Nov 16, 2011

Ph.D in Applied Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Language Acquisition; Psycholinguistics

Level: PhD

Duties: Research,Teaching

Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Language Acquisition; Psycholinguistics


The Department of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Mânoa Invites applications to its PhD program from strong candidates with research Interests in any area of second language learning. A limited number of graduate Assistantships are available to support the best qualified candidates for up to Four years. For the fall 2012 admissions cycle, applications are especially Encouraged from strong candidates with research interests in the following three


Area: Psycholinguistic approaches to L2 processing The successful candidate will have a strong background in psycholinguistics And/or linguistics, and an interest in conducting research on language Processing at the sentence and discourse level with child and/or adult learners.
Applications from candidates with programming skills (e.g., R, Matlab) and/or Previous experience with eye-tracking are particularly encouraged. For further Inquiries, please contact Dr. Theres Grüter (theres@hawaii. edu).

Area: Statistical language learning
The successful candidate will have interests in probabilistic and embodied Approaches to bilingual language acquisition and processing. S/he will Investigate basic mechanisms of learning in one or more of these research lines: A) infant bilingual development; b) experience-induced constraints on plasticity And sensitive periods; c) individual differences in statistical learning; d) Training interventions targeting learning abilities to improve second/foreign Language proficiency. Under the guidance of Dr. Luca Onnis, s/he will have the
Opportunity to conduct a multidisciplinary program of research that combines Methods of behavioral experimentation (artificial grammars, mouse- and Eye-tracking), cross-linguistic computational analyses of large corpora, and Computer simulations (e.g., connectionist modeling). For further inquiries, Please contact Dr. Luca Onnis (lucao@hawaii. edu).

Area: Language learning and technology
The successful candidate will have a strong background in technology use and Design, and interests in one or more of the following areas: a) affordances of New technologies for rethinking second language acquisition; b) language as Social coordination in online learning environments, (e.g., virtual worlds, Massively multi-player online games); c) comparison of ecological niches between Online and face-to-face environments; d) multimodal analysis and new media Literacies for L2 development. Please contact Dr. Dongping Zheng (zhengd@hawaii. edu) with inquiries.

Resources: Experimental resources are housed within the Language Analysis and Experimentation (LAE) labs, a complex of 5 distinct spaces dedicated to human Language and the cognitive mechanisms responsible for it. Recent additions to These resources include a SMI RED250 remote eye-tracking system, Sound-attenuated booths, a baby station equipped for preferential looking
Experiments with infants, as well as a multiuser version of Transana, a audio And video transcription software for national and international collaborations. These facilities serve a vibrant interdisciplinary community of students and Faculty with interests in language learning, processing, and cognition, which Successful candidates will have the opportunity to join. For more information,

Please see and .

Application Deadline: 15-Jan-2012

Web Address for Applications: http://www.hawaii. edu/sls/sls/ ?page_id= 93

Contact Information:
Theres Gruter
Theres@Hawaii. edu

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