Dec 1, 2010

CfP: Security Sector Governance anf Oversight - Kosovo Young Faces Network

Call for Papers

"Kosovo Young Faces Network - Event Cycle 2011: Security Sector Governance and Oversight in

The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), jointly with the Kosovar
Center for Security Studies (KCSS), would like to invite you to compete for a place in our 2011 series of capacity-building events in the framework of the Kosovo Young Faces Network (KYFN).

These events, to take place in Kosovo and abroad in the course of 2011, will focus on Security Sector Governance and Oversight, and in particular the role of the Parliament in overseeing developments related to security policy in Kosovo. Participants will be selected from among
young scholars, junior government officials, junior security sector personnel, junior parliamentary staff, members of NGOs and journalists in Kosovo. A key feature of the programme is to provide networking opportunities for young and upcoming opinion leaders in Kosovo and to strengthen relevant technical skills, including policy paper drafting.

Active participation in the events will be awarded with a certificate. Participants who successfully participate in the policy paper drafting process will be invited to take part in a study visit to Geneva, Switzerland to be held in early summer 2011. The three best policy papers will be considered for publication.

Participants will be selected on the basis of short essays they will prepare as part of the selection process. For detailed information on requirements for participation, essay topics and logistics, see below. Interested candidates are invited to contact the organisers at in.m.defreese@ and sofije.kryeziu@ for further details.

To be considered for the network, applicants must:

1. Be 35 years old or younger;

2. Be young scholars, junior government officials, junior security sector personnel, junior
parliamentary staff, journalists or members of NGOs in Kosovo;

3. Hold a university degree (BA or MA) or at least be in their final year of undergraduate

4. Speak and write fluent English;

5. Submit the following, by e-mail to Sofije.kryeziu@;

- a detailed curriculum vitae (CV);

a short essay (about 1500 words) in English, A4 size paper, Times New Roman, 12 point (footnotes 10 point), ll/2 spacing, justified, with 2cm margins; The submissions are to be formatted using
Microsoft Word. Citations are to be formatted in accordance with the guidelines set out in the 'Chicago Manual of Style', (;

6. Be available for active participation in the three KYFN events throughout 2011;

7. Be prepared to engage in a policy paper drafting activity and related research assignments
between the events.

Essay - Topical Focus:

The essay should address the topic "Security in Kosovo - How do people in Kosovo understand security and who are the main security providers in Kosovo?" Applicants are invited to describe
perceptions of security and the role of security providers in Kosovo. They are also invited to describe what they consider to be the key security concerns of the population of Kosovo. They are encouraged to address the perceptions of ethnic communities as well as gender issues with a bearing on security. Aspects that are linked to the question and that could be addressed as well are: "Who is security for in Kosovo?", and "What institutions and mechanisms are meant to ensure that security is provided in an appropriate way in Kosovo?"


- Candidates are invited to forward their essays to the above mentioned point of contact at KCSS by Friday, 10 December 2010 the latest.

- Following a review of submitted essays, around 20 candidates will be selected to participate in an interview panel.

- Around 15 candidates will then be chosen to participate in the Kosovo Young Faces Network event cycle. The first event, a three-day Introductory Course on Security Sector Governance and Oversight, will be held in February 2011 in Pristina.

- The organizers will pay for expenses related to the Kosovo Young Faces Network activities, including meals, travel expenses and hotel accommodation (for event(s) held outside of Kosovo).

- For more information about DCAF and KCSS, please visit and

- For more information about the Kosovo Young Faces Network, please contact:

- m.defreese@dcaf. ch and sofije.kryeziu@

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