Oct 17, 2010

CfP: ISTF Yale Chapter Annual Conference January 27-29, 2011


Communities, Commodities, and Carbon: Innovations in Tropical Forest Management

Annual conference, January 27-29, 2011
International Society of Tropical Foresters, Yale Student Chapter

Despite sustained efforts to combat global deforestation, tropical forest management that provides for human livelihoods and conservation remains an elusive goal. Creative problem solving and knowledge-sharing are key to finding lasting solutions to this intractable problem. Recent innovations are providing new approaches in community engagement, market-based strategies for reducing agricultural encroachment, and carbon-based climate change mitigation schemes.

On January 27-29, the Yale Chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters will bring together practitioners and researchers from government, academia, and environmental and development organizations to explore innovations in tropical forest conservation and management.

We are seeking presenters to share experiences and engage in discussions driven by questions such as:

- What are new ideas in community-based forestry? What is the role of communities in climate change mitigation, and what will the effect of carbon projects on rural and peri-urban communities be?

- How can engagement with the supply chains of agricultural commodities (e.g. with roundtables) reduce deforestation? Where have these approaches shown tangible results, and where have they failed? What novel strategies are in the pipeline?

- What are the major obstacles in assuring REDD+ project permanence? How are global drivers of deforestation (e.g. timber markets) contributing to international leakage? What are the latest innovations in remote-sensing technologies, and what new methods are being devised for more reliable ground-truthing?

To apply: We encourage abstracts based on primary research, as well as personal or institutional experience. Selected participants will present full papers either orally or in a poster session at the conference.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 500 words and contain the following information:

1. Name(s) of the author(s)
2. Title and abstract of the paper to be presented
3. Institution( s) or organization( s) of author(s)' affiliation(s)
4. Address, telephone, fax and e-mail of the corresponding author
5. Type of presentation: Full paper and presentation, poster, or either.

Please send abstracts by November 5, 2010 to: yaleistf@gmail. com
Invited speakers will have the option of submitting conference proceedings for publication in the Journal of Sustainable Forestry.

Who we are: The Yale Chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters participates in a range of social, educational, and professional activities that promote the sharing of experiences and knowledge related to resource management in tropical countries. Each year, ISTF organizes a two-day conference at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in New Haven, Connecticut to discuss emerging topics in the tropics. For more information please visit
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