May 31, 2013

Lingua Franca Summer Camp 2013, Miclauseni, Romania, DL 02.06

The World Student Christian Federation in Europe is happy to invite you to the *Lingua Franca Summer Camp 2013*, which will be held in Micluseni, Romania from 20th to 30th of July under the title "Encountering the Other" Community-building and ecumenical leadership training in Central and Eastern Europe.

The camp will gather young Christians from Central and Eastern Europe and it will be a wonderful chance for people to experience community among people of different cultures and backgrounds. The summer camp will address the topic of openness to people, who are different from us, the value of diversity but also xenophobia and social exclusion. See the draft agenda<http://wscf- wordpress/ wp-content/ uploads/2013/ 04/WSCF-E- Lingua-Franca- Project_Draft- Agenda.pdfand learn more!

This event is specifically developed for young people with limited language skills to improve their English knowledge, from whatever level. Community-building will be a key element of the event and it will include, among other things, working together on a social project.

The participation fee for the event is *30 Euros* per person.

Please click here<http://wscf- get-involved/ events/event- application/to get to the application form. Just fill it in and submit it to the WSCF Europe office. *The deadline is prolonged till* *2nd June 2013*!

Travel reimbursements are available on request. If you would like to request reimbursements, please see our financial policy document <http://wscf- wordpress/ wp-content/ uploads/2013/ 04/Financial- Information- Lingua-Franca- 2013.pdf>

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the WSCF Europe office wscf@wscf-europe. org

Looking forward to meeting you in Romania!
Details on: http://wscf- events/lingua- franca-summer- camp-2013/