Jan 3, 2010

Call for papers for the Spring 2009 issue on secularization - "Identity Studies"

Identity Studies

Call for papers for the Spring 2009 issue on secularization

Identity Studies is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal founded in the framework of the SCOPES (Swiss National Science Foundation) Project "Social Sciences in Changing Contexts: the Case of Georgia".

The first issue, published in 2009, contained materials dedicated to the re-thinking of the theory of nationalism, specifically in the context of Georgia.

The second, forthcoming issue will be devoted to the critical assessment of secularization.

Secularization has been regarded for a long time as a correlative process of modernization, along with the processes of rationalization, beaurocratization etc. The first problem connected with it is the multiple meaning of the term: does secularization mean the decline of religion? Or the separation of secular and sacred spheres? Or transference of the sacred to the secular realm? But there is even a more problematic issue - dissenting voices have been becoming stronger and stronger, arguing against the usefulness of the concept, pointing to the numerous phenomena of the survival and even renaissance of religion in the modern world. Of special interest for the journal is the analysis of the role of religion in post-socialist societies, but more general theoretic reflections on secularization are also welcome.

Article manuscripts should be 20 to 30 double-spaced type written pages in English, including endnotes. The Journal conforms to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please send the abstracts before 20th January, 2010. Deadline for the final draft – 15th February, 2010. The target date for publication is 1st April, 2010.

Website: http://identitystudies.ac.ge/

For more information please contact Shota Khinchagashvili at shota_khinchagashvili@iliauni.edu.ge.

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