Feb 11, 2010

15 Doctoral Positions Available for Pulmonary Research in Giessen, G

The International Graduate Program "Molecular Biology and Medicine of the Lung" (MBML) is the leading educational platform of the University of Giessen Lung Center (UGLC) at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. We are now seeking highly qualified and motivated individuals for full-time doctoral studies in the following areas:

• E. Baumgart-Vogt: Lung cell biology; Emphysema
• S. Bellusci: Lung development
• A. Ghofrani: Pulmonary hypertension
• V. Grau: Lung transplantation and rejection
• F. Grimminger & R. Savai: Lung cancer
• A. Gunther & P. Markart: Pulmonary fibrosis;
lung epithelial cell biology
• J. Hunze: Reactive oxygen; Vascular remodelling
• S. Herold: Acute lung injury; Pneumomia;
• W. Kummer: Inflammation; Emphysema
• G. Kwapiszewska: Vascular remodelling; Pulmonary hypertension
• J. Lohmeyer: Acute lung injury; Pneumonia;
• K. Mayer: Sepsis; Acute lung injury
• R.E. Morty: Acute lung injury; Lung development
• S. Pleschka: Virology
• K.T. Preissner: Inflammation; Lung fibrosis
• S.S. Pullamsetti: Pulmonary hypertension; Vascular remodelling
• R.T. Schermuly: Pulmonary hypertension; Vascular remodelling
• I. Vadasz: Acute lung injury
• R. Voswinckel: Lung development; Pulmonary hypertension
• N. Weissmann: Hypoxia; Pulmonary hypertension; Emphysema
• M. Wygrecka: Inflammation and acute lung injury

Students will receive a monthly stipend, and depending on their qualifications and the projects selected, may be eligible to register for one of the four doctoral degrees offered, including the Ph.D., the Dr rer. Nat., the Dr. biol. Hum. and the Dr. med.

Candidates must be in posession of a Master's degree in the life sciences, or a primary degree in human or veterinary medicine, by October 2010. Candidates will be expected to attend an interview in Giessen in April/May 2010, and are free to start their laboratory research anytime after 1 June 2010. The formal coursework starts in October 2010. Please consult the MBML program webpage http://www.uniklinikum-giessen.de/mbml for information on the programme.

Applications, consisting of a (i) letter stating your intention to apply, (ii) a current curriculum vitae, (iii) a list of three potential referees, and (iv) your acadmic transcripts, compiled into a single PDF file, should be submitted to mbml@uniklinikum-giessen.de by 15 March 2010. Please direct any enquiries to Dr Rory E. Morty (rory.morty@innere.med.uni-giessen.de).

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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