May 3, 2011

PhD student Adaptive Immunity Lab

PhD student Adaptive Immunity Lab
Sanquin Research seeks a highly motivated PhD student with a keen interest in cellular immunology for the department of Hematopoiesis

Job description
We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student with a keen interest in cellular immunology. The candidate will be exploring the function of a novel transcription factor that we have recently identified in effector T cells. Expression of this evolutionary conserved transcription factor is strongly linked to a number of key features of terminally differentiated immune cells. In this project we will unravel the role of this molecule in T cell immunity, using both murine and human T cells. The project involves both in vitro and in vivo activation of T cells, cellular analysis by multicolor flow cytometry and molecular analysis at the level of gene expression. This project will lead to the generation and defense of a PhD thesis.

* A highly motivated candidate with an interest in cellular immunology;
* An MSc. degree in medical or biomedical sciences and practical experience in immunology or cellular biology; having obtained a certificate for conducting animal experiments (‘Article 9’) is an advantage;
* Knowledge of the English language, due to the international character of our research team.

End procedure 25 May 2011

Conditions of employment
* A challenging research position in a multidisciplinary and motivated research team;
* Temporary position (4 years) as a PhD student;
* Salary and conditions according to Sanquin’s collective labor agreement (CAO).

Contract type
4 years.

Sanquin performs basic, applied, and clinically oriented research in the field of blood and blood transfusion. Our research is focussed on haematology, blood coagulation, immunology, cellular therapies and donor studies. Sanquin offers an international, competitive, multidisciplinary research environment with state-of-the- art facilities.

With over 200 colleagues, our focus is on both fundamental and applied research. We are interested in meeting ambitious researchers with training in life sciences, cell biology, biochemistry, or health sciences.

Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation is responsible for the blood supply in the Netherlands, and is affiliated to the University of Amsterdam and other universities in the Netherlands.

Department of Hematopoiesis
Sanquin Research performs basic, applied and clinical research in the field of blood and blood transfusion. At the recently founded Adaptive Immunity Laboratory, which is part of the Department of Hematopoiesis, we investigate the mechanism by which the immune system generates effector T cells that are required for defense against invading pathogens. We also examine the influence of these effector T cells on the formation of new blood cells in the bone marrow. The purpose of this research is to identify the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which the immune system regulates blood cell formation during infections. Knowledge obtained from these fundamental research lines will provide insight into the consequences of (chronic) inflammation, such as the development of anemia. Moreover, this information can also be applied for the
development of new therapies and the improvement of the cell transfusion products that Sanquin generates for clinical applications.

Additional information
For more information about this position, please contact Dr. Martijn A. Nolte, head of the Adaptive Immunity Laboratory at the department of Hematopoiesis: Tel. +31 (0)20-5121393, e-mail m.nolte@sanquin. nl).

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