Oct 20, 2010

USA: Siena Heights University Scholarships for International Students

Siena Heights University, a small Catholic liberal arts institution in Adrian, Michigan, is pleased to announce its need-based scholarship program for international students. SHU currently hosts over 80 international students from 40 different countries. SHU has a total student population of 3,000 in its undergraduate, graduate, and degree-completion programs. Most international students that request need-based aid are awarded assistance. Aid averages over half the cost of SHU's tuition.

SHU has a low student to teacher ratio with many classes being no more than 15-20 students. The mission of Siena Heights University is to assist people to become more competent, purposeful, and ethical through a teaching and learning environment which respects the dignity of all.
Students from all faiths and backgrounds are welcome at the University. Students, staff and faculty know each other. With a small student population, it is not uncommon for deep bonds and long lasting friendships to be formed among faculty, staff and students. Located in Adrian, Michigan, SHU's tuition and cost of living are reasonable compared to many of its competitors.

For additional information: www.sienaheights.edu
Siena Heights on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DGYJut90cWiY

Dr. Jennifer Hanson
Director of International Studies
Siena Heights University
Tel: +1-517-264-7001
Email: jhanson@sienaheights.edu

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