May 24, 2013

Research Grants Indonesia and Japan

Program Number: 14726
Title: International Grant Program

Sponsor: Toyota Foundation (Japan)

SYNOPSIS: Toyota Foundation is pleased to present a new pilot program, with a focus on policy recommendations. It intends to encourage experts in Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and
Vietnam to tackle the challenges in a concerted manner and move toward solutions.

Contact: Mr. Ken Aoo

Box 236, Shinjuku Mitsui Building 37F
2-1-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, 163-0437
E-mail: asianneighbors@ toyotafound.
Web Site: http://www.toyotafo english/program/ asian_neighbors. html
Tel: 81-0 3-3344-1701
Fax: 81-0 3-3342-6911
Deadline Ind: Receipt
Deadline Open: No
*See Restrictions for further information.

Award Type(s): General Project

Citizenship/ Country of Applying Institution:
Any/No Restrictions

Locations Tenable: Asian Institution

Appl Type(s): Individual, Non-Specific
Institution, Non-Specifi

Toward Solutions Through Mutual Learning: Issues That Emerging Southeast Asia And Japan Share


Dynamic changes have transformed many, if not all, countries in Asia. A number of countries in the region have become more prosperous. These countries will soon share similar challenges with Japan. As equals, Japan and these countries need to create a new style of cooperation. Benefit from mutual learning gets larger than ever before.

Grant Framework

Target Countries Indonesia, Japan , Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Thematic Areas a) Aging society; b) Multicultural society;
c) Consensus-building on local environmental issues

Project Duration One year (Nov 2013 – Oct 2014)

Expected output A policy recommendation that can be disseminated among relevant stakeholders

Potential Applicants A team or a network of members from various backgrounds, with a proven record of delivering results in one of the thematic areas (priority is given to habitants in those five countries)

Grant amount (maximum per project) a) Project focusing in one of the target countries: 3 million yen

b) Project focusing in more than two countries with comparative nature: 6 million yenmillion yen

Total amount of grants 60 million yen

Applications Web-based application via Foundation website only
Application period 7th May, 2013 to 21st June, 2013 (17:00 JST)

Selection of grants Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made by the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors at meetings to be held in late September 2013, based on the deliberations of responsible Selection Committee consisting of external experts.

Please see our video message introducing 2013 International Grant Program.

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Grant applications FAQ

We opened interactive communication webpage on Facebook (for limited time, until June 21, 2013) for inquiries regarding International Grant Program 2013.

Program Guidelines, Application Form(SAMPLE)

Program Guidelines(250KB)

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How to Apply

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