May 29, 2013

CfP: Arts With(out) borders: Interdisciplinary conference

ARTS WITHOUT BORDERS: Rethinking Methodologies of Art and Culture in the Global Context.
6-8 June 2013 Universität Bern

Keynote Lectures:

Ursula Biemann, artist / writer / video essayist, based in Zurich: "Videogeograph ies: Artistic practice in the field"

Prof. Dr. Arnd Schneider, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo: "For a New Hermeneutics in the Art - Anthropology Encounter"

Conference Summary:
In recent decades, global processes have had a profound impact on the humanities and social sciences. These processes are defined by an increasing migration and mobility of people, objects, and ideas across
cultures and borders, a phenomenon that signals a need to address the contact zones of exchange and clash, and the energies or tensions produced in the process. While the impact of these phenomena on artistic production is acknowledged, the specific effects on our modes of analysis of those productions have yet to be addressed. Under the heading Arts With(out) Borders, this conference connects to theoretical and methodological challenges within the study of arts and culture. It furthermore asks whether borders — both physical and symbolic — have been built up or dissolved within the practice of research due to the increased mobility of culture and ideas and an expanding global interwovenness. Such issues have become relevant
across disciplines, but they have not been satisfactorily recognized or addressed. This conference presents a diverse range of approaches to these questions and future directions for the study of arts in a global context. Spanning the fields of art production, art history, and anthropology, a platform will be opened to discuss the effects of global cultural processes on the analysis and study of artistic production, and the broader implications in political, social and cultural issues.

All events are free and open to the public, however we encourage an informal pre-registration via email at
conference@artswith outborders. ch

For full program and event details visit: www.artswithoutbord

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