Sep 20, 2012

International Conference "In Search of the Former East in the Former West", Tufts University

Boston, Massachusetts, Tufts University, March 21 - 23, 2013 Deadline: Sep 30, 2012 Northeast Modern Language Association Convention 2013 Call for Papers for the panel on In Search of the Former East in the Former West Chair: Corina L. Apostol, Ph.D student, Art History Department, Rutgers University In the past two decades, artists from Eastern Europe and Russia have been discovered and rediscovered in the West many times over. To this date, there have been over 25 major group exhibitions mounted on the topic of art from these regions before 1989, while many more books, articles, reviews have been published and significant conferences organized. Moreover, artists from these regions have entered in the collections of major museums in the West. From Berlin to Chicago, from Paris to New York, there seems to be a boundless interest on the part of scholars working in the Western cannon of art history to present eastern art production before the fall of the Iron Curtain - and thus come to terms with their former Other. By now, this series of grand, ambitious projects amounts to more than just a way for the West to satisfy the need for covering this so-called "uncharted territory" or the desire for the new in contemporary art. The diversity in strategies on how to approach these regions attests to a lingering anxiety on both sides on how to re-define the former East. These enunciations are important both from a geo-political perspective, manifested through art, and a historical one - which parts of Cold War history still need to be re-considered and re-written? This panel invites a thoughtful dialogue on the re-presentations of Eastern European and Russian art through curatorial and scholarly investigations mounted outside the realities in which it is grounded. According to which criteria, or whose criteria are these (art)histories constructed and to what ends? And what implications do these gestures have for the West to rearticulate itself as the "former West"? Please send inquiries or 250-500 word abstracts (preferably in MS Word or PDF) to Corina L. Apostol, capostol@eden. About NeMLA: Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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