Jun 2, 2010

Summer School on Maritime Law, 20-25 July, Odessa, Ukraine

Summer School on Maritime Law: Dispute resolution

This summer school is the first such academic event for ELSA Ukraine which is offered jointly by the ELSA Odessa and Center for International Law and Justice.
Ocean which occupies 71% of the Earth territory plays an important role in the fulfillment of the economic needs of the inhabited nations. Nowadays world’s merchant fleet from within 46 000 vessels operated by 1,5 million seamen which supply with freight in 380 billions of dollars.

As the “sea lawyers” said that in order to be fluent in maritime law you need to forget all that you were taught on the shore because reverse rules are in action.
The participants will learn from leading maritime lawyers and scholars in the field about general issues of maritime law and dispute resolution practices in public and private spheres. Participants receive hands-on insider information about maritime commercial arbitration, adjustments of disputes between ship-owners and seamen. The course will also cover current trends and situation in dispute resolution in the sea law sphere between the states, as the continental shelf disputes as well as the recent practice of the International Court of Justice in the case of Romania vs. Ukraine (Maritime delimitation in the Black Sea (Romania v. Ukraine).

Also in the end of the law school a moot court on maritime arbitration will be held among the participants.

Alongside with the strong academic program, a social part will be reach in events, e.g. attendance of Odessa sea port administration, visiting the Opera, BBQ at the countryside and of course resting on the beach on the shore of the Black Sea.

Odessa is known as the most cosmopolitan Ukrainian city, so the night life in city is on very high level. Be ready to go on the beach disco club on one of the days.

“Center for International Law and Justice”
Institutional partner:
Odessa National Academy of Law
Local law-firms dealing with maritime law issues.
The School will take place in Odessa, Ukraine, on 20-25 July 2010.
Deadline for application extended till the 7th of June 2010

Official web-site: http://www.maritimelawschool.in.ua/

Facebookpage: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=113771771987773&ref=ts

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