Oct 3, 2010

PhD position in Operational Research - VUB Brussels

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel in cooperation with KaHo Sint-Lieven and HUBrussel conducts research on Personnel Rostering and Manpower Planning for which a four year PhD position is vacant.

The candidate should have a master degree and possess good mathematical skills. Experience with programming is desirable.

*Project description*

State of the art approaches on quantitative personnel planning are restricted to either manpower planning or personnel rostering, addressing long term and short term objectives respectively. Some approaches combine aspects of both domains by tackling manpower planning and personnel
rostering in a sequential way, resulting in suboptimal solutions at (the)different decision levels. The decisions taken at the level of manpower planning, restrict the possibilities at the rostering level. Consequently, addressing poor quality rosters at a departmental level is very hard.

The project aims at closing the gap by integrating complementary aspects of personnel planning into one single decision model. Research goals include:

- integrating the objectives of the different decision levels, namely the aggregated organisational level and the level of the local departments, taking into account the corresponding time horizons of both.

- introducing a quality vector capable of considering both manpower planning and rostering aspects.

- developing an algorithm for generating high quality personnel strategies.

An optimal strategy results in a personnel structure that allows for good quality rosters in each department while at the same time, being desirable with respect to manpower planning.

*For more information*

M.A. Guerry G. Vanden
Berghe T. De Feyter

Vrije Universiteit Brussel KaHo Sint-Lieven

Gent Brussel

Tel. +32 2 629 2049 Tel. +32 9 265
8703 Tel. +32 2 609 8274

maguerry@vub.ac.be greetvb@kahosl.be
tim.defeyter@ hubrussel.be

A cover letter and CV should be sent to maguerry@vub. ac.be before 30th October 2010.

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