Aug 5, 2010

CfP: Archiva Moldaviae 2/2010

*Archiva Moldaviae *is an annual historical and archival review containing papers in Romanian and foreign languages (English, French, German). Its purpose is to bring into the scientific circulation scholar studies and unpublished sources, especially archival documents, pertaining mainly to Moldova's past, as well as to modern and contemporary Romania. The integrating perspectives, the references to the history of Central-Eastern Europe will find a well deserved place within the pages of this review. The publication is addressed mainly to historians and archivists, but it is
declared open for researchers from different fields that resort (also) to documents preserved in public or private archives or libraries.

*Archiva Moldaviae contains the headings: *

- *History Studies *(based on different sources, including archival documents);

- *Documents *(publication of documents containing the transcription of the original text and also - for documents in foreign languages - the translation in Romanian language with introductory studies, notes, etc);

- *Auxiliary Sciences of History *(paleography, diplomacy, genealogy, heraldry, sigillography, etc);

- *Funds Presentation *(description of funds and collections preserved by public institutions or private persons);

- *Archival Studies *(archival theory and practice, the history of Archives);

- Restitutio (bringing to scientific circulation some materials accomplished by historians, archivists, that were not published during the authors' lives);

- *Debates *(discussions, polemics, according to academic rules);

- *Reviews and Bibliographic Notes *(sections dedicated to presentation of history and archival papers);

- *Scientific Life *(presentation of historical or archival conferences, symposia, debates, exhibitions, etc.).

*Technical terms of publication: *

The materials will be sent to the editorial staff in Word, Times New Roman, 12 for text and 10 for footnotes, at 1, 1/2 interline. The eventual additional materials (photos) will be sent as JPG.

The studies must not exceed, if possible, 7,000 words, respectively 40,000 graphic signs (no free spaces) (= about 20 pages A4). The editorial staff will decide to publish the larger studies divided in two or three parts. The studies will contain an abstract in Romanian and in a foreign language (English, French, German).

The reviews and bibliographic notes will not exceed 2,000 words, respectively 11,000 graphic signs (no free spaces) (about 6 pages A4). It is preferable to attach a cover photo to the reviewed paper, in JPG.

Those interested in publishing in our review are requested to send materials in electronic format to *archiva_moldaviae@ *or to mailing address of SJAN-Iaºi, Bd. Carol I, nr. 26, cod 700505, mun. Iaºi, jud. Iaºi, specifying: for *Archiva Moldaviae*.

The review uses the peer review system for the final selection of the publishable materials. The unpublished materials will not be returned.

The responsibility for the containing of the texts belongs entirely to the authors.

Editorial staff

*Archiva Moldaviae*

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