Aug 31, 2007

CfA: Master's Study in the United States for Residents of Kosovo

Attention all residents of Kosovo:

Don't miss this opportunity to obtain your master's degree in the United States . . . free! The Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) is currently accepting applications for eight full scholarships to Master's Degree programs in the United States. We are looking for qualified Kosovars who want an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in areas that would support economic growth and investment in Kosovo.

The online application for the KAEF program will be available until September 14, 2007 at:

kaef-online. org

The competition for KAEF scholarships is merit based, and open to all residents of Kosovo. The selection process is as follows:

September 14, 2007 - Application deadline
Fall and Winter, 2007 - All applications reviewed by U.S. admissions experts, and highly-ranked Fellowship Candidates interviewed, and tested Spring 2008 - U.S. admissions experts reconvene to make fellowship and placement recommendations
Summer 2008 - Fellowship recipients are notified
Fall 2008 - Academic programs begin


The purpose of the Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) Program is to support long-term development in Kosovo by enhancing a cadre of well-educated and trained individuals to address a current lack of human capacity. Funded by the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development and administered by American Councils for International Education, the KAEF Program is a perpetual education fund that allows eligible/qualified residents of Kosovo the opportunity to
increase their knowledge and skills in areas that would support economic growth and investment in Kosovo. For 2007-2008, the KAEF Program awarded eight master's-level fellowships through a competitive, merit-based process. Recruitment is currently under way for 2008-2009.


Shortly after establishment of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo in 1999, USAID created the Kosovo Business Finance Fund (KBFF) to foster economic development and growth in Kosovo. This fund was used to establish the American Bank of Kosovo, a commercial bank that in the following years built up a loan portfolio and a successful level of deposits. The sale of these assets enabled the creation of the Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF).

For more information, or to submit an application, visit kaef-online. org TODAY!!!

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