Feb 16, 2011

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation Offers Grants-In-Aid Program

The purpose of the AAPG Foundation's Grants-in-Aid program is tofoster research in the geosciences. Grants are made to provide financial assistance to graduate students (currently enrolled inMasters or Ph.D. programs) whose thesis research has application to thesearch for and
development of petroleum and energy-mineral resources, and/ or to related environmental geology issues.

Grants are based on merit, and in part, on the financial needs of the applicant. Factors weighed in selecting successful applicants include:

- The qualifications of an applicant as indicated by past performance
- Originality and imagination of the proposed project
- Support of the department in which the work is being done
- Perceived significance of the project to petroleum, energy minerals andrelated environmental geology

Grants range from $500 to$2,000 and are to be applied to expenses
directly related to thestudent's thesis work, such as field work,
laboratory analyses, etc.

For more information, visit http://foundation.aapg.org/gia

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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