Aug 4, 2010

CfP: Insight Turkey Special Issue on "Turkey: Changing Dynamics in Regional and Global Political Economy"

*Call for Submissions for a Special Issue on *"Turkey: Changing Dynamics in Regional and Global Political Economy"

*Insight Turkey*

Guest Editors: Erdal Tanas Karagöl and Sadýk Ünay

Insight Turkey invites submissions for its Winter 2011 issue, *"Turkey: Changing Dynamics in Regional and Global Political Economy."* We seek original manuscripts from scholars and practitioners, which offer theoretical reflections and in-depth analyses on the political economy of Turkey's foreign engagements. Emergence of Turkey as a regional power over the past decade has led to many discussions on Turkey. Most of these discussions, however, focused on the political implications of this new phenomenon. This issue aims at drawing attention to the 'political economy'
of Turkey's regional and global engagements. In this special issue, our goal is to showcase high-quality single case or comparative studies to stimulate a lively debate on the subject.

The topics suitable for inclusion in the special issue include but are not limited to:

* Political economy of Turkish Foreign Policy

* Political economy of Turkey's recent transformation

* Foreign direct investment , privatization and new opportunities in Turkey

* Regional integration in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Eurasia

* Recent shift in Turkey's trade orientation in light of Asian economic and political rise

* Turkey's changing structure in foreign trade in the last decade

* New perspectives on Turkey's trade policies and free trade agreements

* Global economic crisis and its impact on Turkey's economy and trade

* Turkey and international institutions (IMF, World Bank) after the global financial crisis

* Politics of economic liberalization in Turkey

* Political economy of capital relations in Turkey

* The rise of Anatolian bourgeoisie

* Turkey's regional integration efforts: Implications for the Customs Union with the EU and relations with the United States

* Political economy of energy (potential advantages and disadvantages of Turkey's rise as an energy hub)

* Turkish foreign economic policy and international competitiveness

* The role of Turkish NGOs (i.e. business associations) in foreign economic policy making

Covered by major indexing and abstracting systems and databases Insight Turkey is a refereed academic journal with a policy-oriented perspective. All submissions are subject to Insight Turkey's editorial policy and must follow the journal's style guidelines, which can be obtained from the journal's homepage. Since the journal's readership comprises specialists and non-specialists, authors should avoid jargon where possible and use a clear and straightforward language that is appealing to both groups.

Insight Turkey welcomes both full articles (5,000-6,000- word essays that present the findings of research or analysis on a relevant contemporary and historical problem or phenomenon) and commentaries (2,500-3,500 word pieces that make a short, provocative argument on an actual topic of interest with policy relevance).

The deadline for submission of completed papers is November 1, 2010. Interested authors are encouraged to send a 300-word abstract to the journal editors no later than August 30, 2010.

Submissions and any questions on editorial issues should be directed to editors at *editor@insightturk*. For general information regarding Insight Turkey, please visit ** .


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