Oct 18, 2010

USA: Visiting Fellowship: Sacked Ecology: Landscape Transformations


The Warren Center will host a year-long interdisciplinary faculty seminar to explore the manifold experiences of complex ritual sites around the world and across all periods of human history. Sacred ecology refers to the human experience of divinity in relation to the
natural environment, real or represented. Landscape is construed for our purposes not simply as natural scenery, but as a cultural complex in which the natural world and human practice, conceptual and material, are dynamically linked and constantly interacting. An investigation of
landscape may focus on pastoral or picturesque scenes, earthly elements and celestial movements, or constructed places and objects, such as a temple, altar, or stage. We are also interested in exploring the temporal rhythms of human-landscape relations, whether regular or periodic, as well as the way in which transformations of space through activities enacted at sacred sties are received and replicated to encode other sacred spaces.

The seminar's investigations of setting, nature, and monuments will offer a chance to revisit sacred places and to see them in a new light. Our intentionally broad definition leaves room for participants to introduce new topics to the table, such as (but not limited to): the practicalities of survey and excavation and the mapping of ritual; the natural landscape and its representation in words and images; geomorphology and its influence on planning and architectural design; the modification and improvement of natural features to accommodate human ritual; poetry and performance, whether on-site or remote venues; or the visualization of landscape as a means of facilitating ecstatic experience.

We invite applications from scholars in all disciplines whose lively presence will help to focus our work and stimulate discussions. We anticipate that the successful applicant will have completed the terminal degree in her/his field at the time of application and will have a record of scholarly publication. The seminar meets weekly and will allow the visiting fellow ample time to pursue a major research project. The combined interests of the visiting fellow and the
Vanderbilt faculty fellows will determine the form and content of seminar discussions.

The visiting fellow is provided with a spacious office within the Center's own building. The fellowship pays a stipend of up to $45,000 and provides $2,000 in moving expenses.

Application materials available here:

For more detailed information please contact:
Mona Frederick, Executive Director
Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities
VU Station B #351534, Nashville, TN 37235-1534

For further information, please visit:


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