Oct 29, 2010

Marie Curie scholarship: EU citizens

One PhD position available at Bucharest Academy of Sciences

Short Project Description: The difficulties of managing the decision-making process within the EU institutions and at the national authorities' level due to several reasons such as legal framework, particular organizational structures, and different formal and informal practices - tend to affect the capacity of the EC in having effective policies. Another reason is coming from particular EC decision-making procedures which influence significantly the quality of line policies. BAES in cooperation with other partners will examine the various factors which influence the EC and the national authorities' decision-making processes. Based on the obtained results, a networking proposal for improving the inter/level cooperation will be designed. The new model will be oriented on redesigning the network structure for the decision making process within EU institutions and at the national level, including the accountability and supervision as well as control of legality and composite procedures appropriate for the network of actors.

Links with other partners and projects: This research has clear links with the research project at the University of Luxembourg who also focuses on inter-level cooperation. Furthermore BAES will also cooperate with the partners who are involved in research on intra-institutional cooperation within the EU institutions and with those who will do research on co-operation along policy lines level. This will not only allow a comparison between the EU level institutions and national authorities, it will also provide a consistent base for future research on inter-level cooperation, including the cooperation within composite procedures with input from the member states and the national agencies and institutions.


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