Jan 5, 2010

European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies 2010, Belgique

*The European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies invites applications to the Doctoral Programme 2010 commencing on October 1st. ** **


The European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies, co-ordinated by Humboldt-Universitä t zu Berlin, is an international, interdisciplinary graduate programme cooperating with eight partner universities. After the completion of the programme the doctoral degree *Doctor Europaeus *is awarded.

As dissertation projects seven major areas of research, to be pursued in an
interdisciplinary approach, are favoured:
1. The interrelationship between economic and social structure
2. Processes of change in economic organisations and institutions
3. Markets understood as social structures and networks
4. Labour markets, employment, and conflict
5. Welfare state analysis and social security
6. Economic and social inequality and perceptions of social justice
7. Social ethics of the market in face of globalization

*International Faculty*
More than 40 academic teachers of the eight partner universities and associated national research institutions share in teaching und supervising the doctoral students.

* **Admission*
Admission is based upon academic excellence and is open to students with an economic or social science background who meet the admission requirements of their home university. Candidates may be citizens of countries other than those of the partner universities. The application procedure is identical in all Sess.EuroPhD partner universities. Applicants should decide at which university his or her research interests are represented best and should direct their application to the respective university. Candidates must have completed an academic education with above average results of a minimum of five years in the fields of social sciences or economics. They should meet the degree requirements equivalent to a Master of Arts as established by the respective national grant authorities or laid down in the guidelines of the respective university. The degree must be obtained by the beginning of the academic year they want to apply for. English proficiency at an academic
level is assumed.

The application deadline might vary depending on the university applied to and should be checked with the respective contact person. For Humboldt University the application deadline is *February 15th *for the following winter semester. Applicants who proceed to the second round of applications will be interviewed in late April. For admission details go to * www.europhd.org/admission* *where you
can submit your application electronically between January 5th and February 15th CET. **

The following partner universities are currently admitting and tutoring Sess.EuroPhD candidates:

*Universitat de Barcelona*
*Humboldt-Universitä t zu Berlin*
*Université Libre de Bruxelles*
*University of Haifa*
*Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille*
*Sapienza Università di Roma*
*University of Southampton*
*University of Tampere*

For all concerns please contact:

*Dr. Ulrike Tikvah Kissmann** *

*Academic Manager Sess.EuroPhD* * *

*Humboldt** University of Berlin** *

*Institute** of Social Sciences** *

*Unter den Linden 6** *

*D-10099 Berlin** *

*sess@europhd. org** *

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