Oct 8, 2011

Call for Articles on Mobile Teaching

JMT, the Journal of Mobile Teaching, seeks article contributions from educators, researchers, and mobile technology professionals on teaching and learning using touch-enabled mobile devices. Individuals or teams of authors involved at any level of education and device development may contribute material for consideration.

JMT is the online, multimedia journal of the YAMweb® cloudNetwork. It is a peer reviewed periodical serving as a forum for the introduction and presentation of new and innovative teaching and learning strategies for the world of mobile.

Content may include:

+ Articles presenting mobile teaching concepts, learning strategies and projects
+ Review of mobile apps for learning and teaching
+ Review of devices for mobile learning and teaching
+ Reviews and evaluations of books on mobile teaching and learning
+ Introduction and presentation of new and innovative research, and the critique of existing research, regarding the application of mobile technologies for teaching and learning

Online access to the JMT will begin in January 2012 and will be accessible from either a PC or digital tablet.

For Submission Guidelines go to http://yamweb.org/JMTGuidelines.pdf

Please forward to interested colleagues.

Richard L. Austin
Emeritus Professor of Horticulture
University of Nebraska
Consulting Editor
Journal of Mobile Teaching

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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