Feb 4, 2011

Ph.D. / post-doc position on sustainability assessment of bio-based materials

The Group Science, Technology and Society (STS; www.chem.uu. nl/nws) has a vacancy for a Ph.D. position (also suitable as post-doc position) on the sustainability assessment of bio-based materials. We recommend interested researchers to submit their CV and motivation letter and any relevant background information already now. Please send your documents as soon as possible to m.k.patel@uu.nl .


In the last few years, sustainability issues have been receiving more attention than ever before among all stakeholders of the society including researchers, policy makers, companies and NGOs. Frontrunners in sustainable energy, in sustainable materials and manufacturing and in sustainable services are currently setting the stage. The range of (technology) options offering opportunities for sustainable development is rapidly expanding. The boundary conditions, including economic parameters such as the oil price and policy goals are subject to change. Methodologies for monitoring sustainability are being developed, tested and applied. STS is active in this dynamic field of research covering all all three areas of sustainability. The prime focus is on environmental aspects, followed by economic assessment and, to a limited extent, also social aspects are covered.

Job description

Bio-based materials represent a new, rapidly developing area which is seen as one of the cornerstones of a bio-based economy next to biofuels and other forms of bioenergy. The objective is to develop and to apply novel, bio-based materials with low environmental footprint, favourable economics and advantageous social effects. Companies of the chemical sector and the agricultural sector are teaming up to produce such materials which are expected to be used in large amounts in the consumer goods sector and the packaging industry. The developments have so far been limited to R&D and first stages of commercialization but given the very dynamic developments there is urgent need for a comprehensive assessment of the sustainability aspects.

The objectives of the project FEASIBLE (full title: Feasibility of End use Applications: Sustainability and techno-Economic aspects) closely link up to these needs. In the context of this project it will be your task to contribute to methodology development for the sustainability assessment of bio-based materials (esp. environmental and economic aspects) and to apply these methods to approximately four end applications of everyday life (e.g. injection moulded components and insulation materials). As part of your project work you will closely interact with researchers, developers and users of novel bio-based materials.

FEASIBLE is part of the large-scale project “Bio-based Performance materials” (BPM) which is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.


You should have an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in chemistry or physics, chemical/process engineering and/or environmental sciences. Experience with research on environmental issues (preferably LCA) and very good English language skills are indispensible prerequisites. Publications in scientific journals and experience in networking are considered as advantages.

Terms of employment

The candidates are offered a position for approximately four years. Next to research (90%) you will also contribute to teaching (10%).

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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