May 27, 2013

PhD Position in Global Environmental and Economic Modeling, University of Sidney

The ISA group at the School of Physics of the University of Sydney is currently looking to fill three PhD candidatures. Even though the research will be undertaken in the School of Physics, applicants from other
backgrounds such as Economics, Accounting, Computing Science, Mathematics, or Environmental Science are welcome to apply. Candidates are expected to commence on 30 August 2013.

Successful applicants will be working with Prof Manfred Lenzen, Dr Arne Geschke, and other PhD students, on the development, implementation and application of large-scale mathematical models of the global economy, its
natural resource base, and environmental impacts. Applicants can familiarise themselves further with the research through the following publications:

- Lenzen, M., K. Kanemoto, D. Moran and A. Geschke (2012) Mapping the structure of the world economy. Environmental Science & Technology 46, 8374–8381,http://dx.doi. org/10.1021/ es300171x ;
- Lenzen, M., D. Moran, K. Kanemoto, B. Foran, L. Lobefaro and A. Geschke (2012) International trade drives biodiversity threats in developing nations. Nature 486, 109-112, http://www.nature. com/nature/ journal/v486/ n7401/full/ nature11145. html ;
- Lenzen, M., D. Moran, K. Kanemoto and A. Geschke (2013) Building Eora: A global multi-region input-output database at high country and sector resolution. Economic Systems Research 25, 20-49, http://www.tandfonl pdf/10.1080/ 09535314. 2013.769938 .

Candidates may be required to travel to Japan, the Netherlands, France or Norway in order to spend up to one month in order to carry out research work together with international collaborators.



- Excellent skills and experience in computer programming using Matlab, C++ or comparable languages,
- Demonstrated excellent English writing skills, especially in scientific writing,
- Effective communication skills and experience in working in teams,
- Sound working knowledge of linear algebra, especially matrix calculus.


- Basic knowledge of Unix systems and network computing,
- Experience in parallel computation,
- Experience with cloud computing environments,
- Knowledge of input-output economics,
- Demonstrated ability to liaise with international collaborators effectively. **

Amount awarded:

Each scholarship is valued at $24,653per annum (tax exempt) for three years. Note that the stipends do not cover additional tuition fees for applicants from outside Australia. Please see
http://sydney. students/ international/ postgraduate/ research/ costs/
http://sydney. students/ international/ postgraduate/ research/ costs/fees. shtml,
and http://sydney. Doctor-of- Philosophy- Science for up-to-date tuition fee information.

Application guide:

For further information, or to apply (include CV and application letter), please contact Prof Manfred Lenzen (Email:m.lenzen@physics. au). In your application letter please explain how you meet the essential and desired criteria.

Closing date:

01 August 2013

*Source* : http://agile2. ucc.usyd. opportunities/ scholarships/ 1279