Dec 13, 2010

CfA: Conflict Management in the Balkans Summer Seminar, 18.6-11.7.2011

The Conflict Management in the Balkans Program offers an amazing opportunity to examine past conflicts and consequences firsthand. This credit-bearing summer program is ideal for students of international relations, political science, Slavic studies, and anyone interested in peace and justice. The Balkans will be your classroom as you learn from eminent academics and experts, representatives from NATO/UN/OSCE and other key intergovernmental organizations, as well as from people who have lived through these conflicts.

Program Highlights:

* Study Tour to past flashpoints of conflict like Vukovar, Sarajevo, Mostar, and Brcko
* Conflict Seminar of stimulating lectures, discussions and site visits
* Excellent teaching, library and computing facilities
* Site visits to state agencies, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs
* Residence halls within five minutes' walking distance of class
* Exciting musical and cultural festivals
* Optional activities in the Alps and the Adriatic Sea

The Summer 2011 program begins 18th June and will finish on 10th July. Applications are due 1st February 2011.

This program is hosted and accredited by the Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV) at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia's largest and most prestigious university. FDV is housed in a modern facility with electronically equipped lecture rooms, a research library, cafeteria and outdoor café. All lectures will be taught in English.

Our descriptive and colorful website includes further details of the program. Past participants are willing to speak with any student interested in this unique and special experience.

Please visit us at

Ryan Lorenz, Director
Academic Solutions
ryan@academic- solutions. com

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