Feb 9, 2011

Summer academy in Immunology (September 2011, Hannover)

The LISA Summer Academy in Immunology (September 2011) should allow excellent international students of life sciences to gain knowledge in "cutting-edge" inflammation research. Processes of inflammation, immunity and tolerance at mucosal surfaces (such as lung and the intestine) have been a long-term DFG-funded focus of research at Hannover Medical School. Lecturers will present their scientific work from those DFG-Collaborative Research Centres and will allow students to participate at practical demonstrations and lab rotations. Additionally, keynote lectures from international guest speakers (Y. Chien, T. Geijtenbeek, V. Julia, V. Kuchroo, F. Powrie, B. Reizis) will provide "state of the art" information on current research topics. International students will further present their own scientific work during poster sessions and will get the opportunity to meet German and international students currently enrolled in MHH PhD programs. Hands-on training will be provided during!

1 (obligatory) to 3 weeks of lab rotations (labs can be pre-selected based on personal interests). A limited number of travel grants is available, total costs including registration fee, housing and social activities are 100ˆ per week. European applicants can obtain up to 6 ECTS points for attending our summer academy.

Application: http://www.hbrs-summeracademy.de

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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