Aug 31, 2006

SPACE AND ADVANCED TELECOMMUNICATIONS, 28-29-30 September 2006, Vicenza Fair - Italy

Next edition: 28-29-30 September 2006, Vicenza Fair - Italy

http://www.satexpo. it/en/convegni/

Octavian Cristea


http://www.bitnet. info

mob: +40-722-859286

tel: +40-264-441198

fax: +40-264-595040

e-mail: octavian.cristea@

office: Vasile Lupu 56, Cluj-Napoca

mail: Madach Imre 6, 400464 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Member of the Integral SatCom Initiative


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Week of interethnic film in the Danube Delta

TULCEA - During August 28 and September 4, the people interested could see representative artistic movies for the cultures of seven ethnic minorities in Tulcea city (eastern Romania), within "Week of Inter-ethnic Movie".

The event was organized by the Association European Center for Diversity Tulcea, with the financial support of Department of Inter-ethnic Relations and in partnership with the City Hall of Tulcea municipal, and aims to grant free of charge access to the citizens in Tulcea to shows on the traditions of this ethnics.

Each of the minorities included in the programme (Italian, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Ethnic Roma, Turkish and Greek) will be dedicated one evening. The Civic Square of the city will host a show of music, dance, parade of traditional costumes, followed by a representative artistic movie for the country of origin of the aforementioned ethnic communities. Some of the movies proposed by the local communities in Tulcea are: "Italian-like divorce - Divorzio all'italiana " (1962,
directed by Pietro Germi), "Gadjo Dilo" (1997, directed by Tony Gadlif), "Zorba the Greek "(1964, directed by Michael Cocayannis).

"Week of interethnic movie" will start Monday, August 28, with the support of the Italian community in Romania, Tulcea branch. The artistic show of each series will be held by ensembles such as: Ensemble "Tuna" (Turkish Democratic Union in Romania, Tulcea branch), Ensemble "Molotii" (Community of Lipoven Russians in Romania, Tulcea
branch), Ensemble "Phralipen" (Ethnic Roma Party in Tulcea).

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CfP: Totalitarianism and Transformation (Hannah Arendt Institute, Germany)

Hannah Arendt Institute http://www.hait. tu-dresden. de/

In the framework of the project „Consolidation and Deconsolidation of Democracy in the Transition Societies of Central and Eastern Europe" the Institute is planning to issue a book:

Totalitarianism and Transformation: „Consolidation and Deconsolidation of Democracy in the Transition Societies of Central and Eastern Europe"

Contributions may be in German, Russian or English.

Topics considering the following issues are welcome (Note that the list is not exhaustive and potential contributors are encouraged to contact the editors to agree on a topic not listed herewith):

• Coping with the totalitarian past.
• Antidemocratic parties, communist parties, nationalistic parties, ideologies and forms of extremism in CEEC.
• Formation and development of antidemocratic elites and institutions.
• Legacy of Communist ideology in today's political mainstreams and political decisions.
• Antidemocratic, illiberal, authoritarian or totalitarian attitudes and political culture in Eastern Europe.

Main target countries are Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Eastern Germany (former GDR). Therefore contributions should touch one of these countries or propose a comparative analysis. Other countries may be included as long as the research encompasses a comparative perspective with one of the three target countries of the project.

If you wish to discuss a potential topic, or have any queries, you are welcome to contact
Dr. Tytus Jaskulowski
Tytus.Jaskulowski@ mailbox.tu-
(for queries in German or Polish)
Abel Polese
(for queries in English or Russian)

Submissions (from 5000 to 7000 words) should be sent to Tytus.Jaskulowski @mailbox. tu-dresden. de and ) and must be received by the 31st January 2007. Earlier submissions are encouraged. Please notice that we would prefer to receive an abstract of your presentation before you start working, so that we can agree on
technical issues and inform you on whether the topic fits the project. Manuscripts shall not have any formatting, references shall be i footnotes (numbered 1,2,3) with bibliography (only cited works shall be included) at the end.

[sursa BulgJSEP]

CfP/CfE: Population Politics and Human Rights

An International Working Paper/Essay Competition and Workshop of the Irmgard Coninx Foundation, the Social Science Research Center Berlin and Humboldt-University - Berlin February 15th – 20th, 2007

Workshop Participation in Berlin, February 15th – 20th
Successful applicants to the competition will be invited to Berlin to discuss their research and ideas with prominent scholars at one of Europe's leading research institutions. New Deadline for incoming papers: September 24th, 2006

http://www.irmgard- coninx-stiftung. de/en/roundtable s/population_ politics. htm

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: 2nd Global Conference Future Literature, Future Art

Thursday 30th November - Saturday 2nd December 2006
Cracow, Poland

Papers, workshops, reports, and presentations are invited on any of the related themes. 300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday 22nd September 2006. Full draft papers should be submitted by Friday 17th November 2006.

http://www.inter- disciplinary. net/ptb/flfc/ flfc2/cfp. html

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CfP w/ Travel grants: International Graduate Student Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii USA

The 6th East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - February 15 - 17, 2007
Continuity and Change in the Asia-Pacific: People, Places, Systems
CALL FOR PAPERS -- Deadline October 23rd (Monday) 2006

The East-West Center invites graduate students from all around the world to submit papers for the 6th International Graduate Student Conference, taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on February 15-18, 2007. The Conference will provide an opportunity to share perspectives formally (through presenting their papers and attending other panel presentations) and informally in the warm and encouraging environment of the East-West Center in Hawaii.

Deadline of abstract submission October 23, 2006
Notification of abstract selection result November 11, 2006
Deadline of travel grant application November 28, 2006
Website: http://www.eastwest studentconferenc e

[sursa studentnetwork]

TOC: Studies in East European Thought: Special Issue on Merab

Volume 58 Number 3 of Studies in East European Thought
This issue contains:

Editor's Preface p. 137

Consciousness and Conscience: Mamarda¹vili on the Common Point of Departure for Epistemological and Moral Reflection p. 141
Daniel Regnier

The Aesthetic Import of the Act of Knowledge and its European Roots in Merab Mamarda¹vili p. 161
Elisa Pontini

Philosophy in the Act: The Socio-Political Relevance of Mamarda¹vili' s
Philosophizing p. 179
Evert van der Zweerde

What is Classical and Non-Classical Knowledge? p. 205
Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover

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OSI Central Asia Research and Training Initiative

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the Call for Applications for the Junior and Senior Fellowships of the Central Asia Research and Training Initiative (CARTI). Please help us disseminate this information among potentially interested qualified young scholars in the post-soviet states of Central Asia, Afghanistan and Mongolia and encourage your colleagues in the region who are currently working on or have recently obtained their first doctoral degrees and who would benefit from this collaborative long-term academic support to apply for the 2007 Fellowships.

Below is a brief introduction to the program. Further details on the eligibility, notes on the language and nature of the supported projects, description of the
awards and application forms and guidelines are available at initiatives/ hesp


CARTI is a regional initiative of the Open Society Institute's International Higher Education Support Program that promotes the development of indigenous capacities for original scholarly and academic work in the humanities and social sciences and internationalizatio n of scholarship in the broadly defined region of Central Asia. In working to enhance independent research of university-based academics, CARTI is committed to innovation in, and enrichment of, university teaching in the humanities and social sciences and emphasizes the role of research in the development of academics as scholars in the classroom. The program provides support to innovative scholarly work and advanced training and networking opportunities to motivated young
academics in crucial early stages of their careers in the home academic environment.

The program aids these individuals in becoming conversant with the state-of-the- art scholarship and within international scholarly discourse in their subject areas, active scholars applying contemporary research methods and resources, innovators in teaching making active use of their own scholarly experience and motivated and prepared to pursue advanced learning opportunities.

CARTI Junior Fellowships support the individuals in early stages of their formal Doctoral studies (such as aspirantura) and focus on development of ideas and skills for high-quality research work. Junior Fellowships serve as medium for testing and challenging the theories, methods and assumptions in the core of the individual research projects, while at the same time guiding and assisting the Fellows in the first independent large-scale research efforts. Senior Fellowships are offered to young scholars who have recently received their Doctoral (e.g. Candidate of Science) degrees. The Fellowships support the advancement or revision of their research agenda and development of international research and teaching partnerships with special emphasis on presentation of scholarly work and translating/ incorporating the outcomes and experience of research into teaching.

CARTI supports active direct collaborative engagement of Fellows with advanced International Scholars engaged in similar studies and offers a versatile training program in foundation theories and methodologies of the disciplines and subject areas of the CARTI-supported projects, as well as venues for peed feedback, discussion and collaboration on the regional and international levels.

All Applicants for CARTI Fellowships must be citizens and residents of the following countries: Afghanistan* , Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan* and Uzbekistan. Complete applications must be submitted to the OSI/HESP office in Budapest no later than October 6, 2006.

*The requirement of formal registration with a Doctoral Program may be waived for applicants from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. For further information on the applicant eligibility for Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, interested individuals are encouraged to inquire directly with the program office at the contact information below.

Please do not hesitate to contact the program office with any further inquiries and comments:
OSI / HESP Central Asia Research and Training Initiative
Október 6. u.12., Budapest 1051 Hungary
Telephone: +36 1 327 3854 · Fax: +36 1 411 4401 · Email:
Oleksandr Shtokvych, Senior Program Manager, E-mail: oshtokvych@osi. hu
Edit Köblös, Program Coordinator, E-mail: ekoblos@osi. hu

Thank you for helping us reach out with this information to the potential

Kind regards,
____________ ________
Oleksandr Shtokvych
Senior Program Manager
Higher Education Support Program
Open Society Institute

Oktober 6. u. 12, H-1051 Budapest, Hungary
Fax: 36.1.411.4401
Email: oshtokvych@osi. hu initiatives/ hesp

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TOC: Ethnos, September 2006

Volume 71 Number 3/September 2006 of Ethnos

To kin a transnationally adopted child in Norway and Spain: The achievement of resemblances and belonging p. 293
Signe Howell, Diana Marre

Gatekeepers of cultural memory: Televising religious rituals in Tansen, Nepal p. 317
Michael J. Wilmore

Difficult stories: Public discourse and narrative identity in Eastern Germany p. 343
Anselma Gallinat

Telling the forest from the trees: Local images of national change in a Danish town p. 367
Richard Jenkins

Entangled in the imagination: New middle-class apprehensions in an Indian theme park p. 390
Minna Säävälä

Bundles of choice: Variety and the creation and manipulation of Kenyan Khat's value p. 415
Neil Carrier

Publications received p. 438

[sursa e-nass]

TOC: Ethnos, September 2006

Volume 71 Number 3/September 2006 of Ethnos

To kin a transnationally adopted child in Norway and Spain: The achievement of resemblances and belonging p. 293
Signe Howell, Diana Marre

Gatekeepers of cultural memory: Televising religious rituals in Tansen, Nepal p. 317
Michael J. Wilmore

Difficult stories: Public discourse and narrative identity in Eastern Germany p. 343
Anselma Gallinat

Telling the forest from the trees: Local images of national change in a Danish town p. 367
Richard Jenkins

Entangled in the imagination: New middle-class apprehensions in an Indian theme park p. 390
Minna Säävälä

Bundles of choice: Variety and the creation and manipulation of Kenyan Khat's value p. 415
Neil Carrier

Publications received p. 438

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New Left Review July-August 2006

In NLR 40, July-August 2006

Malcolm Bull extends his analysis of the question of agency (see ‘The Limits of Multitude’, NLR 35 ) by proposing a reconceptualization of the relation between collective will and invisible hand. Can bearings drawn from Hegel, Gramsci, Sartre indicate the route to a new global order through dissolution of the Western imperial state?

R. Taggart Murphy analyses the historical roots of Tokyo’s post-1868 geo-financial support for the ruling superpower, London or Washington, and the implications of China’s rise for Japanese strategy.

Terry Eagleton sets Samuel Beckett’s work for the French Resistance against his dogged refusal of all ideology. Traces of Ireland’s history—hunger, deferment, deflation, indeterminacy— in his exile art.

Also in NLR 40:

* Gadi Algazi on ‘Offshore Zionism’ in the Occupied Territories: a militarized alliance of state-subsidized software firms, real-estate developers and captive Orthodox labour.
* Immanuel Wallerstein surveys the global landscape that might emerge from a declining US hegemony.
* Sven Lütticken draws lessons from Hitchcock, Conrad and Benjamin on the poetics of suspense and surprise.
* Amit Chaudhuri unravels assumptions in the charge, levelled at India’s anglophone writers, of exoticizing the Subcontinent for Western markets.

Book Reviews:

* Benno Teschke on Herfried Münkler, Imperien . Can an ideal-type for empire be deduced from a historical sociology of Han, Persian, Roman, Ottoman and US models?
* Jan Breman on Mike Davis, Planet of Slums . Panorama of the epochal shift to a majority urban world, from favelas and gecekondular to villas miseria.
* Tariq Ali on John Lynch, Simón Bolívar: a Life . Portrait of the Liberator as pragmatist, and his legacy from the colonial Andes to the Caracas of today.

War for the Middle East

Despite the ‘greenlighting’ by Western and Arab powers, Israel war aims in Lebanon have been thwarted—at least temporarily—by fierce popular resistance. See Tariq Ali, ‘The War for the Middle East’.


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12th International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women
Ljubljana, 2nd - 10th of October 2006 announces:

The Symposium:


Ljubljana, Monday, the 9th of Oct. 06
Cankarjev dom (Lecture room M3/4)
10 am - 1.30 pm; 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm

The aim of the 2006 Symposium is to establish the context in which different generations of theorists, writers, publishers and others in the field of literature shall have an opportunity to communicate their experience, as well as undertake research and initiatives that due to the processes of nationalization failed to be conveyed through the (feminist) communication channels that existed within Yugoslavia prior to the post-Yugoslav wars.

With a focus on the post-war Balkans the City Of Women Symposium 2006 will:

- discuss the impact of gender and the politics of cultural and national identity on the creation of literature

- articulate models of literary criticism and literary discourse that traverse the frontiers of Southeastern Europe's new nation states

- trace the concepts of memory in the anti-war discourse of women

- compare and question cultural policies in the context of the composition of contemporary literature in former Yugoslavia.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Svetlana Slapsak (Slovenia), Renata Jambresic Kirin (Croatia), Ajla Demiragic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , Sejla Sehibovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina) , Marusa Krese (Slovenia/Germany) , Suzana Tratnik (Slovenia), Dubravka Djuric (Serbia)

Organised and moderated by Katja Kobolt and Jelena Petrovic.

There is no admisson fee. The working language of the Symposium will be English.

Additional information at: info@cityofwomen. org
+386.1.432.23. 90 (Katja Kobolt)

www.cityofwomen. org

South-Slavic Literary Translation Workshop:


Literary Translation from Slovene to Bosnian-Croatian- Serbian

and Vice Versa

Ljubljana, Friday, the 6thof Oct. – Sunday, the 8th of Oct. 06
Cankarjev Dom, M2 lecture room
6th / 4-8 pm, 7 th / 10 am-2 pm and 4-7 pm,
8 th / 10 am-2 pm and 4-7pm

In addition to the Symposium, the City Of Women Festival 2006 will organize a Southern Slavic Literary Translation Workshop. The workshop is intended for 10-12 participants who are interested in literary translation of young, less known female authors from whole region.

Conducted by:
Djurdja Strsoglavec and Lada Stevanovic

There is no admisson fee for the workshop.

Applications and additional information at: info@cityofwomen. org
+386.1.432.23. 90 (Katja Kobolt)

www.cityofwomen. org

[sursa e-nass]

Post-Doc Position in Damage Simulation of Composite at NUS

30/08/2006 08:13:45
Job Title Postdoctoral Research Fellow Company Name Mechanical Engineering Deadline 30/11/2006 Job Description The successful candidate will be required to assist in the development of computational tools for the analysis of damage progression and failure of advanced fiber-reinforced composite structures.

Specifically, the tools will utilize the strain/stress invariant failure theory (SIFT) and element-failure method (EFM). As some aspects of the theory and methodology are still evolving, research into these issues will be necessary. The project is partially funded by the Boeing Co. Requirements The candidate should possess experience and knowledge of the finite element method, Fortran code development and familiarity with commercial FE codes such as Abaqus. Experience and knowledge of mechanics of composites are an advantage.

Job Requirement & Skills: PhD in mechanics. Computational skills in finite elements are essential prerequisites. Remuneration commensurate with skill and experience.
Contact Person A/Prof T.E. Tay
Email: mpetayte@nus.
Phone: (65)-6516-2887
Fax: (65)-6779-1459

[sursa beasiswa]

FUNDING: International Dissertation Research Fellowship

-- only for PhD students from US univs --

International Dissertation Research Fellowship
Deadline: November 1, 2006

The Social Science Research Council and the American Council of Learned Societies announce the 2007 competition of the INTERNATIONAL DISSERTATION RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP (IDRF) program designed to support distinguished graduate students in the humanities and social sciences conducting dissertation research outside the United States. Fifty
fellowships of approximately $20,000 will be awarded in 2007 with funds provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The IDRF program is committed to scholarship that advances knowledge about non-U.S. cultures and societies grounded in empirical and site-specific research (involving fieldwork, research in archival or manuscript collections, or quantitative data collection). The program promotes research that is at once located in a specific
discipline and geographical region and is engaged with interdisciplinary and cross-regional perspectives.

Applicants must have completed all Ph.D. requirements except on-site dissertation research by the time the fellowship begins or by December 2007, whichever comes first. Fellowships will provide support for nine to twelve months of dissertation research. The fellowship must be held for a single continuous period within the
eighteen months between July 2007 and December 2008.

For more detailed information on application procedures and eligibility requirements, visit the IDRF website at programs/ idrf or contact program staff at

[sursa beasiswa]

Training "Managementul proiectelor-Eficienta si competitivitate"

Tryact HRD reia in perioada septembrie-octombri e 2006, in Bucuresti, seria de cursuri open-standard. Acestea se adreseaza acelor oameni si organizatii care considera invatarea continua un factor important pentru generarea si extinderea cunostintelor, pentru dezvoltarea abilitatilor personale si profesionale si sunt dispusi sa aloce resurse in acest scop.

Cursul "Managementul proiectelor - Eficienta si competitivitate" - propune o abordare flexibila, de organizare, implementare si conducere a activitatilor de orice fel, in concordanta cu cerintele unui mediu economic si social in schimbare in care se pune din ce in ce mai mult accent pe implicarea si responsabilizarea personala a individului.

In organizatii apar o multitudine de situatii care cer rezolvarea unei sarcini manageriale printr-o forma de organizare distincta, de proiect: lansarea de noi produse, introducerea de noi procedee sau sisteme, reorganizare, restructurare, configurarea sau reconfigurarea unor activitati si programe, organizarea unor evenimente etc. Un ansamblu de actiuni avand un obiectiv bine definit, buget si timp de derulare limitate si un caracter de unicitate sau noutate constituie un proiect a carui reusita depinde de voi si de modul in care il abordati.

Acest curs, ca parte a unui concept modern de management organizational, va poate aduce avantajul competitiv de a raspunde cu succes acestor provocari din activitatea profesionala.

Ca urmare a participarii la curs:

1. Veti defini probleme si structura idei pentru proiecte noi in diferite contexte socio-economice si organizationale (arborele problemelor si niveluri de interventie) ;
2. Veti formula obiective realiste, incadrate in timp si fezabile (metoda enuntului obiectivelor in 7 pasi, tehnica SMART);
3. Veti cunoaste etapele planificarii in managementul proiectelor, in functie de caracterisitici precum: scop si obiective, ciclu de viata, intrerdependente si unicitate, indicatori si indici de monitorizare si executie (lucrul cu matrice logice, diagrame de control);
4. Veti exersa abilitati in utilizarea unor instrumente si tehnici specifice de planificare (diagramele de tip Gantt si PERT sau analizele SWOT).

Sunteti invitati sa participati daca sunteti manageri de proiecte, studenti in ani terminali sau persoane care isi propun in plan profesional sa se dezvolte in aceasta directie, indiferent de experienta pe care o aveti in lucrul in proiecte si care doriti sa va exersati abilitatile si sa folositi instrumente specifice acestui domeniu.

Cele doua module propuse sunt:

1. Managementul proiectelor - Modul I "Planificare si implementare" - 7-8 septembrie 2006.

2. Managementul proiectelor - Modul II "Monitorizare, control, raportare" - 5-6 octombrie 2006.

Pentru fiecare din module Tryact HRD ofera diploma de participare.

Cursurile propuse au o durata de 2 zile si se vor desfasura la Hotel Ibis, in Bucuresti.

Taxa de participare pentru un modul este de 200 EURO/pers.+TVA. Pentru ambele module achitate, taxa este de 185 EURO/pers.+TVA. Pentru organizatiile care inscriu minimum 3 persoane la un curs, Tryact HRD ofera un discount de 15 - 20%, in functie de numarul de participanti inscrisi de fiecare organizatie. Astfel:

* 1pers/modul
=200EURO+TVA/ pers/modul
* 1pers/modulx2module =185EURO+TVA/ pers/modul
* 2pers/modul
=185EURO+TVA/ pers/modul
* 3pers/modul (sau 2persx2module) =170EURO+ TVA/pers/ modul
* 4pers/modul (sau 3persx2module) =160EURO+ TVA/pers/ modul
* 5pers/modul (sau 4persx2module) =150EURO+ TVA/pers/ modul

Taxa de participare acopera: sala de training si facilitati; materiale de training, pauzele de cafea si pranz (inclusiv menu-uri speciale de tip vegetarian sau pentru regim), onorariul pentru participarea unui trainer-consultant HRD. Taxa de participare nu acopera costuri de cazare si transport, bauturi alcoolice si menu-uri suplimentare.

Pentru detalii privind conditiile de inscriere, intreaga oferta de cursuri
Tryact HRD si orice alte informatii veti considera necesare, va stau la
dispozitie: Cosmina Mitran - Office Assistant: office@tryact. ro; Dodo Tecaru - HRD Consultant/trainer: dodo@tryact. ro; Telefon/fax: 021-2531939; 021-2531929

Misiunea Tryact HRD in Romania este de a sprijini oameni si organizatii in a-si identifica si folosi propriile resurse astfel incat sa-si imbunatateasca performantele si sa-si atinga obiectivele.

[sursa societatea_civila]

Training course - ATOMIC - 20th - 28th October, Venice county, ITALY

ATOMIC is a concept put to practice in a series of training courses. It aims to provide participants with a better knowledge upon personal, interpersonal, national, European and global identity, the way conflicts form in relation to such issues as well as analysis of the conflicts themselves. Therefore ATOMIC 2 is designed to pursuit the same objectives than the ones reached during ATOMIC 1 in Turkey. The training team has benefited from the feedback from the first participants and is committed to creating a even better experience for the next group.

ATOMIC 2 will target volunteer youth workers and present each participant with an opportunity to explore their identity, the factors that create it, better understand the conflicts that arise with the identity process and give them conflict resolution tools. The skills acquired will provide the participants with better understanding of the ways to manage identity issues in the framework of the YOUTH Programme in creative ways.
Activity date - 20th October 2006 - 28th October 2006
Activity type - Training course
Target group - youth workers on a voluntary basis
For participants from all Youth Programme eligible countries
Group size - 25
Venue place, venue country - Venice county, ITALY
Costs - Board and lodging will be provided and paid by the project; travel expenses are reimbursed up to 70%; enrolment fee 30 ˆ per participant
Working language - ENGLISH
Organizer - ATOMIC training in partnership with Association 451, funded by the Italian National Agency
Deadline - 15-09-2006
Date of selection - 20-09-2006
Contact - queries@atomictrain

You can also find the call for participants up on SALTO - http://www.salto- find-a-training/ 895.html and additional information about the training can be found at http://www.atomictr atomic2.html

Best regards,
the ATOMIC team

[sursa inter_youth_net]

Formare in turism socio-educativ

Stimati colegi ,
Tuturor celor interesati,o invitatie la o altfel de formare :

La “SCOALA SPECIALA DE VARA RAMNICU VALCEA 2006” se fac ultimele inscrieri la cursul: "Animatorul socio-educativ, antreprenor de succes ".

Societatea Phoenix Carita Horezu ,Episcopia Ramnicului si Reteaua Centrelor de Educatie Activa in Mediul Rural organizeaza in perioada 31. 08-06.09 2006 cursurile « Scolii Speciale de Vara Ramnicu Valcea 2006 » ,eveniment devenit deja traditional in domeniul educatiei romanesti.

Cursurile din acest sfirsit de vara se adreseaza lucratorilor din scoli,turism, DTJ , SPORT sau ONG,angajati sau voluntari, ce deruleaza activitati extrascolare si de tineret . Incepind cu 31 august 2006 demaram un complex program de educare prin practica experentiala a adultilor activi in aria extrascolara, segment EDU vitregit de atentie si sprijin din partea celor in drept. Promovind animatia ca metoda alternativa a educatiei, dezvoltam cultura novatoare iar prin antreprenoriat- oferim o sansa liberei initiative, pas curajos de la proces la rezultat,dupa model finlandez, in numai 6 zile .

In aceasta provocare educationala ,ne-am propus sa imbinam spiritul artistic al romanului cu abilitatea antreprenoriala ,intr- un program interactiv cu urmatoarea structura :

· 3 zile -curs intensiv de animatie si formare personala ANIM
· 1 zi - curs de antreprenoriat in mobilitati socioeducationale ale tineretului european ;turismul romanesc pe drum european ;animatia in turism ; Axa prioritara 3
· 1 zi – un prim contact cu programul EMPRETEC /UNCTAD ; practici utile in economia de piata ;conexii socio-culturale si dezvoltare durabila
· 1 zi-evaluare ;strategie si plan specific animatiei de copii si tineret in Romania
In acest timp se vor realiza workshop-uri ,exercitii practice ,jocuri de rol si seri "surpriza" cu « teme de casa »,urmarindu-se cele zece unitati de competenta ale animatorului socio-educativ. CPA si "Learning by doing"sint principiile antreprenoriatului pe care un absolvent EMPRETEC CTA 2006 ,vi le va ordona sistematic in mapa realizarilor cu care veti pleca de la acest curs.Vii vor ramine vorbele lui Confucius :“Cine aude,uita/Cine vede, isi aminteste/Cine face, invata. »

Dupa evaluarea finala , cei 25 participanti vor primi “Certificatul de animator socio-educativ” eliberat de Consiliul National de Formare Profesionala a Adultilor,avizat de MEC si MMSSF.Incepind cu 2007 certificatul va fi recunoscut in UE pentru servicii socioeducationale tip “hosting/sending “ in reteaua “Animatorii fara frontiere “, iar pe plan local vor fi o resursa umana profesionista utila si necesara atingerii obiectivelor AXELOR PRIORITARE 3 si 4
· Cursanti :tineri adulti intre 19-49 ani, care au organizat / participat (la) minimum trei tabere/campus- uri sau mobilitati tineret YOUTH A1 / A3/ A5, Leonardo, Comenius,Grundtvig
· Traineri : membri TEAM EUROPE,traineri nationali si experti in animatie IMPACT
· Evaluare coordonata de CRFPS PROVOCATIE si CNFPA

Contributia financiara :195 Euro/cursant ,in lei la cursul BNR, in cont Raiffeisen Ramnicu Valcea RO80RZBR00000600031 13817 sau la sediul nostru: Nicolae Balcescu 47 B et I cam 2-3 ,240190 Ramnicu Valcea Costul acopera:FORMARE INTENSIVA/EVALUARE/ CERTIFICARE .Se asigura suport curs,masa de prinz,pauza de cafea,acces internet , program socioeducational; orice initiativa va primi sprijin si consultanta inca 1 an dupa terminarea cursului

Cazare gratuita pentru participanti din mediul rural si pentru tineri intre 19-29 ani
Voluntarii Eurodesk si Euro 26 Rm. Valcea vor asigura servicii pe toata durata cursului ce se va derula in locatia oferita de Episcopia Ramnicului

Programul promoveaza animatorul socio-educativ si deschide drum larg antreprenoriatului in domeniul social in Romania

Contact :Lia E.Porfir :tel/fax 0250-732810; 0724467833;phoenix_ studia@ FULL TIME .
Asteptam aplicatia prin email / fax 0250732810 ; termen 31 aug ora 16.00- sosire Ramnicu Valcea

IMPORTANT:Spre Ramnicu Valcea functioneaza trasee directe din Cluj,Brasov, Oradea,Timisoara .Craiova, Tg.Jiu, Pitesti, C-lung Muscel ,Curtea de Arges,etc. Bucuresti –Ramnicu Valcea ,circula din ora in ora, din autogara Militari

[sursa ASCIG-ASE]

Aug 30, 2006

Europe,Asia: Peace and Conflict Studies Intensive Course

European University Center for Peace Studies
Stadtschlaining, Austria

We wish to invite you to join a select group of 44 students from around the world in an intensive course in peace and conflict studies at the European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU) in Stadtschlaining, Austria.

All the courses are taught in English, by leading specialists in their field from around the world, including Johan Galtung, one of the founders of the academic discipline of peace research and frequent mediator in international conflicts. Studying with the founder of a new academic discipline is a rare opportunity, like studying philosophy with Socrates. EPU offers students a well-rounded program covering Peace with Security, Development, Freedom, Nature and Culture.

The Program, established in 1988 by Dr. Gerald Mader, Founder and President of the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, received the 1995 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

In addition to attending courses, students get to know each other closely and conclude friendships for a lifetime. In spring of 2006, we had 42 students from 29 countries from five continents, half from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many former students said that studying at EPU was the best time of their life. Peace Studies are a highly interdisciplinary and growing academic field.

Students who have successfully completed our program are well grounded in both theory and practice to face the challenges of global conflict transformation. We are happy and proud that many of our former students now have thriving careers in international organizations, NGOs, business, universities, or work with their governments.


Introduction to Peace Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication, Peaceful Conflict Transformation, Human Rights, International Law, Governance, Participation, the Global Economy, Peacebuilding and Development, Safeguarding a Livable Environment, Demilitarization, Nonviolence, Security, United Nations Reform, Mediation, Peace Education, Peace and the Media, Reconciliation after Violence, Peace and Deep Culture. In addition, there are several academic excursions.

For a more detailed explanation of the program, a course calendar and a catalogue with course descriptions, see

Spring term 2007:

4 February - 28 April (Apply by 15 Sep. 2006)

Summer term 2007:

3 June - 25 August (Apply by 15 Jan. 2007)

Fall term 2007:

1 October - 22 December (Apply by 15 Mar. 2007)


Stadtschlaining is a beautiful, small and quiet medieval town with a 766-year old castle hosting a peace museum, in the foothills of the Alps, between Vienna and Graz, surrounded by hiking trails, with a hot spring and spa nearby. Classrooms and 44 single rooms with private bath are located in a new building.

PEACE LIBRARY: next to the castle is a famous peace library with 25,000 books and many films, most of them in English.


Students from any discipline interested in peace and conflict resolution, young diplomats, government officials, NGO members, teachers, journalists, lawyers, social workers, officers, psychologists, and anyone interested in solving conflicts by peaceful means. A first university degree (bachelors or equivalent) is required, and preferably some professional experience.


Those who successfully complete one trimester obtain a Certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies. Those who complete three trimesters (Fall, Spring and Summer) and write a thesis obtain a Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies, approved by the Austrian Ministry of Education. Students can begin in any of the three trimesters. The three trimesters need not be taken in succession, they can be spread over several years if preferred.


Euro 2500 tuition + Euro 1400 room rent per trimester, plus a Euro 700 fee for two thesis advisers for the Master of Arts program, or 12'400 Euro for the entire MA program.

A few highly competitive full scholarships are available for applicants from focal countries of Austria's development cooperation (for one trimester only). Some partial scholarships are also available.

If you have further questions, please contact Anita Flasch, EPU Administrative Assistant , Tel +43-3355-2498- 515 (mornings). We will be happy to answer your questions and help you.

EPU does not discriminate on the basis of (among others) gender, race, class, age or national origin.

With best regards,

Dietrich Fischer,
Academic Director, EPU

Website: http://www.aspr. index.htm

[sursa astudents]

PhD position in chemistry - Bergen, Norway

A 4 year position as research fellow is available in molecular modelling at the Department of Chemistry.

The project, Electron structure studies of atomic and molecular clusters, is part of the recently established strategy for nano-science at the University of Bergen,
and the candidate will take part in a cross-disciplinary team having a common goal of
development and application of computational models for the study of nano-scale phenomena.

The project will proceed as a collaboration between the research groups of
Prof. Knut J. Boerve (http://www.kj. nkjkb ),
Prof. Leif J. Saethre (http://www.kj. nkjvj/), both at
Department of Chemistry,
Prof. Jan Petter Hansen (, Department of Physics
and Technology,
and dr. Nathalie Reuter (http://www.cbu. reuter/),
Computational Mathematics
Unit. This team covers expertise in electron spectroscopy as well as a broad
spectrum of
molecular-level computational methods.

Clusters are aggregates of a small and finite number of atoms or molecules. Their physical and chemical properties change with size, from atomlike to those of solid
matter. The PhD project involves the development of theoretical models of the geometric and electronic structure of clusters. Moreover, the successful candidate will take part in experimental studies of clusters by means of high-resolution electron spectroscopy. The measurements will be conducted at the National Swedish Synchrotron Radiation laboratory MAX-II in Lund, in close collaboration with the cluster physics group at the University of Uppsala.

Applicants must have achieved a masters degree or equivalent in chemistry or physics or have submitted the master thesis for assessment by the application deadline. It
is a prerequisite, however, that the examination results are announced within 4 weeks of the closing date for submitting the master thesis.

Applicants should have experience in molecular-level computational chemistry or physics, in particular in ab initio/first- principles- or force-field- calculations.
Experience from electron spectroscopy and cluster physics will be considered an advantage.

The successful candidate must meet the formal requirements for admission to the PhD
program of the University of Bergen, and is expected to achieve the PhD within a timeframe of 3 years. Project plans are to be worked out in collaboration with
Professor Knut J. Boerve and other researchers working on the project. A main theme in the PhD project is the development of theoretical model spectra for clusters, for use in assignment of the experimental electron spectra.

In total, the fellowship period is 4 years. For positions with a 4-year duration, 25 per cent of the period will be designated to teaching or administrative duties. The
fellowship period may be reduced if the successful applicant has held previous employment as a research fellow.

The teaching language will normally be Norwegian. Foreign candidates will be given the opportunity to learn Norwegian.

Starting salaries at level 41(code 1017) on the government salary scale (currently NOK 310,700 p.a.); following ordinary meriting regulations (wage levels 41/46).

The University of Bergen wishes to attain a more equal gender distribution for academic positions. Female applicants are thus strongly encouraged to apply. If
several applicants are equally qualified for the position, the internal rules for gender quotas for academic positions will be applied.

Electronic application and CV are to be sent via the link apply for this position. Th
application should include a statement of motivation and the names and contact details of 3 contact persons (referees).

Copies of exams (bachelor and master), certificates and scientific works including a list of publications (all in three copies/sorted in three identical bundles) should
be sent to the Department of Chemistry, University of Bergen, Allgaten 41, NO-5007 Bergen, Norway.

The applications should be marked 06/4947.

For information about Bergen and the West Coast of Norway:
http://www.bergen- .

For more information about the position and the application procedure:
http://www.jobbnor. no/visstilling2. aspx?stillid= 32589&lang= EN
For further information please contact Professor Knut Boerve, tel. 47 55 58 34 89;
e-mail Knut.Borve..

http://www.ccl. net/cca/jobs/ joblist/mess0006 903.shtml
http://www.jobbnor. no/visstilling2. aspx?stillid= 32589&lang= EN

Closing date for applications: 9 September 2006.

All @ signs were changed to .. to fight spam. Before you send e-mail, you need to change .. to @ For example: change joe..big123comp. com to joe@big123comp. com
Please let your prospective employer know that you learned about the job from the Computational Chemistry List Job Listing at http://www.ccl. net/jobs.

[sursa beasiswa]

PhD in computational biology, University of Bergen, Norway

A three-year PhD position is available at The University of Bergen. The place of employment will be at Unifob AS, Bergen Center for Computational Science (BCCS) within the Computational Biology Unit (CBU) in the group of Nathalie Reuter. The PhD project aims at studying, with molecular modelling tools serine proteases of the neutrophils and in particular, at identifying potential cellular partners and designing specific organic substrates. The project is part of a multidisciplinary
study (biochemistry, molecular biology, mass spectrometry and computational biology) involving our group at CBU and collaborators (cell biologists, biochemists, enzymologists) outside of Norway.

Profile: Candidates having a Master's degree and experience in molecular modelling, theoretical chemistry or structural biology will be preferred, but other backgrounds may be considered. Basic knowledge of structural biology and Unix/Linux operating
systems is required.

Salary will be paid in accordance with level 39 on the government salary scale. Payment may be regulated on basis of seniority according to the public wage scale. Women in particular are invited to apply. If, in the opinion of the evaluation committee, several applicants have approximately equivalent qualifications, the rules on equal opportunities laid down in the Personnel Regulations for Academic
Positions will be applied. The University of Bergen implies the principles of public access to information in connection with appointments to academic positions. The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position at any time.


Applications with letter of motivation, overview of educational achievements and previous practice (CV) and full contact information for three references can be sent by e-mail to HR Coordinator Hilde.Solvberg= -=bccs.uib. no with cc to Nathalie.Reuter= -=bccs.uib. no.

Alternatively, you can send the application by regular mail to:

Unifob AS
Bergen Center for Computational Science (BCCS)
Thormhlensgt. 55
N-5008 Bergen, Norway

Deadline: August 30th, 2006

http://www.ccl. net/cca/jobs/ joblist/mess0006 788.shtml

All @ signs were changed to =-= to fight spam. Before you send e-mail, you
need to change =-= to @
For example: change joe=-=big123comp. com to joe@big123comp. com
Please let your prospective employer know that you learned about the job
from the Computational Chemistry List Job Listing at http://www.ccl. net/jobs

[sursa beasiswa]

Grants for scientists at National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (Trieste, Italy)

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (the Abdus Salam ICTP) and the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS) will offer in the years 2007 - 2008 a number of grants to scientists from Developing Countries (Central and Eastern Europe included) interested in taking part in the training and research activities carried out at the OGS laboratories. The main lines of activity at the OGS groups are described in the Annex.

The minimum amount of these grants will be Euro 1,300 per month and stays longer than twelve months may be possible. Limited funds for travel expenses will be available in case these are not covered by other sources. Health insurance coverage will be provided for visitors and their accompanying family members. A monthly family allowance for those having dependant family members will be granted.


Strada Costiera 11
34014 Trieste (Italy)
telefax (+39) 040/2240558 - telephone (+39) 040/2240553/ 556
e-mail: itlabs@ictp.
web-page: http://www.ictp. www_users/ ItaLab/index. html
The applicants should submit in duplicate copy the Application Form completed in dark legible print or type and attach the requested documents.
Applications should be submitted by 31 December 2006

[sursa beasiswa]

CfA: Library collection/photography Ansel Adams Research Fellowship

The Center for Creative Photography invites proposals for the 2006/2007 Ansel Adams Research Fellowship. As part of the Center's Institute for Photographic Research, this program is designed to promote and support research in the Center's photograph, archive, and library collections.

Researchers from any discipline who are engaged
in studies that require an extended period of research in the collections of the Center are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be postmarked or sent via fax or email by October 31, 2006.

http://www.creative photography. org/education/ internships_ main.html# fellowship

CfA: 2007-2008 Human Rights Watch Fellowships

2007-2008 Fellowships in International Human Rights
Application Deadline: October 6, 2006

This year Human Rights Watch will award four fellowships to recent graduates of law schools or graduate programs (master's degree and above) in journalism, international relations, area studies, or other relevant disciplines. Applicants must have exceptional analytic skills, an ability to write and speak clearly, and a commitment to work in the human rights field in the future on a paid or volunteer
basis. The salary for the 2006-2007 fellows is $43,000, plus excellent employer-paid benefits. The salary for 2007-2008 fellows is currently under review.

More info: http://www.hrea. org/lists/ hr-education/ markup/msg02230. html

[please note that some of the fellowships are available only to graduates of specific schools in the US, but the Alan R. and Barbara D. Finberg Fellowship does not carry such restrictions.]

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfE: Women Living With War: Website

Contributions are now being solicited for a new website on "Women Living with War" in the following two categories: (1) creative arts-including mixed media, photography, creative fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and artwork; and (2) profiles-brief biographies, with weblinks and bibliographies of women from various historical
periods and geographical regions who dealt with/are dealing with war in their everyday lives. Please email Emily Smith with queries, proposals, or submissions.

Emily Smith
Lawrence University
Email: c17women@earthlink. net
Visit the website at http://www.oldroads .org/war/ womenwar. htm

[sursa e-nass]

CfA: Research associate and doctoral student, Humboldt-DE

JOB: Research associate and doctoral student

Humboldt-Universitä t zu Berlin, School of Business and Economics, Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and Innovation Management (Germany)

Application has to be received by 17. September 2006.

Website: http://www.inomics. com/cgi/job? actionfiltered=detail; nr=4768

[sursa romstudyabroad]

Master in VideoGame Design la Istituto Europeo di Design, Italia

Isituto Europeo di Desing, Italia organizeaza cursuri de Master in specializarea VideoGame Design.

Taxa de scolarizare este de 5450 Euro, iar cursurile dureaza 8 luni (420h).

Limba de predare este italiana, cursuri se desfasoara la Roma.

Programul de master este destinat celor care au deja informatii si experienta (bachelor) in domeniile comunicare media si digitala, planificarea şi dezvoltarea sistemelor informatice, planificarea interfetelor grafice sau simulare cu scop didactic sau predictiv.

Pentru detalii va rugam sa contactati Edu Project, reprezentant in Romania al IED Italia:

[sursa eurodesk_info]

CfA: Doctoral program Economics, Università degli Studi di Torino

Università degli Studi di Torino
Scuola di Dottorato in Economia "Vilfredo Pareto"

Scholarships (approximately euro 11000 per year, renewable for three years) are available. For the class entering in 2006-07, up to 9 scholarships will be awarded for enrolment in the SE section, up to 6 for ECC enrolment, up to 4 for SMA enrolment.

Applications deadline: 21st September 2006.

Website: http://www.sde. indexEN.htm

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfA: Postdoctoral Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Washington University announces the sixth year of an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Program designed to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching across the humanities and social sciences.

Beginning in September of 2001 the Fellowship Program has brought to Washington University new and recent Ph.D.s who wish to strengthen their own advanced training and to participate in the university's ongoing interdisciplinary programs and seminars.

The Postdoctoral Fellows receive two-year appointments with stipends; for the 2006-07 academic year the annual stipend will be $40,700. Fellows will outline a plan for their own continuing research to be pursued with a senior faculty mentor from Washington University. Over the course of their two-year appointment, fellows will teach three undergraduate courses and collaborate during a spring term in leading a seminar in the theory and methods of interdisciplinary research.

http://www.h- display_job. php?jobID= 31515

[sursa romstudyabroad]

CfP: Women's Experiences of Justice Essay collection

Deadlines: 500 word proposals are due by September 30, 2006 with a commitment to have full papers completed by February 28, 2007.

Call for papers: The co-editors of (Re)Interpretations : The Shapes of Justice in Women's Experience, to be published by Cambridge Scholars Press, Ltd. in late 2007, seek scholars interested in contributing a chapter. The book, which will show how women create justice or resist injustice through (re)interpretations of traditional structures, is divided into five sections that represent patriarchal authority and
power: Language Religion Medicine War and Sex Trafficking

Papers should be relatively jargon-free, accessible to a general audience interested in issues of justice for women, but they should also be well-grounded in scholarly research. A multicultural approach is encouraged to cover issues in both the first and the third worlds. Please send your proposals, with a short biography, to

Lisa Dresdner Ldresdner@ncc. or to
Laurel Peterson LPeterson@ncc.

[sursa e-nass]

CfA: Academic positions in European history

Washington University in St. Louis - Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry: A Postdoctoral Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences (MO, United States)

http://www.h- display_job. php?jobID= 31515

Stanford University - Fellows in Asian Languages; Comparative Literature; French and Italian; German Studies; Linguistics; Slavic Languages and Literatures; Spanish and Portuguese (CA, United States)

http://www.h- display_job. php?jobID= 31517

[sursa romstudyabroad]

Open invitation for a Training Course: PUZZLE for YOUTH

“Would you like to be a part of the puzzle?”
19th - 26th March 2007
Training Course
Action 5.6

“Every single movement of the One uniting the parts had been repeated by the producer of the parts before oneself; each part that one held and caressed, each combination it tried and tried again, each touch, each intuition, each hope, each discouragement have been determined, calculated, analyzed by somebody else.”

“…magically, two parts that are united had become both a unity and even a hesitation, a blues and a source of anticipation…”

G. Perec

What is Puzzle?

Youth Works has several components like a puzzle. The most important one of these components is the visual communication tools. But mostly, youth workers and youth leaders are not perfect at this component. The fundamental theme of our training course (Action 5.6) is to take advantage of visual communication in the creation, evaluation and support of Youth Works and supporting youth workers.

We believe that the optimal way for the youth to acquire information and to have speech about some topics related with themselves depends on the transformation of every kind of information in a healthy and efficient way. For this reason, we are planning to focus on the visual communication components like web, magazine, newspaper, billboards, documental at the youth work.

ü The current status of youth work
ü Target body (disadvantageous youth)
ü Visual communication at the reaching to target body
ü Visual communication elements
ü Alternative propositions

The training course will take 7 days. Within these 7 days, in addition to the objectives above, it is also aimed at displaying a sample product that is based upon the idea of gaining an awareness of European Citizenship by the youths that have less opportunity and at the same time includes new activities intended appreciation of spare time by equal opportunity. The root of the specific work about these is below:

ü Context determination
ü Transfer of the message accurately
ü Accurate platform
ü Accurate solution for the accurate platform
ü How is finance provided?
ü How is something advertised?
ü Common solution for the sample product

Kusadasi is a pretty seaport city which is founded near a glittering bay. It is a touristical place and hosted lots of civilizations. You can see lots of historical places there: Ephesus which was, according to antique age writers, founded around 1000 B.C.; MadonnaÂ’s House, one of the holy places for Christians; Artemis Temple which is the first temple of the world built by marble etcÂ…

When we will visit historical and touristical places, at the same time we will taste Turkish KitchenÂ’s specials. Especially, Sirince, the Seljuk town, is a perfect synthesis of Greek-Turkish cultureÂ’s representative. Village offers lots of different tastes with its fine panorama for tourists.

When we are realizing our programme at the best bay of Aegean Sea we will organize our T.C. sessions at some historical and touristical places like as Dilek Peninsula, Women Beach, Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Ephesus, Sirince Village sometimes in a ship, sometimes in a historical amphitheaters, sometimes in a historical village house and etc. and in this way we will learn with having a fun and we can add a different flavour to our courseÂ…

Please donÂ’t forget: FutureÂ’s Europe will be built up by young European Citizens J Future will be oursÂ…

Who can participate?
16 participants will participate in this T.C. Participants must be over 18 age and representative of a NGO. Besides, only Youth workers and Youth Leaders will be participate in this project.

Participation conditions:
If you participate in PUZZLE for YOUTH you should send filled, signed and stamped Part III which is in the attachment by fax to 00 90 312 359 26 82 and then you should fill and send the application form which is in the attachment to puzzle@kasifiz. biz by e-mail. You should send your documents not later then 30 August 2006.
There is no participation fee. Maximum 4 participants from each country will be welcomed. 70 % of travel costs will be reimbursement. Besides, all the accommodation, meals, transportation and activities will be covered by us.

Address: Bulut sokak No: 30/A 06310 Kecioren-Ankara/ TURKEY
Phone: 00 90 312 360 99 50
Fax: 00 90 312 359 26 82
e-mail: puzzle@kasifiz. biz
web: www.kasifiz. biz

[sursa euromedforyouth]

CfP: Genetics, Human Rights and the Next Phase of Human Evolution

15 to 17 November 2007, Calgary, Canada

As geneticists continue to explore life at its molecular level; the challenge for geneticists, ethicists, and lawyers is to ensure that ethics and law keep pace. To ensure that the fruits of such research are applied without prejudice for the benefit
of those who are living and those yet to be born. One Origin, One Race, One Earth: Genetics, Human Rights and the Next Phase of Human Evolution will address legal and ethical issues attendant to genetics -- issues that lead into the heart of what it is to be human.

For more information, e-mail
or visit

[sursa euromedforyouth]

Call for Nominations to the CIVICUS Board of Directors

Application Deadline: 1 November 2006

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation seeks nominations of individuals to stand for election to its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the organisation’s governing body and comprises 13 directors who are elected to serve a three-year term.

Any current or prospective member of CIVICUS may stand for election to one of the 13 seats. For more information, please see
www.civicus. org/new/media/ CallforNominatio ns.pdf and
www.civicus. org/new/media/ NominationsForm. doc

[sursa euromedforyouth]

Call for Nominations: The CIVICUS Nelson Mandela

Extension of Proposal Deadline: 31 August 2006

The deadline for the CIVICUS Nelson Mandela Graca Machel Innovation Awards has been extended to 31 August 2006. Those organisations who have already applied in compliance with the 31st July deadline are welcome to resubmit their proposals if they would like to take advantage of the extension to work further on their proposals. The Innovation Awards are aimed at providing seed funding for innovative ideas emerging from organisations or groups of participants at the CIVICUS World Assembly.

The broad idea is to support community based and grassroots initiatives with an
emphasis on the overall WA theme: Acting Together for a Just World through one of the four sub-themes: Civic, Economic, Political and Social Justice. For more information, see
www.civicus. org/new/content/ TheCIVICUSInnova tionsAward. htm

[sursa euromedforyouth]

International Essay Competition on Population Politics, Migration and Human Rights

Conference and workshop participation in Berlin
February 2007

ICS Scholarship/ Grant for 2007

New Extended Deadline: September 24th, 2006

The Irmgard Coninx Foundation is continuing its program on human rights with an international conferences and adjunct workshops to address the social, political, theoretical, and pragmatic issues of human rights today.

The topic of the new focus is:

Population Politics and Human Rights

As in the years before the "Berlin Roundtables on Transnationalism" will start its new topic with an essay/working paper competition.

The 2007 conference and workshops will focus on

Population Politics and Human Rights:

45 essayists will be selected by an international jury and invited to join the international conference and workshops in Berlin from February 15th - 20th 2007.

The Irmgard Coninx Foundation will cover costs of travel to and accommodation in Berlin for invited participants.

Furthermore, for the best essay the Irmgard Coninx Foundation will award to up to three workshop participants a three months research grant in Berlin for the year 2007 at the Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB) and the Humboldt University. The recipient will also be invited to join the workshop in 2007/8. The Irmgard Coninx Foundation will provide for a monthly stipend of 1000 Euro plus accommodation.

For essay details, application procedure and additional information, please visit our website:

[sursa astudents]

Aug 18, 2006

Marie Curie Fellow - Pre-doc: Mathematical models of angiogenesis (Foundation for Research and Technology, Crete, Greece)

Country - GREECE
City - Crete
Company/Institute - Foundation for Research and Technology

Organisation - Politecnico di Torino
Street - Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24
City - Torino
Postal Code - 10129
Country - ITALY
Phone - 390115647514
E-Mail -

Application Deadline - 30/09/2006

PhD positions at The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Public Competition Announcement for PhD courses – 22nd cycle


The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano announces a public competition, by examinations and/or qualifications, for admission to the following PhD Research Programmes of the 22nd cycle, academic year 2006/2007.


Duration: 3 years
Scientific areas: INF 01 Computer science and ING-INF 05 Information Processing Systems
Official language of course: English
A public competition for the allocation of 14 places is announced of which 7 will be covered by grants of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.


Duration: 3 years
Scientific areas: M-PED/01 General and Social Pedagogy and M-PED/03
Didactics and Special Pedagogy
Official languages of course: Italian and German
A public competition for the allocation of 8 places is announced of which 5 will be covered by grants of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

[sursa beasiswa]

Marie Curie Fellow - Analytical Chemistry (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece)

A research training on science for cultural heritage at FORTH-IESL

The aim of the ATHENA project is the transfer of knowledge and the training of early stage researchers to approach with a scientific method the multidisciplinary field of the conservation of the cultural heritage. The three host institutions will provide research training according to the following scheme: LENS (Florence, Italy): will provide training on the use of laser, advanced spectroscopic instrumentation: FT-IR, Raman and micro-Raman, pulsed Raman, LIBS, UV-VIS absorption and fluorescence methods, Raman-IR imaging techniques, spectroscopic data interpretation and treatment, spectral database construction for the characterization of artwork materials as pigments, ceramic mineralogical phases, organic dyes, artistic metal corrosion products, binders, painting substrates.

Complementary methods for diagnostics will be available at the host site: PIXE and PIGE, 14C dating methods, SEM-EELS. FORTH-IESL (Heraklion, Crete, Greece) will provide training in: a) Laser Spectroscopic and Imaging Techniques to be used for the on-line monitoring and control of any conservation intervention, including laser cleaning; b) advanced interferometric techniques for determining structural defects in the built of the art objects; c) laser spectroscopic techniques (e.g. Laser Induced Fluorescence, Mass Spectroscopy, Multi-spectral Imaging) for authentication applications. UA-MiTAC (Antwerp, Belgium): will provide training in the use of non-destructive micro-analysis and imaging methods with the aim of a priori or a posteriori inspection of the state of conservation of various materials and artefacts, either using equipment in the laboratory or in-situ equipment. The cultural heritage materials, which will be the subject of training, include: glass, stained windows, pigments, ceramics and metal alloys (Au, Ag, bronzes) using the methods of SEM/EPMA (scanning electron microscopy/electron probe micro analysis), XRF and micro-XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence analysis).

Organisation - European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy (LENS)
Division/Faculty/Department - University of Florence - LENS
Street - N. Carrara n. 1
City - Sesto (Firenze)
Postal Code - 50019
Country - ITALY
Phone - +390554572469
Fax - +390554572451
E-Mail -
Website -

Application Deadline - 31/03/2007

Post-doctoral Researcher - Electrical Engineering (Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas, Greece)

The Telecommunications and Networks Laboratory (TNL) of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) at the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), is seeking recent PhD graduates for a post-doctoral position in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). This is an emerging field with exciting theoretical and applied research directions, currently attracting immense interest within the research community.

The post-doctoral position focuses on distributed information fusion aspects of WSNs. The ideal candidate would have a theoretical background in signal processing, pattern recognition and data fusion, and preferably experience in engineering applications concerning the structure, function, and organisation of complex remote sensing systems.

-24-month contract
-Annual Salary between 47,000 - 50,000 Euros (gross, depending on family status)

Organisation - Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH)
Division/Faculty/Department - Institute of Computer Science (ICS)/Telecommunications and Networks Lab (TNL)
Street - Vassilika Vouton
City - Heraklion
Postal Code - 71110
State/Province - Crete
Country - GREECE
Phone - +30-2810-391730
E-Mail -
Website -

Application Deadline - 01/09/2006

-Recent PhD graduates (less than 10 years after obtaining their BS degree).
-Non-Greek nationals, who have not resided in Greece more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the appointment.
-Greek nationals who have resided and held their primary activities outside Greece for at least 4 of the last 5 years.
-FORTH is an equal opportunity employer; female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Natural Immunity in Atherosclerosis (Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria)

To join the team of Christoph Binder, we are seeking highly motivated individuals to explore immunological mechanisms in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Recent work in the laboratory suggests that B-1 cells and natural antibodies play an important role in atherogenesis (Nat Med. 2003 9:736-43; J Clin Invest. 2004 114:427-37). The projects will focus on the morphological and functional analyses of newly generated mouse models, the cellular and molecular characterization of associated immune responses, as well as the analysis of human samples.

Candidates must have a recent PhD and/or MD degree, a strong academic track record and demonstrated research productivity. Expertise in immunology, molecular biology, and in vivo mouse models is desirable.

Integration into a multidisciplinary team at CeMM of medical doctors, molecular biologists, mass spectrometricians, bioinformaticians, biochemists and chemists warrants high productivity, access to expertise and exposure to project management.

Applicants should submit: A cover letter, a curriculum vitae, names and contact details of three suggested referees. Send all documents in English referring to the code to: Anita Ender,

Organisation - CeMM - Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Street - Lazarettgasse 19/3
City - Vienna
Postal Code - 1090
Country - AUSTRIA
E-Mail -
Website -

Application Deadline - 10/09/2006

Postdoctoral Fellow in Innate Immunity Signalling (Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria)

To join the team of Giulio Superti-Furga, we are seeking highly motivated individuals to map and explore innate immunity signalling pathways (Bauch et al. (2006) Immunol Rev, 210, 187-207; Bouwmeester et al. (2004) Nat Cell Biol, 6, 97-105). This involves protein complex purification and functional validation of novel key interactors.

Candidates must have a recent PhD and/or MD degree, a strong academic track record, demonstrated research productivity and expertise in immunology.

Integration into a multidisciplinary team at CeMM of medical doctors, molecular biologists, mass spectrometricians, bioinformaticians, biochemists and chemists warrants high productivity, access to expertise and exposure to project management.

Applicants should submit: A cover letter, a curriculum vitae, names and contact details of three suggested referees. Send all documents in English referring to the code to: Anita Ender

Organisation - CeMM - Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Street - Lazarettgasse 19/3
City - Vienna
Postal Code - 1090
Country - AUSTRIA
E-Mail - (Ms. Anita Ender)
Website -

Application Deadline - 10/09/2006


The Biomedical Signal Processing research group at UCC under the direction of Dr Geraldine Boylan of the Department of Paediatrics & Child Health and Dr Liam Marnane of the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering has a post-doctoral position available.

The successful applicant will join an SFI funded research group investigating automated neonatal seizure detection techniques. The successful applicant will play an important overall role within the project, working to develop novel neonatal seizure detection algorithms using multi-modal physiological signals, coordinating activity with other members of the team at UCC and working with outside clinicians and biomedical engineers to develop and evaluate new and improved signal processing systems. In addition, the successful applicant will assist in management activities such as project planning, funding applications and report writing, including conference and journal publications.

More information can be obtained from

Dr Geraldine Boylan
Department of Paediatrics & Child Health
University College Cork


Dr Liam Marnane
Dep. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Organisation - University College Cork
Division/Faculty/Department - Dep. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Street - University of Cork, Western Road
City - Cork
Country - IRELAND
Phone - +353 (0)21 4903000
E-Mail -
Website -

Application Deadline - 20/09/2006

R&D Scientist - Development of immunoassays (Biotrin, Dublin, Ireland)

REPORTING TO - Head of Research & Development / Team Leader

MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB - Product Development. Providing technical support to other departments within the company.

Development of immunoassays.
Project planning.
Designing and carrying out experiments.
Interpreting results of experiments.
Collating data in technical files.
Technical problem-solving.
Preparation of technical reports.
Carrying out literature searches.
Writing Standard Operating Procedures .
Maintenance and calibration of equipment.

3rd Level Degree in a Biological Science.

Scientist will need to interact effectively with Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, QA / QC and Technical Support

Lab experience in using and developing immunoassays.
Experience of assay development in a regulated commercial environment would be advantageous.

Technical Skills: Immunoassay techniques - EIA development. Protein purification and analysis, Protein conjugation, SDS- PAGE, IEF
Project planning
Knowledge of design control procedures
Understanding of GLP, GMP and Regulatory requirements.
Problem solving

Good organisational and interpersonal skills
Excellent communications skills
Act as team player in a busy R&D Department
Ability to work to a deadline

Organisation - Biotrin
Division/Faculty/Department - Human Resources
Street - 93 The Rise, Mount Merrion
City - Co. Dublin
Country - IRELAND
Phone - +353 1 283 1166
Fax - +353 1 283 1232
E-Mail -
Website -

Application Deadline - 29/09/2006

Concursul European de Fotografie "Cantabria+10" [DL: 1 nov]

"Cantabria+10" este un concurs foto organizat de Asociatia Cantabria@Europa din Spania, in care tinerii sunt invitati sa se prezinte/portretizeze pe ei insisi in diferite situatii cotidiene, intr-o combinatie de stil documentar si foto-jurnalism. Scopul concursului este de a face cunoscute stilurile de viata ale tinerilor din Europa.

Data limita de inscriere: 1 noiembrie 2006

Informatii suplimentare:

Methodological Workshop for Trainers and Lecturers

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We would like to inform you that The European Initiatives Office in Poland organizes in this year last edition of the course "Methodological Workshop for Trainer and Lecturers". The course will take place in a beautiful surrounding of Poland in Zakopane (charming winter capital of Poland with rich folk culture), in October 2006. The course is organized within the confines of Socrates Grundtvig 3 and is registered under reference number PL-2006-010.

We invite teachers (vocational, adult, special needs) and teacher trainers to participate in our workshop. The course will be conducted by experienced trainers in the field of non-formal education, adult education and communication.

The course is based on experiences and the practical workshops with using audio visual instruments (e.g. Power point presentations), simulation games, works in groups and methods of training such as: coaching, which could be useful to complete knowledge of trainers.

Please find attached the course description and registration form.
Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact
Aleksandra Sikorska at or on the following phone
number: + 48 42 632 80 84 ; +48 42 639 95 69.

Please feel free to forward this information to other colleagues who
might be interested in the course.

Best wishes
Aleksandra Sikorska

Programme Director
The European Initiatives Office Ltd.
(Biuro Obs³ugi Inicjatyw Europejskich)
90-601 £ód¼
Zielona Street 15
Poland ,

Tel. + 48 42 632 80 84
+ 48 42 639 95 69
Fax.+ 48 42 632 80 84 22

[sursa societatea_civila]

Aug 17, 2006

Financial instrument economist (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)

At the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, a Transport Economics research group under the leadership of Professor Katalin Tánczos has developed a research and teaching programme on procedures relating economic and network scenarios to the structuring of transport infrastructure project financing modalities.

In particular the INNO-FINance computer programme embodies a first set of such procedures and has been applied recently to various Hungarian road, rail and urban transport infrastructure projects. It is the purpose of the research to participate in the improvement of the regional economics features of these procedures, including that of their economic interpretation, in the teaching of the regional economics component of transport infrastructure forecasting exercises and in publications of the team.

Organisation - Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Division/Faculty/Department - Department of Transport Economics
Street - Bertalan L u. 2 Z/411
City - Budapest
Postal Code - 1111
Country - HUNGARY
Phone - 3614631008
Fax - 3614633267
E-Mail -
Website -

Application Deadline - 30/08/2006

Experimental physicist or Grid programmer (KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Hungary)

Help setting up computer tools on the Grid cluster of KFKI RMKI for the simulation and analysis of events to be collected by the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider of CERN. The work to be done is sofware development or preparation of physics analysis.

Organisation - KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics
Division/Faculty/Department - Nuclear Physics Division
Street - Konkoly-Thege 29-33
City - Budapest
Postal Code - H-1525
Country - HUNGARY
Phone - +36 1 392 2222/ext.
Fax - +36 1 392 2598
E-Mail -
Website -

Application Deadline - 01/01/2007

PhD student - Theoretical modelling of fragmentation of polymers (Akzo Nobel - Research and Technology Chemicals, Hungary)

The research fellow will perform theoretical and fundamental studies in a border area of mass spectrometry, quantum chemistry, reaction kinetics and software development, and apply these studies to polymer characterization. The fellow will work on the theory of collision-induced dissociation and electron capture dissociation and kinetics of mass spectrometric fragmentation processes. This will provide a theoretical reference frame for interpretation of the multistage mass spectrometric data and for choices of cationisation (or anionisation) salts and dissociation techniques.

A three months' secondment at the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is part of the training. Visit our website for more information on the project. Profile of the ideal candidate: MSc or equivalent degree in physics or chemistry, interest in theoretical and fundamental studies, and some experience with mass spectrometry or quantum chemistry or reaction kinetics, fluent in English, good communication skills, team-worker, eager to learn.

Organisation - Akzo Nobel - Research and Technology Chemicals
Division/Faculty/Department - Dept. Chemicals Analytics and Physics
Street - Velperweg 76 - P.O.Box 9300
City - Arnhem
Postal Code - 6800 SB
Phone - +31 (0) 26 3661941
Fax - +31 (0) 26 366 2588
E-Mail -

Application Deadline - 01/09/2006

PhD scholarship at the Center for Health Management (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

The Department of Organization and Industrial Sociology
invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship within the following research

Reorganization of Health Services

The scholarship is co-financed by CBS, the National
Institute of Public Health and the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and

The empirical focus of the PhD
project will be on new municipal health centres in Denmark. Important research
questions are: what actors contribute to the theorization and local
interpretation of the health center concept, the institutionalization of health
centres, and how the relations between health centres, clients and other health
organizations are shaped through patient/client categorizations.

The project will be part of">Center for
Health Management at the department and the PhD scholar will be inscribed at
the PhD program in Organizational Analyses.

Application deadline: 7 September 2006, at 12:00 noon.

Salary and appointment as a PhD student or a research
fellow will be in accordance with the Ministry of Finance’s agreement with the
Central Academic Organisation.

Please read the full announcement on

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(tuition fee: mostly free)

(tuition fee: free)

(tuition fee: free)



(tuition fee: free)





[sursa beasiswa]

Issue 9 of ISJ is published

Dear all,
It's our pleasure to inform you that Issue 9 of International Studies Journal (ISJ) is published. For subscription information please email or Mr. Nema Milaninia at or Dr. Mehdi Zakerian at or reply to this email.
This issues contents:

Vol. 3, No. 1, Summer 2006
· Articles Iranian Woman: Assessing Achievements and Challenges / Dr. Mahmood Monshipouri /1
The Theory of Regional Security Complexes: Exploring the Options / Dr. Arshin Adib-Moghaddam /25
Comparing Elections within the Algerian and Iranian Political Systems: Electoral Structures or Super Structures? /
Rafael Bustos-Luciano Zaccara /41
The Practice of Mediation in International Conflicts /
Dr. Mahmood Vaezi /65
The Legal Status of Women in Family and the Necessity of Its Amendment / Hajar Siarostami /95
Gender Mainstreaming in Iran Judiciary Power / Raha-Lucienne Zohadi /117
Freedom, Good Governance and Developments in Iran /
Massood Aryaee /135
· Book Review Dr. Helena Torroja Meteu, La asistencia humanitariel en la Orgnaizacion de Naciones Unidas / Dr. Akbar Esmail Pour /173
Michael Ignatieff, Human Rights as Politics and Idolatory /
Karn Rohani /178

Nema Milaninia
Executive Director
International Studies Journal
Tehran, Iran

A l’attention de tout les amies,

J’ai le plaisir de vous informer que numero 9 de l’International Studies Journal (ISJ) est publiés. L’ISJ est dirigé par un groupe de professeurs iraniens et étrangers. Son Comité éditorial est composé d’universitaires reconnus dans le domaine du droit international public, des droits de l’homme, du droit international humanitaire et des relations internationales. Le Comité compte notamment parmi ses membres : le docteur Mehdi Zakerian, le professeur Davood Hermidass Bayand, le Juge Ahmed Seif al Dawla, les professeurs Anne-Marie Slaughter et Cherif Bassiouni, les docteurs Mahmood Monishipouri, Ineke Boerefin, Dietrich Jung, le professeur Alexander Knoops, les docteurs Ramesh Thakur, Hossein Daheshyar, Simon Peterman, Reza Moussazadeh ainsi que les professeurs Reynald Ottenhof et Amr Shalakany.

A fin de faire un abonnement, prier de nous contacter par ce courriel ou de contater: Pr. Dr. Mehdi Zakerian (Redacteur _en_ chef):
Ce numero comprend des articles et des recensions des livres comme:

· Articles
Iranian Woman: Assessing Achievements and Challenges / Dr. Mahmood Monshipouri /1
The Theory of Regional Security Complexes: Exploring the Options / Dr. Arshin Adib-Moghaddam /25
Comparing Elections within the Algerian and Iranian Political Systems: Electoral Structures or Super Structures? /
Rafael Bustos-Luciano Zaccara /41
The Practice of Mediation in International Conflicts /
Dr. Mahmood Vaezi /65
The Legal Status of Women in Family and the Necessity of Its Amendment / Hajar Siarostami /95
Gender Mainstreaming in Iran Judiciary Power / Raha-Lucienne Zohadi /117
Freedom, Good Governance and Developments in Iran /
Massood Aryaee /135

· Recensions des Livres
Dr. Helena Torroja Meteu, La asistencia humanitariel en la Orgnaizacion de Naciones Unidas / Dr. Akbar Esmail Pour /173
Michael Ignatieff, Human Rights as Politics and Idolatory /
Karn Rohani /178

Nema Milaninia
Directeur executive de l’ISJ
Téhéran, Iran.

International Studies Journal (ISJ)
"Iranian Democrtic View of International Affairs"
Address: ISJ, Aprt. 12, No. 337, Shaheed Kolahdooz St.,
CP 1944685455, Tehran, Iran.
Tel: (+98-21) 22594417
Fax: (+98-21) 22594417

[sursa e-nass]

Launch of Africa's Lakes: Atlas of Our Changing Environment

Event: Poster Presentation Event: Press Conference
Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2006 Date: Wednesday, 23 August 2006
Time: 17:00 – 18:45 hrs. Time: 17:15 hrs.
Venue: Room 206 Venue: Glashall A+B

At: Stockholm City Conference Centre, Folkets Hus, Barnhusgatan, 12-14

Produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in cooperation with Belgian Development Cooperation, Africa’s Lakes: Atlas of Our Changing Environment compares and contrasts spectacular satellite images of the past few decades with contemporary ones.

Africa’s Lakes Atlas is an effort to increase local and international awareness of some natural and some human-made changes. This comprehensive collection of 60 images, 40 photos and 15 environmental maps demonstrates rapid shrinking of Lake Songor in Ghana, the extraordinary changes in the Zambezi river system beside more familiar images of the near 90 per cent shrinkage of Lake Chad. Other impacts, as seen from space, include the extensive deforestation around Lake Nakuru in Kenya, dramatic rejuvenation of the Djoudj Sanctuary wetlands in Senegal and farming of scorching hot desert in Toshka, Egypt.

Satellite measurements detailing the falling water levels of Lake Victoria are also mapped. Africa’s largest freshwater lake is now about a metre lower than it was in the early 1990s. The development of this visual proof of Africa’s environmental changes revolving around lakes involved the input of 42 contributors from 16 organizations in 11 countries including Cameroon, Canada, China, Ethiopia, India, Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, the United States of America and Zimbabwe.

For more information visit: Contact: Ashbindu Singh, Ph.D., Regional Coordinator

UNEP Division of Early Warning & Assessment-North America
1707 H Street, Suite 300, Washington DC 20006
Tel: 202 785 0465
Fax: 202 785 2096


International Summer Media Workshop, Vrsac, Serbia

Media Education Centre, Media Laboratory with support of European Cultural Foundation (TOM Jr.), Municipality of Vrsac and TO Vrsac and

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, The Netherlands and USA
More that 60 participants from 16 countries! Main topic of the workshop: CONTACT

22nd to 28th August 2006

We have planed to have workshop of 20 participants (10 teams with two members). It is to be international; team will be international: one foreigner participant and one participant from Serbia. the one minute's films, TOM Group, educators: Vava Sojadinovi´c and Janneke Kupfer, European Cultural Foundation, The Netherlands

One to Two, Ten Seconds, Short, One Take film workshop

the one to two minutes films, 1to2' Group, educators: Byung-Chul Cho Dong-Ah Broadcasting College, South Korea, Miomir Rajcevic and Jovan Jakonic, MEC-Serbia

short films (up to five minutes), SF Group, educators: Marc Tobias Winterhagen, Germany and Aleksandar Jakonic, Media Laboratory, Serbia

ten seconds films, 10" Group, educator: Miomir Rajcevic, MEC-Serbia

one take films, OT Group, educators: Dzeni Rostohar, Slovenia and Miomir Rajcevic, MEC-Serbia

Youth NEWS Magazine Workshop

TV & WEB workshop, YnewsM Group: educators: Miomir Rajcevic, MEC-Serbia, Ljiljana Stojkovic, SBC, Serbia, Kary Cerda Tirado, CEPAK A.D de C.V., Mexico, Anna Kaller, BBC World Service, Russia, Jovan Mitrovic, Media Laboratory, Serbia

This workshop should allow young people to understand the basic concepts of the language of media. The TV workshop is also a part of the European project called Roaming Reporters.

We would like to be in CONTACT with all of you! Our WEB site will be open for communication from 21st of August!
Yahoo! Messenger - rajcevic; MSN Messenger -;
SKYPE - miomirr

Participate on ISMW trough internet, CONTACT wait for you!
Best regards, Miomir

[sursa euroconferinte]

Summer School on Environmental Law - Extended Deadline

Dear all,

The European Law Students’ Association - ELSA Iasi (Romania) proudly invites you to join its first international event from 15th to 25th September 2006:

The Development of Environmental Law in the European Legislation within the Past 25 Years and its Impact on the International Trade

The Summer School will deal with issues involving Environmental Law and how it relates with international trade and EU legislation. The topics of the Summer School will be environment and health with regards to air and water pollution, natural resources and waste, chemicals, climate change, international issues (multilateral environmental agreements, international relations, green diplomacy), environmental cooperation in the Danube - Black Sea region and also practical discussions about environment-related “hot topics”.

We extended the deadline for submitting the Application Form so that more of you could join – the new deadline is 22nd August! Hurry up!

Here are some fee information about the event:
ELSA members from favoured countries: 20 Euro per night
ELSA members from non-favoured countries: 25 Euro per night
ELSA Alumni: 30 Euro per night
Non-ELSA member: 30 Euro per night
Non-Student: 35 Euro per night
Extra night: 30 Euro per night
Cocktail fee: 10 Euro
Sightseeing: 20 Euro

And we prepared a lot of surprises for you!

Enjoy late summer days in Iasi, Romania!

For further information please contact us at
And don’t forget to also check the website of the event:!

What are you waiting for? Join us!

Irina-Catrinel Arhip
Head of the Organising Committee

Irina-Catrinel Arhip
Telefon: 0746 074 904; 0724 574 369

Bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfant 15A, Clinica Legala, Cod 700064, Iasi, Romania
E-mail:, Homepage:
Parteneri ELSA Iasi: Universitatea "Al. I. Cuza" Iasi, Facultatea de Drept, Clinica Legala, Centrul Cultural Francez, Centrul Cultural German, SPVRSI de pe langa Tribunalul Iasi, ACCED Iasi, Opinia Studenteasca, Radio Vox T

[sursa euroconferinte]

Academic jobs in European History

Norwich University - Professors of History Global/European (VT, United States)

McGill University - Assistant Professor, Eastern European History (QC, Canada)

University of Colorado - Boulder - Assistant Professor, Modern Germany (CO, United States)

Duke University - Open-Rank Faculty Position, Mediterranean Europe 1200-1600 (NC, United States)

Case Western Reserve University - Modern Britain/British Empire (OH, United States)

[sursa romstudyabroad]

The People Speak 2006

Dear All,

I am pleased to inform you that International Debate Education Association (IDEA: will be continuing its participation in The People Speak (TPS) initiative in 2006. IDEA has been awarded a generous grant from the Better World Fund to assist it in promoting The People Speak both in the United States and

The goal of The People Speak initiative is to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in thoughtful discussions about the value of international cooperation for the United States and the world. Similarly to previous years when TPS events were held across the world, organizations are encouraged to organize community debates, discussions, roundtables, meetings and media programs focusing on the following themes: Peace, Security & Human Rights; Energy & Global Climate Change; and the Millennium Development Goals.

IDEA will distribute small grants for organization of each TPS event- up to 250 USD for the events to be organized between 1st September and 30th November 2006. As a general rule, IDEA TPS program will award no more then 2 grants to each applicant. However if applicants would like to organize bigger TPS projects, they are welcome to submit individual proposals that will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Applicants may also choose to organize events in exchange of "IDEA Guilder points"- which will be redeemable towards the purchase of IDEA goods and services. The number of Guilders awarded to each member will depend on the nature of the contribution that an applicant makes to TPS' 2006 program.

More information on the People Speak Events is available at - in the column on the right side of the page you will be able to access the TPS Toolkit and explanation of IDEA Guilder system.

Please, also do not hesitate to contact me ( if you should have any questions or require assistance with organization of your TPS events.

With best regards,
Marcin Zaleski

[sursa romanian_roma]

GFSIS CfA: Capacity Building in Strategic Decision-Making

Capacity Building in Strategic Decision-Making: Lessons from the Development Experience in the Asia Pacific
October 22 - November 5, 2006

Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) together with Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan) is hosting the fourth training program in Capacity Building in Strategic Decision-Making: Lessons from the Development Experience in the Asia Pacific.

The training will be held at GFSIS, Tbilisi from October 22 through November 5 October, 2005. The goal of the program is to familiarize participants with the development strategies of Asian countries and to discuss the possible development strategies for the countries of the South Caucasus.

Participants at the training will be representatives of governmental, non governmental and business sectors, as well as media and academia from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. All expenses connected with the program will be covered by GFSIS. The participants will also receive stipend in amount of $300.

Applicants should:
Represent governmental, non-governmental and business sectors, as well as media and academia from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia;
Hold a Master's Degree or equivalent;
Have sufficient English language ability to participate in discussions and use resource materials;
Submit CV with a cover letter by September 15, 2006 on the following email: