to canonical or Western practices, that might address the issues outlined above, or may formulate new critical positions.

Deadline for proposals: 8th November 2010

Please send your paper proposal to BOTH session convenors, with 'AAH 2011: Artists' Video' as the subject line:

Suzy Freake, University of Nottingham
Evgenia Gypaki, University of Edinburgh, E.Gypaki@sms.

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