Dec 12, 2010

PhD Scholarship in Water Management - Univ. of Yamanashi Japan

*The International Special Doctoral Course for*

*Integrated River Basin Management,*

*Global COE Program*

*University of Yamanashi*

* *


*Tentative Qualifications (Qualifications in effect will be fixed soon)*

*(1) Age: Applicants must be born after the 1st of April 1976 for MEXT full scholarship. *

*No age limitation for RA job of UY-GCOE program.*

*(2) Academic Background: Applicants must meet either of the following.*

*(a) Students have/will have a Masterâ's degree in a foreign graduate school by September 30, 2011.*

*(b) Students are recognized by University of Yamanashi as having an academic level the equivalent*

*of or higher than a Master's degree.*

*(3) Language: Good English for reading, writing and communication is

*(4) GPA: Over 3.2 is desirable for MEXT scholarship as well as RA.*

*(5) Enrollment: October 2011*

*(6) Nationality: Applicants must be from a country officially recognized by the Japanese Government*

*as of October 1, 2011.*

*University of Yamanashi *

*Professor(s), Research field,*[Proposed project]and Requirement for students

*Suetsugi: Development and application of hydraulic model* [Study on prediction of inundation by flood simulation model] Understanding of flooding phenomena, Basic knowledge of flood simulation model.

*Ishidaira: Hydrology* [Development and application of hydrological model]
Good skill of mathematics and computer programming and knowledge of hydrology.

*Ichikawa: Hydrology and Hydraulics* [ Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling and its Applications to Water Management] Good skill of mathematics and computer programming and knowledge of hydrology and hydraulics.

*Magome: Hydro-Infomatics* [Surface water monitoring using satellite observations and its integration to distributed hydrological model] Skill and Interest of GIS, Remote sensing, Database and Hydrological modeling.

*Kazama: Water Environment and Treatment *[Water Quality Assessmentand modeling (by using stable isotope)] [Small scale water treatment for developing countries] Knowledge on water quality and/or biological water treatment.

*Nishida: Environmental Dynamics*[Analysis of microorganisms in groundwater] [Development of transport model of microorganisms/ DOC in river systems] Skill&knowledgeof numerical simulation, ArcGIS, analysis&fieldsurve y of water quality.

*Kobayashi: Remote Sensing*[Ocean color remote sensing for Asian coastal waters] Applicants who has good mathematics skill, computational skill and field measurement experience.

*Haramoto: Microbiology* [Occurrence of waterborne pathogens in environmental water in developing countries] Applicants who are interested in the field of health-related water microbiology.

*Kaneko: Solid Waste Treatment*[Composti ng of Biological Waste] Fundamental skills of solid waste quality analysis and programming by MS Visual Basic are required.

*Mori: Environmental bio-engineering* [Analysis of microbial communities in the phytoremediationsys tem] Applicants who are interested *Tanaka *in biological remediation techniques including phytoremediationwit h good skill of microbial and chemical analysis.

*Ooyama: Regional Planning and landscape Design*[A study on the regional land use formation that avoid disaster by learning to traditional landscape] Applicants who clear the following conditions; interested in Japanese landscapedesign, Japanese history and culture; experience of fieldwork, interview and literature review; good skill of Japanese.

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