Feb 17, 2010

PhD positions in Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

The State Research Centre for Optics and Material Sciences (OPTIMAS) invites applications for funded Ph.D. positions supported by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. The whole program consists of eight interdisciplinary research projects. Each of the eight projects will employ two doctoral candidates, one in each of the two partner research groups. The positions provide monthly stipends for a fixed term of three years. Following you find those positions that are still available.

A successful candidate should hold an M.Sc. or equivalent qualification in the indicated scientific area or a related research field. Applications with the usual supporting material should be submitted ASAPto the leader of the participating research group.

Open positions in OPTIMAS Carl-Zeiss-Ph. D. program
Ab initio calculations, synthesis and characterization of new homo- and heterodinuclear complexes with novel spin properties
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Krüger
Characterization of protein films on glass surfaces
Prof. Dr. C. Ziegler
Preparation, characterization, and effect of suboxidic particles at the nanoscale in polymeric matrices
Prof. Dr. G. Niedner-Schatteburg
Plasmonics in organic-inorganic hybrid systems
Prof. Dr. C. Ziegler
Hybrid systems of metamaterials and quantum oscillators
Prof. Dr. M. Fleischhauer
High frequency spin currents in magnetic nanostructures
Prof. Dr. H. C. Schneider

more details on the program can be found here:

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