Jan 6, 2010

Jean Monnet Summer Seminar

*Jean Monnet Summer Seminar 2010 (7th edition)
SIENA – ROME, 28 June - 16 July 2010*

We are thrilled to announce that the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the University of Siena are currently organizing the 7TH EDITION of the JEAN MONNET INTERNATIONAL EU SUMMER SEMINARS, to be held in Siena and Rome from the 28 June to the 16 July 2010. The summer seminars will be made up by three different modules each to be taken individually.


The 1st module will focus on the changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty in the EU institutions and decision making procedures. It will also perform a first assessment of the new EU High Representative and the EU President. The module will take place in Siena from the 28th June to the 2nd of July, 2010 under the direction of Prof. Luca Verzichelli, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science of University of Siena. It will be an exciting hands-on course analyzing the changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty both from a theoretical and practical point of view. Among the themes that will be treated:
- The Council and the European Council
- The EU President and the European Council after Lisbon
- Cooperation and Rivalry in the EU Internal Dynamics
- EU Governance
- The EU Multilevel Governance after the Lisbon Treaty
- The EU Regions in the EU after the Lisbon Treaty
- EU Parliament
- Regulatory Policies and Regulatory Institutions in Europe
- Is European Parliament the Looser after Lisbon?


The second module will focus on the EU Foreign and Defence Policies under the new Lisbon Treaty. It will take place in Rome from the 5th to the 9th of July 2009 under the direction of Prof. Federiga Bindi, Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. As usual, it will have a hands-on approach thanks to the participation of the best scholars and decision makers in the field. Among the themes that will be
- The EU Foreign Policy
- The EU Defense Policy
- The EU, the US and Russia
- The State of the Union after Lisbon


The third module is titled "Frontiers of Europe". It will take place in Rome from the 12th to the 16th of July 2009 also under Prof. Bindi's leadership. It will focus on the debated question of the frontiers and the border regions of Europe (Mediterranean and Nordic dimensions included); such issues will be analyzed by the top international scholars and decision makers in a challenging thematic way. Among the
themes that will be treated:
- The State of EU Negotiation and Enlargement Prospects
- A New Security Architecture?
- Sustainable Economy and Development
- Energy Policies: Between Environment and Power Politics
- Immigration
- Democracy and Rule of Law
- Where does Europe end? A view from the outside

The Jean Monnet Summer Seminars are unique not only for the venue - why spend the summer in rainy Brussels when the best specialists are in sunny Italy? - but also for the way they are thought and organized. Some 50 world class speakers - scholars and decision makers - are foreseen at the sessions. Among them: Giuliano Amato, Former Italian Prime Minister and former Vice President of the European Convention; Franco Frattini, Italian Foreign Minister and former EU Commission Vice President, Andrew
Moravcsik, Professor, Princeton University; Martin Holland, Jean Monnet Chair University of Canterbury New Zeland; Simon Hix, Professor, London School of Economics; David Andrews, Professor, Scripps College, Cleremont CA; Gary Marks, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Liesbet Hooghe, Professor, North Carolina University at Chapel Hill; Amy Verdun, Jean Monnet Chair University of Victoria Canada; and many others, including diplomats, academicians, journalists,
EU officials...

The Summer Seminars address primarily to PhD students and young professionals, but they can be particularly useful also for other graduate students, as well as for people working in NGOs, national administrations, interest groups, medias etc. Exceptionally skilled senior undergraduate students can be accepted on an individual base. The Jean Monnet Seminars are highly selective and intensive, with 30 teaching hours each week. Admission is subordinated to the proof of previous knowledge about the EU. In the past editions, approximately 35% of the applicants have been accepted. Prospective students can choose to enroll one, two or all three modules.CREDITS: Each module will award 4 ECTS/2 US credits.

The tuition fee is of 600€ per week. The participation to all three modules is highly encouraged, thus reduced cumulative fees are foreseen: 1000€ for two weeks and 1250€ for all three weeks. Thanks to the generous support of the European Commission - Jean Monnet Action, 3 full scholarships and 3 partial scholarships are available and will be awarded on the basis of merit and need.

Housing fees and lodging fees are not included in the tuition fee, though organizers will be glad to help with low cost housing. On some days free refreshments will be served, too. Please inquiry for further details.

The deadlines are *28 February 2010* for grant requests and 30 May 2010 for full-tuition paying participants. Acceptance will be notified within one month after each deadline.

The Seminars are organized with the financial support of the European Commission, Jean Monnet Action, in collaboration with the Center for American Studies in Rome and they come under the patronage of prestigious local and international institutions.

For further information and on-line application, please go to http://www.eusummerseminar.uniroma2.it/ or email to
eu.summer.seminar@ uniroma2. it

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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