Jan 3, 2010

Doctoral student in Combustion Physics, Lund University, Sweden

und University is Scandinavia’s largest institution for education and research in a great number of disciplines, such as engineering, natural sciences, law, social science, economics, medicine, theology and the arts. The University has over 38 000 students and approximately 5 300 employees located in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg. We have a comprehensive global network and a growing co-operation within the Öresund University framework within Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark.

LTH forms the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, with approximately 6 500 students and 850 PhD-students. The research carried out at LTH is of high international standard and we continuously develop our teaching and adapt our courses to the needs of today.

Lund University invites applications for the following position:

Doctoral student in Combustion Physics

Placement: Physics Department
Refnr: PA 2009/4733
Last day for applying is: 2010-01-21
For further information please contact: Prof. Marcus Aldén, 046-2227657, Marcus.Alden@forbrf.lth.se, el Eva Persson, 046-2223257, Eva.Persson@forbrf.lth.se

Website: www.forbrf.lth.se

Graduate research program in Physics, TEFAFF00

Do you like challenges? Are you interested in developing new laser-based measurement techniques which combine understanding and phenomena on the frontiers of scientific research with relevance to real-world applications.

Would you like to work in new, well-equipped laboratories?
Would you like to work with unique technical equipment?
Are you ready to join us in developing the cleaner, more efficient, environmentally-friendly combustion of the future?
If you find these ideas exciting, you may be the candidate we seek.

The combustion physics department at Lund University is well-established and internationally recognized for excellence in the measurement and development of combustion applications related to ground and aerospace combustion engines and energy production. The department conducts a wide-array of research, together with other departments within the Lund Institute of Technology. A significant portion of the measurement and research activity is also conducted outside the university at the facilities of our industrial research partners. Our research facility was built in 2001 and currently supports the work of around 35 researchers.
Job description:
We seek 1-3 Ph.D. candidates for laser diagnostics development. The Ph.D. candidate position is structured to include 85% independent research work and 15% departmental work, including teaching, course work, etc. The research work will be focused on development and application of laser diagnostics for the study of combustion processes in flames. The work will include study of spectroscopic techniques, primarily for measuring temperature and species concentration. Both linear and non-linear optical techniques will be developed and in each case the advanced equipment available at the physics department will be used to advance the application of the measurements.

To be considered for these positions, the potential candidate should hold a Master’s degree in Physics or Engineering Physics from an accredited university which includes coursework in mathematics and physics equivalent to at least 160 course points in the Swedish university system.

The candidate is expected to possess the background and abilities necessary to complete the Ph.D. graduate program, as assessed by the board appointed by the Lund Institute of Technology. The selection of candidates will proceed after the assessment of all potential candidates by the board. The quality of the Master’s project work is an important factor in the determination of the most qualified candidate.
Other important factors include performance in important coursework, the focus of courses chosen by the candidate, and overall Grade Point Average. In addition to the announcement of the available positions, applicants are invited, when possible, to interview for the positions in person. This is especially important for applicants with no prior coursework or knowledge of the Combustion Physics division.

A strong candidate will have experience in the subject of lasers and optics, combustion, computer science, and programming. Candidates are expected to present their work at international conferences and to publish results in respected scientific journals. Hence, both verbal and written communication skills in English are very important.

Employment as a Doctoral student can only be granted if you have been accepted to the postgraduate student program. Acceptance to the postgraduate student program is based on the estimated ability to perform well in your postgraduate studies. This is also one of the basic criteria for employment. Furthermore you need a valid university degree within a relevant study program.
As a Doctoral student you will mainly be working with you research project, but you can also be given more general tasks within the department i.e. teaching, research and administrative work, in accordance with the regulations. Rules for employment as a Doctoral student is stated in "The Higher Education Ordnance (SFS 1998:80), Chapter 5".

Lund University encourages both men and women to apply for the position.
Salary is determined on an individual basis within certain guidelines for this type of position.

Your application should contain the following documents:
-Letter of application including the correct reference number, PA 2009/4733, for the position. (The application should be written in Swedish or English.)
-Curriculum Vitae
-Copies of certificates and copies of any other document that you wish to include in your application.
-All copies should be attested.

The application should be addressed to the Faculty of Engineering and sent to: Registry Office, Lund University, P.O. Box 117, SE-221 00 LUND.

Last day for applying is: 2010-01-21


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