May 29, 2013

Visiting Researcher, Research Division, Bank of Estonia, DL 15.09.2013

Bank of Estonia is inviting candidates with a Ph.D. in Economics to apply for the position of Visiting Researcher in the Research Division. The position is intended for researchers with an academic and/or central banking background. Doctoral students expecting to graduate within a year are also encouraged to apply.

Bank of Estonia (Eesti Pank) is the central bank of Estonia and is the newest member of the euro area, which it joined in 2011. The Bank’s Research Division provides high-quality research on economic and policy issues that are relevant for the economic policy discussions in Estonia and the ESCB and contributes to economic forecasting and financial stability assessment by developing economic models. Visit our website (http://www.eestipan for additional information on the Bank’s activities.

Visiting researchers are expected to conduct research projects preferably on topics related to the current research projects in the Research Division that could be carried out in collaboration with the division’s economists on the basis of a mutually agreed research plan. Research results are usually published in the Working Paper Series of Bank of Estonia and researchers are also expected to introduce their work at the seminars of the bank and to participate in internal discussions. Visiting researchers are entitled to remuneration that depends on their experience and academic reputation.

Our requirements for a Visiting Researcher include proven research capability and strong communication skills in English. Proficiency in Estonian is not required. Prospective applicants should send a cover letter (including preferred starting date and expected duration of the research project), curriculum vitae, a short description of the
proposed research project (including the topic and subtopics, a description of the research questions and potential results, an overview of the theoretical background and research methodology) , recent research paper(s) and two letters of recommendation by email to Ms. Liina Kulu (liina.kulu@eestipan Applications will be
considered until the position is filled. However, to ensure prompt consideration, please apply by 15 September 2013. Any questions regarding this post should be directed to Ms. Liina Kulu.