Feb 9, 2010

PhD Scholarship in fish immunology and virology (Due: 15 March 2010)

The overall scientific aim of this PhD project is to disclose and characterise the mechanisms involved in protective immunity to a lethal fish rhabdovirus (viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus, VHSV) at gene expression levels. A major task will be to determine relationships between mRNA and miRNA response profiles to vaccination and/or infection and to correlate these with the phenotypic traits (level of immunity, humoral and cellular immune response).

Gene expression analysis by Q-PCR and chip-based gene array will be central
activities, but work in all levels ranging from wet lab vaccination and infection trials in fish to virus propagation in cell culture, immunoassays and molecular biology will be expected. Publishing of results in scientific journals will represent an integrated element. A number of training courses will be included in the PhD study.


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