Jan 22, 2007

ISJ & UNHCR: Selections of participants

Dear All,

This is our pleasure to inform the International Studies Journal (ISJ) academic family, especially professors, experts, researchers and students of international law, international relations and human rights from everywhere that ISJ&UNHCR has selected 65 participants for the research workshop titled: “Protecting Refugees in the International Community and in Iran ”.

ISJ & UNHCR had a rather difficult time reaching a decision in selecting a productive and creative number of candidates from among numerous applications it had received from different parts of the world. However, to ensure a dynamic and fruitful outcome for the workshop, we have made every effort to bring together a group of highly qualified candidates with distinctive research and backgrounds ranging from Switzerland to Canada , From France to Tunisia , Romany , Poland , Italy , and from Germany to Turkey , Iran and Afghanistan .

The list of notable selected participants will be available in ISJ website.
We hope to see you in our next programmes among our most esteemed participants.

Nema Milaninia
Executive Director,
International Studies Journal (ISJ).

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